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  1. -------
  2. BETA 3
  3. -------
  5. MAP01
  6. - Added COOP friendly teleport switches for traps that lock the player in.
  7. - Added some more YK markers near the YK switch and the area that it opens.
  8. - Added some Cacodemons to the area that opens up after pressing the YK switch.
  9. - Pressing the YK switch now also lowers the flanking walls nearby, allowing the player to quickly make their way to the path that opens up nearby.
  10. - The switch which opens up the set of blocking walls leading to the RK door now requires the YK. That whole trigger setup has been moved to a voodoo doll conveyor.
  11. - The hell-secret area now has a YK.
  12. - Swapped around the monsters that are let loose after pressing the switch which gets the player access to the southern~ish area. The Cacos have been moved to the upper ledges, and HKs/Demons now pop out from the lower areas.
  13. - The blocking walls up the upper ledge (hallway that lowers down to BK area) now lower after you press the switch to gain access to that area. This is so the Demons nearby wake up at the proper time.
  14. - At the RK crusher fight, some pinkies now spawn in near the first switch and act as extra pressure on the player.
  15. - Marked the lines in the crate/chaingun secret near the start of the map as hidden.
  16. - The comp panel switch near the big lift trap (start of BK route) is now a proper switch.
  17. - The chaingunners that pop out at the big lift area (start of BK route) are now released sooner.
  18. - Added some rocket ammo in the hell-secret area.
  19. - The Red Skull Key has been added to the map. The RSK is needed to get to the exit area along with the BSK, and it is obtained in the southern rocky area.
  20. - A RSK has been added to the hell-secret area.
  21. - The BSK and RSK have swapped roles in the hell-secret area.
  22. - Added some armor bonuses as breadcrumbs which lead to the Soulsphere secret in the southern rocky area.
  23. - Added some more rocket ammo at the start of the map as a way to [hopefully] encourage more RL usage early on.
  24. - Put up some monster blocking lines for the Cacos that pop out of the water during the BK fight. That way that won't get blasted off into the horizon so easily.
  25. - Put up a chunk of wall on the northern part of the BK area so the Cacos have another area they can fly through.
  26. - Fixed a line that was meant to be marked 'shown as 1-sided' near the YSK teleporter secret.
  27. - Changed the Cacodemon that pops out on the way to the RK area (from the southern rocky area) to a Pain Elemental on UV.
  28. - Added some monster blocking lines for the Cacodemons near the GA in the southern rocky area.
  29. - Moved the RL to be directly in front of the player's start (after teleporting).
  30. - Moved the Chainsaw to where the RL use to be.
  31. - Replaced some of the Zombiemen with Imps in the starting areas.
  32. - Added two extra backpacks for COOP in the very first secret area.
  33. - Added some Chaingunners to the HKs that pop out near the start of the RK right (COOP only).
  34. - Added some Chaingunners past the RK door (the one that opens up the final path) (COOP only).
  35. - Added some zombiemen that spawn in at the hell-secret area.
  36. - Added some Chaingunnera just past the BSK door leading to the exit (COOP only).
  37. - The computer panel switch to the area in the south now has a proper switch texture.
  38. - Put up some monster blocking lines for the Cacos/PEs in the far western area.
  39. - Made HMP & UV COOP more difficult.
  42. MAP02
  43. - Added COOP friendly teleport switches for traps that lock the player in.
  44. - Tossed a bit more shell ammo near the RK.
  45. - Gaining access to the chaingun near the RK now requires that the player has the RK to unlock that area. A RK switch has been added in the Imp closest between the two sets of stairs.
  46. - The early chaigun area near the RK now has a blocking wall that only lowers after you press the nearby RK switch.
  47. - Moved out parts of the RK area actions into voodoo doll setups.
  48. - Added some more bullet and shell ammo on the upper ledge area to the east.
  49. - The zombies that spawn into the nukage area to the north now trigger as you approach the BK.
  50. - The switch which lets the player get into the RSK crusher room now has a Plasma Gun on top of it instead of cell ammo.
  51. - Tossed some barrels on the northern-side of the far western platform area (to help out against the Caco swarm fight).
  52. - Added some more radsuits for the northern nukage area. They are near the BK cage and are meant to players who approach that area from the set of brick stairs.
  53. - The switch which opens up the YK route (northern nukage area) now glows.
  54. - The SSG in the northern nukage area has been pulled out from the alcove, and now lowers on a pedestal when you press the first switch in this area.
