MagiReco Main Story 6.3

Feb 5th, 2018
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  1. The Magius's Lecture
  3. 6.3.1
  4. [in the abandoned museum]
  5. Iroha: "Touka-chan..."
  6. Touka: "So you really do know me, huh."
  7. "'Nice to meet you,' Tamaki Iroha."
  8. "I am Satomi Touka, one of the Magius."
  9. Iroha: "'Nice to meet you'!?"
  10. "Touka-chan, it's me! Tamaki Iroha!"
  11. "Do you... not remember me!?"
  12. Sana: "Iroha-chan, this person is..."
  13. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  14. Felicia: "One of your sister's friends you're looking for, along with that Nemu person?"
  15. Iroha: "Yeah... That's right..."
  16. Tsuruno: "Of all thins, she's one of the Magius..."
  17. Iroha: "It's hard to believe..."
  18. Tsuruno: "Iroha-chan..."
  19. Touka: "Ehe..."
  20. "You really were looking for me, huh?"
  21. "I heard you were looking for Nemu..."
  22. "But I was honestly a bit surprised."
  23. Iroha: "Touka-chan... Do you really not remember me?"
  24. "You were with Ui, in the hospital?"
  25. Touka: "It's not that I don't remember, it's that I never knew you."
  26. "I told you already, right?"
  27. Iroha: "Huh?"
  28. Touka: "Then, I'll tell you again."
  29. "'Nice to meet you.'"
  30. Iroha: "..."
  31. Touka: "I was indeed hospitalized along with Nemu."
  32. "However, I know neither Tamaki Ui nor you."
  33. "Not a trace of you remains in my cerebral cortex or my hippocampus."
  34. "I'm sorry."
  35. Iroha: "That can't be... Then what about my memories..."
  36. Touka: "At the moment, only you have those memories."
  37. "I can't speak for Nemu, though."
  38. Iroha: "What happened to Nemu-chan?"
  39. Touka: "After we were released from the hospital, we went our separate ways."
  40. Iroha: "I... see..."
  41. Touka: "In the end, I don't remember any of it..."
  42. "So I'm not the Satomi Touka that you know."
  43. "I'm Satomi Touka, the Magius."
  44. Iroha: "I never expected to learn this when going to a lecture..."
  45. Touka: "That's not my fault, you know..."
  46. "Come on, Tamaki Iroha, get a grip on yourself."
  47. "After all, it's time for a lecture!"
  48. "I've prepared two patterns to teach you, you know?"
  49. [a banquet table appears in the background]
  50. Felicia: "Woah, what the heck!?"
  51. Touka: "It's just a peace offering of sorts."
  52. "Let's enjoy some tea while we have our lecture.
  53. "I've also prepared cakes, so choose whichever you prefer."
  54. Felicia: "Awesome... gulp..."
  55. Touka: "Recently, I've had someone who's good at making sweets teach me."
  56. Tsuruno: "..."
  57. "I won't let you get away with it if you've messed with them somehow..."
  58. Sana: "Nor will I..."
  59. Iroha: "Touka-chan..."
  60. Touka: "You don't have to be on your guards like that, I haven't done a thing."
  61. "Come on, relax."
  62. "You won't learn anything if you're too tense, you know."
  63. Iroha: "..."
  64. [battle]
  65. [fade to gray]
  66. ??? [blonde magical girl]: "Yachiyo..."
  67. ??? [green magical girl]: "Nanami-senpai..."
  68. [fade to Yachiyo's house]
  69. Yachiyo: *Those were my friends...*
  70. [Sana and Felicia appear]
  71. Yachiyo: *But they are different. We're just cooperating...*
  72. [Iroha and Tsuruno appear]
  73. Yachiyo: *Just an assistant... Just a disciple...*
  74. [fade to gray]
  75. Yachiyo: *Can I really leave things like this?*
  76. *When they're going to find out?*
  77. [back to her house]
  78. Yachiyo: (At the very least, I should research this *Memory Museum*...)
  80. 6.3.2
  81. [at the museum banquet table]
  82. Touka: "Have you calmed down a bit?"
  83. "If you're not relaxed, it makes my job harder..."
  84. Tsuruno: "Iroha-chan... Are you okay?"
  85. Iroha: "Yeah, I'm fine..."
  86. "I think I can accept it somehow..."
  87. "I can't let myself be sad about it..."
  88. "Even if everyone else has forgotten about Ui."
  89. "It would have been a bit too convenient for just Touka-chan to remember..."
  90. "For now, I'll just focus on the lecture..."
  91. Touka: "I'm glad you understand."
  92. "Well then, I'll begin. Is everyone ready?"
  93. Felicia: "It's boring just sitting around, so why not get started already?"
  94. Tsuruno: "I'm ready to listen."
  95. Sana: "Yes... anytime..."
  96. Touka: "Alright! Well, let's start!"
  97. "This lecture will be about the truth behind magical girls!"
  98. "Everyone in the Wings of Magius knows this."
  99. "It's not a joke or a lie, this is just how it is!"
  100. "Well then, I'll begin with a story, so listen closely..."
