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  1. Rule 1 - Do not spam or flood, this includes spamming / flooding emojis, mentions, etc.  Something with 6 or more lines is considered flooding; and more than 6 emojiis is considered spam. Purposely pushing the limits of this rule just to spam / flood will result with a warn.
  3. Rule 2 - Disrespect, harassment; and discrimination is never allowed in this discord server.
  5. Rule 3 - NSFW is not allowed anywhere in this server; this will most likely result in a ban depending on the severity.
  7. Rule 4 - Keep all channels on topic The only exception is Mod and Admin commands; as they are allowed in all channels, excluding #announcements. IE: Only use bot commands in #bot-commands; and only ask Questions in #Questions.
  9. Rule 5 - Cursing is allowed; but is cannot be used excessively, or in a way that violates rule 2.
  11. Rule 6 - Slandering / defaming a staff member, or a community member is prohibited; and shall be dealt with properly. In simple words; don't slander.
  13. Rule 7 - Raid attempts will result in an immediate ban hammer; and a possible report to Discord's moderation team.
  15. Rule 8 - Do not talk about controversial topics, such as Sensitive, Political; or Religious topics.
  17. Rule 9 - No arguing / starting wars for ignorant or unintelligent reasons. DMs and #arguments exists for a reason.
  19. Rule 10 - No falsely tagging roles, like Everyone or Here pings. This includes pinging multiple Moderators/Admins at the same time for an unimportant reason; such as you getting banned from the server or the game.
  21. Rule 11 - No asking for roles. Roles can only be granted by Admins, depending what you do for the community.
  23. Rule 12 - Advertising is PROHIBITED. This will result in a ban.
  25. Rule 13 - Do not try to bypass a rule, or try to argue over a warn. It may result in another warn, depending on the context. If you think a warn is incorrect and the staff persists that it isn't, **DO NOT ARGUE.** Report the staff on #staff-report-channel; and make sure to add proper details and proof. You could also DM one of the head admins to sort it out.
  27. Rule 14 - Spoiling outside of any chat other than #anime-spoilers or #manga-spoilers, is not allowed; and a warn along with a possible mute will be given out for people who do so.
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