  55. - A Soulsphere now sits where the SSG use to be (in the northern nukage area).
  56. - Changed the Demons near the 3-key BFG switch to Imps.
  57. - Sprinkled more ammo around the map.
  58. - Added some health bonus bread crumbs that teleport in for the early plasma gun secret.
  59. - Replaced the early Lost Souls near the Shotgun with Shotgunners/Zombiemen. The lowering trap rooms have been pushed down to the ground floor.
  60. - Tossed a bunch of barrels around the early areas of the map to help speed up some gameplay a bit.
  61. - The Chaingunner that pops up during the RK fight should now pop up a bit higher.
  62. - Cut down on the grindy-ness of the first part of the map by dropping down some enemies to lower-teir.
  63. - Changed up the Caged RL/Soulsphere area near the RK so that the floor is lower to the ground and the are more of a thread and easier to kill.
  64. - The RL/Soulsphere cage walls now lower much faster.
  65. - Changed all of the early Lost Souls (that didn't get replaced) to COOP-only enemies.
  66. - Managed to fit in a teleport that opens up at the YK route, which let's players get a shortcut back to the main center 3-key hub more quickly.
  67. - Tossed a few more barrels in the nothern nukage area.
  68. - Added a bit more COOP ammo.
  69. - The YK Plasma Gun nukage area has been turned back into a BFG secret, now with a new trigger.
  70. - Added a blocking wall just behind the Manc platform in the northern nukage area. This lowers when the player presses use on it, and hopefully should help prevent some confusion on which direction to do during the fight in that area.
  71. - Added some Zombiemen that spawn in behind the floor that lowers when you press the switch on the Arachnotron/Cacodemon fight (just beyond the northern nukage area). This is to help pull the player in that direction once that path opens up.
  72. TODO
  73. - Made the nukage plasma fight a BFG secret again. The secret trigger is totally new this time around.
  74. - Just past the Manc ledge in the northern nukage area, a lowering wall trigger was added to keep the monsters in the area behind it from waking up too early.
  75. - At the first switch which locks in the player with Shotgunners and an HK, the COOP version has been tweaked a bit. Instead of Imps at a lower difficult and a HK on UV, COOP gets HKs one Easy/Medium and UV gets a Baron.
  76. - Added two COOP-only BAs near the early RL pedestal.
  77. - Removed the deaf flag on the Manc near the BK.
  78. - Added Revs with the Manc near the BK for COOP.
  79. - Simplified the start of the YK path some more. Got rid of the first switch in the sequence (near the Demon in the dark corner). Knocked down the blocking wall in the middle alcove so that the switch there can be more easily seen. Both switch actions take place from the switch in the middle alcove (via voodoo doll). The radsuits have been moved to the location where the first switch use to be.
  80. - Added a Pain Elemental to the BK switch trap at the center hub on UV COOP.
  81. - Added some COOP-only Revs near the 3-key BFG platform.
  82. - Added some COOP-only Cell Packs for the fight just before the lowering exit trap.
  83. - The pedestal that the YK lowers down on now hovers 32px above the ground floor to help keep it from being obscured by monster corpses.
  84. - Made HMP & UV COOP more difficult.
  87. MAP03
  88. - The blood bridges that raise up out from the blood pools will now crush.
  89. - Added COOP friendly teleport switches for traps that lock the player in.
  90. - Fixed the missing textures on the outside portion of the new exit trigger (difficult to even notice this, but they were definitely missing).
  91. - Change the monsters in the super early secret 4-swtich thing back to Lost Souls.
  92. - Moved the trigger for the Demon trap near the Soulsphere in the blood closer to the Soulsphere.
  93. - The Demons/Spectres that spawn in during the first lava switch fight now have some allies - Imps and Revs.
  94. - Added an extra Archvile that spawns in after you grab the YSK for the UV difficulty.
  95. - The Caco/PE horde that spawns in from the lava after pressing the switch near the Cyber/BFG to raise up the path to the YSK has been altered. A midtexture fence has been turned into a wall which opens up during this fight to allow better monster flow, and Demons + Mancs now spawn in on the player's flanks to add extra pressure.
  96. - Fixed the floating shells on the stairs that raise up after the blood field fight (western area).
  97. - For the BFG/Invuln secret trigger, I changed the IoS eye to a switch and bumped up the sector brightness a bit. This is to hopefully make the secret trigger a tiny bit less cryptic.
  98. - Added blocking lines on the back-sides of the Manc platforms in the south-western blood field fight (to keep flyers from getting stuck out in the horizon).
  99. - Made HMP & UV COOP more difficult.
  102. MAP04
  103. - Fixed a missing/broken voodoo doll conveyor which broke the north-eastern~ish RL trap room.
  104. - Moved the double pass-thru switch at the YSK trap into a voodoo doll setup.
  105. - Moved the double pass-thru switch at the end of the YK trap into a voodoo doll setup.
  106. - Moved the early RL fight triggers into voodoo doll setup.
  107. - Moved the trapping wall trigger at the RSK fight into a voodoo doll setup.
  108. - Moved the trapping door that closes at the start of the BSK/derp demon fight into a voodoo doll setup.
  109. - At the fight on the other side of the 6-key door, the blocking bars should now be the first action to take place.
  110. - Made the arrows (which point towards which direction you'll teleport) in the lower hallway at the exit arena much brighter.
  111. - Moved the final fight COOP teles out of the Manc corners because I forgot that those can be closed off and trap players for a period of time. New locations are now along the southern wall.
  112. - Added COOP friendly teleport switches for traps that lock the player in.
  113. - The three sets of Shotgunners in the bookcase/RL trap are now part of a small trap. When the player gets about halfway through the hallway where they are located, walls lower revealing them.
  114. - The Chaingunners that pop out after grabbing the Soulsphere on top of the bookcase (near the BK) should now wake up properly.
  115. - Fixed some stuck COOP monsters.
  116. - I forgot to remove the shootable switch for the bookcase Soulsphere secret from its old location, so this was fixed.
  117. - At the double-switch RL room, the Mancs/Demons were made to be non-deaf.
  118. - Replaced some of the Demons in the last part of the YSK battle with Revenants.
  119. - Fixed a horde of Revs in the final fight that were marked as COOP, but were meant to be normal monsters.
  120. - At the BK switch, the Barons/HKs that pop out of the ground have been replaced with Chaingunners/Shotgunners.
  121. - Added some shotgun ammo around the SSG.
  122. - The YK trap has been tweaked. The Cyber cage now has wider doorways so that he can be more of a threat. The switch to open the path back up has been moved to the opposite wall so that it can be seen better from the outside. And the YK has been moved in front of the switch so that it isn't direclty under the crusher and so it won't be as easily obscured by the Cyber's corpse.
  123. - The floor that raises up to block the player in during the YK fight now crushes.
  124. - Fixed some hovering cell packs in the RSK room.
  125. - Got rid of the Archvile-jump BFG secret (BFG is still there for anyone that wants to do it though).
  126. - The YSK trap has been tweaked quite a bit. The initial Spider Masterminds at the start have been replaced with Archviles which are camping the first switch. The monster closets now have WR monster teleport lines on them (marked with translucent skin textures) which correspond with teleport desinations on the other half of the arena. These teleport destinations act as pillars for the first Archvile fight, but then lower as the closets open up. In the latter half of the fight when the Archviles are let loose, Masterminds are let loose in the arena and Chaingunners are let loose at the YK switch nearby.
  127. - There is now a BFG in the YSK which you can grab if you have the RSK.
  128. - Replaced the ammo boxes in the YK room with rocket boxes.
  129. - Tossed some box o' shells in the Archvile closets (the ones that open up after grabbing the BK).
  130. - Added some extra ammo to the YSK RL.
  131. - Added some extra shotgun shells and ammo boxes near the derp demon head area.
  132. - Sprinkled some more ammo around the starting areas of the map.
  133. - Added some Demons that spawn in behind the player at the last part of the BSK trap as a way to put a bit more pressure on them as the Revs pour through.
  134. - The final fight has been tweaked slightly. Instead of 4 switches which let loose the Revs slowly, 2 of the switches have been removed. The 2 remaining now let loose 3 cages at once. There is also now a delayed effect for the final door opening after pressing both switches.
  135. - Added some extra Mancs to the final fight that lower out of the walls as the exit area opens up.
  136. - Added two extra sets of Soulspheres in the final exit fight.
  137. - Added COOP-UV Archviles to the YK Cyber/Rev fight.
  138. - Forgot to add Cacos to one-half of the dragonfly/RKS arena, so that was fixed.
  139. - Made HMP & UV COOP more difficult.
  142. MAP05
  143. - Fixed some texture misalignments in the starting teleporter area.
  144. - On UV, one of Invulns in the 3rd arena. Replaced one with a Megasphere.
  145. - Made the cubby-holes in the 3rd arena more monster accessible so its harder to cheese them.
  146. - Lit up the corner switches better in the 3rd arena.
  147. - In the first arena, the blocking floor coming from the starting area no longer lower back down once you press both switches.
  148. - This map should now be more COOP friendly (there weren't many instances where player could get trapped...hopefully...).
  149. - The BFG and Invlun in the 2nd arena have been moved down to the areas with the Cybers.
  150. - Lit up the BFG/Invuln locations.
  151. - Tossed some more rocket ammo in the 2nd arena.
  152. - Replaced the UV Imps in the 3rd arena with Revenants.
  153. - The switches at the center of arena 3 now release Archviles or Revs (depends on difficulty) when you press the switch for a bit more pressure.
  154. - The sky in the first two areas now slowly scrolls vertically (I wanted it to scroll diagonally, but I couldn't figure out a way to make it work).
  155. - Fixed the lowering walls at the beginning so they don't lower farther than they are supposed to.
  156. - Lit up the ammo better along the walls in the 1st arena.
  157. - The lowering wall in the 1st arena was made a bit higher (to hide the blinking lights).
  158. - The trigger in the 1st arena that lowers the monster platforms was delayed a bit longer.
  159. - The Cyberdemons have been moved out into teleporters. When both switches near the Masterminds are pressed, they are let loose and they teleporter next to both sets of teleporter constructions (on both ends of the map).
  160. - The translucent fire decors in the center of the 2nd arena now act as monster teleporters (to help keep the monsters from clumping up so easily so they are a bit more threatening).
  161. - Tossed some Archviles where the Cybers use to be in the 2nd arena.
  162. - In the 3rd arena, moved the rocket boxes that were along the northern and southern walls into the light next to the Soulspheres/BAs.
  163. - The Mancs on the platforms in the 3rd arena have been replaced with Cacos and a couple PEs.
  164. - The platforms that raise up out of the ground now have Mancs on them (Imps on lower difficulties).
  165. - Added some COOP chaingunners to the platforms that raise out of the ground in the 3rd arena.
  166. - Added two more Soulspheres to the 2nd arena.
  167. - I forgot to place a Soulsphere in the western Gate Master closet, so that's fixed.
  168. - Put up some monster blocking lines around the outer edge of the 3rd arena to keep flyers from going off into the horizon and getting stuck.
  169. - Added crushers to the teleporter constructs in the 2nd arena that activate after you press all four key switches. This is to kill any monster that happens to be left in there when the walls raise back up.
  170. - Made HMP & UV COOP very slightly more difficult.
  173. MAP06
  174. - Used the wider planet texture at the end of the map.
  175. - Moved the voodoo doll conveyors away from the silent teleport destination so you can't hear the doors open when you walk over the trigger for the light transfer effect.
  176. - Added a tiny bit of extra lighting work.
  177. - Changed the sky to the pulsar sky and flipped the second section of the map around so you see the vela pulsar in the background.
  178. - Fixed a portion of the sky wall near the backside of the brick structure that you walk out of. There was a thin strip of brick texture going up into the sky that I missed.
  181. MAP31
  182. - Added COOP friendly teleport switch for the final fight area.
  183. - Fixed a line that wasn't hidden at the super secret exit.
  184. - The nukage hallway fight that comes right after the Caco/PE fight now triggers when you press both switches @ the Caco portion.
  185. - The Cacos that spawn in at the western part of the map now spawn after you jump down the nukage fall.
  186. - The very first switch you press at the start now also lowers a blocking wall which leads to the path for the early RL.
  187. - The first switch which opens up the path to the early RL no longers lowers the floor near the Imps.
  188. - Added some more ammo to the early parts of the map.
  189. - Added a Berserk pack near the switch which lowers the YK platform.
  190. - You should no longer be able to wake up the Archvile near the BSK until the trap is triggered.
  191. - Added more steps near the Revs that pop up out of the ground (BSK area) so that they can walk down them.
  192. - Fixed the lift that is possible to get stuck on (on the overlook that lets you get a glimpse at the BSK area; sector tag 3).
  193. - Replace the Demons to the north-western~ish area with Imps (because Demons are too fat for the stairs and its easier to just replace them at this point :P).
  194. - Fixed a misaligned crate in the crate conveyor room (past BK door to the west).
  195. - Made the steps past the eastern BK door much larger so the monsters can walk up them.
  196. - Moved the walkover switch which reveals the PE and YK platform lowering switch, since it seems possible to walk over it and accidentally not trigger it if your going fast enough.
  197. - The path to the RL and YK have been merged into one. Now you must press the switch which opens the path to the RL in order to get to the YK. The blocking wall to the RL now blocks the entire pathway, and the nukage drop at the start of the YK path has been raised up to near floor level. Lowering the blocking floor to the RL also lowers the nukage drop, and the blocking floor also acts as a lift (so you can go through or ride the lift up if need be).
  198. - Expanded the viewable portion from the switch which opens up the RL and YK path so that its possible to see the nukage lower when you press the switch.
  199. - The Cacos that popped out after dropping down the nukage drop at the start of the YK route now pop out as you make your way to the RL.
  200. - The stairs leading down into the first main area (weird conveyor floors with zombies and nukage drop) now have deeper stairs so the monsters can walk down them.
  201. - Removed the blocking mid-fence from the switch which lowers the way to the RL and YK. Made the opening 64px tall so the player can jump through it.
  202. - Replaced Demons with Imps near the area where you come out of the nukage (sprial staircase with PE).
  203. - Added a couple of rocket boxes on the HK platforms that you jump across to get to the YK lowering switch.
  204. - The Demons on the other side of the semi-circular Manc platform (southern part of map as you jump down from the small crate room) have been replaced with Chaingunners.
  205. - Added an Archvile down in the northern nukage hallway (UV only).
  206. - Added an Archvile at the BSK door near the exit (UV only).
  207. - Added some blocking walls for the overlook at the Archvile/BSK room. This is so the player can't wake up the monsters inside that room too early, but the walls lower after pressing the switch near the Archviles so the Chaingunners can target the player if they are still there.
  208. - Added a switch+lowering floor to the drop down area that progresses the BK route (the drop down with the switch which reveals the Archvile). This is to try and point players in that direction since it seems to be one point of confusion.
  209. - Fixed a potential place where a player could get stuck in the crate room to the south-east.
  210. - Added a BFG at the exit fight for Easy & Medium difficulties.
  211. - Added a BSK door near the RK optional area, right near the lift/drop. This is to prevent confusion since the route beyond that will be 1-way if you come through that area via the RK secret path route or with the BK later on in the map.
  212. - Made HMP & UV COOP more difficult.
  215. MAP32
  216. - Tweaked the layout in places to try and improve the map flow for the Bubble Ship.
  217. - The middle section with the 3-key switch is a bit smaller so the Bubble Ship can get around it easier.
  218. - Replaced the Plasma Gun with a Megasphere.
  219. - The SSG area now lowers into damaging nukage, and the surrouding blocking ceiling also raise up so there's better monster flow.
  220. - Added more rocket and cell ammo.
  221. - Added a crusher trap at the RK.
  222. - After pressing the switch to lower the BK, a big chunk of the map transforms to make it easier for the Bubble Ship to shoot the player.
  223. - The BFG has been replaced with the Plasma Rifle.
  224. - Removed some Cell ammo.
  225. - Got rid of the double skull turrets sitting the the wall alcoves because most of the time their shots would get stuck on the turret beside of it.
  226. - Changed up one of the teleport locations so that its a bit more threatening.
  227. - All three keys are now required to access the exit.
  228. - Removed the extra Bubble Ship on UV to help prevent endless infighting between the two (a 2nd still exists on COOP).
  231. MISC
  232. - Added a COOP sign texture.
  233. - Made the Excella planet texture wider for the end map.
  234. - Added more entries to the 'known bugs' list in the readme file.
  235. - Expanded the 'description' section of the readme a bit.
  236. - Added a list of credits for demo recorders and feedback givers.
  237. - Reduced the Bubble Ship's painchance from 20 to 10.
  238. - Bumped the Bubble Ship's HP from 10000 to 15000.
  239. - Increased the Bubble Ship's mass from 5000 to 10000.
  240. - Increased the Bubble Ship's speed from 16 to 18.
  241. - Changed the Bubble Ship's obit.
  242. - Added sprite rotations for the Bubble Ship.
  243. - The Bubble Ship now fires a little bit faster.
  244. - Bumped the Gate Master's HP from 7000 to 8000.
  245. - Updated the Mekalogo sector art because I felt it was incredibly important for some reason.
  246. - Fixed a spelling mistaken in the end script text.
  247. - Updated the end script text texture.
  248. - Fixed a typo in the readme.
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