  101. Iroha: "..."
  102. [fade to gray]
  103. Touka: *Lecture 1: About Soul Gems*
  104. [insert image with three girls]
  105. Touka: *There once were three magical girls, A-san, B-san, and C-san. They were great friends and always hunted witches together.*
  106. [fade to black]
  107. Touka: *But one time, after having struggled against a witch and let it get away, they challenged the same witch the next day.*
  108. [insert image with sheep witch and the three girls]
  109. Touka: *However, they ended up in a pinch!*
  110. *Before the witch's overwhelming power, the three girls were on the verge of defeat.*
  111. [fade to black]
  112. Touka: *At that moment, C-san stood up and charged at the witch.*
  113. *Thanks to that, the witch was given a lethal blow, giving A-san the chance to finish off the witch.*
  114. [insert image of one of the girls laying on the ground]
  115. Touka: *However, C-san died, even though her body was completely uninjured.*
  116. [back to the museum]
  117. Touka: "Well then, why do you think that happened?"
  118. Iroha: "A question format, huh..."
  119. Touka: "I do want you to think about it a little."
  120. Sana: "Umm... Her body was uninjured..."
  121. Felicia: "Maybe she was poisoned?"
  122. Touka: "Bzzzt!"
  123. Iroha: "Was she unable to breathe?"
  124. Touka: "Too bad."
  125. Iroha: "Then..."
  126. Tsuruno: "...Her soul gem?"
  127. Touka: "Ah, correct! That's the Strongest for you."
  128. Iroha: "Huh? Her soul gem?"
  129. Touka: "Yes, basically..."
  130. [insert image showing a shattered soul gem near C-san's hand]
  131. Touka: *Beside C-san's pristine body, her shattered soul gem had fallen.*
  132. *At that moment, A-san and B-san realized that a soul gem is, just as the name literally says, a girl's life itself.*
  133. [back to the museum]
  134. Touka: "And that's the correct answer!"
  135. Sana: "This soul gem is my life?"
  136. Touka: "It really doesn't feel that way."
  137. Sana: "Of course... not..."
  138. Touka: "Then, try putting your soul gem down."
  139. Sana: "Uh, okay..."
  140. [Sana flinches]
  141. Sana: "Agh!"
  142. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  143. Touka: "I'm sorry, but do you understand?"
  144. "Even if you receive just a small magical attack like this..."
  145. "You'll unconsciously curl up from the damage."
  146. "But if your gem were to break, you would die."
  147. Sana: "If... your soul gem is your life..."
  148. "Then, when you use magic..."
  149. Touka: "Very good, you've figured it out, invisible girl!"
  150. "To use magic is to shave away at your very own life."
  151. "Have you ever felt that before?"
  152. Iroha: "Shaving away life..."
  153. [flashback to the Kuchiyose Shrine]
  154. Iroha: *Like becoming frozen, bit by bit...*
  155. *Somehow, my consciousness is getting sucked away, like a stone dropping in my stomach, disappearing....*
  156. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san!!"
  157. "Try to stay conscious!"
  158. [back to the museum]
  159. Iroha: "I have."
  160. Touka: "It's like the signs of running out of battery."
  161. Iroha: "Running out of battery?"
  162. Touka: "Isn't it?"
  163. "Your soul gem is your life physically materialized outside your body in a compact form."
  164. "Like removing an internal battery and powering via an external battery."
  165. "If that weren't the case, you wouldn't be able to monitor it during battle, would you?"
  166. Sana: "Going by that example... a grief seed is like... a battery charger?"
  167. Touka: "Properly, it's more like a cleaner, but you could put it that way."
  168. "After all, batteries can do all sorts of things with just oxidation and reduction."
  169. Sana: "So, basically?"
  170. Touka: "When a battery discharges electricity, the chemical inside changes and becomes unusable."
  171. "But when you recharge it, it returns to its previous form."
  172. "When you use a soul gem, the magic renders it impure."
  173. "When you use a grief seed on it, it returns to normal."
  174. "So the soul gem is like a battery, you see?"
  175. "It's pretty interesting."
  176. Sana: "I don't like it..."
  177. "Doesn't it mean that I'm... not a human anymore?"
  178. Touka: "If you were human, then you'd die fighting a witch."
  179. "In that way, you're not human, are you?"
  180. Sana: "But..."
  181. Touka: "If you think you're a human, does that make you human?"
  182. "In current human medicine..."
  183. "We use chemistry, physics, biology, ergonomics, electrical engineering..."
  184. "A lot of disciplines go into the technology behind our surgery..."
  185. "With which we mess with our bodies, right?"
  186. Sana: "That's..."
  187. Touka: "Humans themselves remodel themselves, but everyone accepts that, right?"
  188. "How strange..."
  189. Sana: "..."
  190. Touka: "You're just overthinking things."
  191. "In the first place, if you're not human, then as an invisible girl, what are you?"
  192. Sana: "!?"
  193. "That's... right..."
  194. Iroha: "If you're correct, Touka-chan, then I was almost on the verge of death."
  195. "So that's why Yachiyo-san was so panicked..."
  196. Touka: "You'll understand the reason behind that panic after the story continues."
  197. [battle]
  198. [in a restaurant]
  199. Yachiyo: "So that's the details of the *Memory Museum*?"
  200. Rena: "Yeah, that's everything."
  201. Kaede: "Was that helpful?"
  202. Yachiyo: "Yes, thank you. This information is plenty."
  203. "Rena, Kaede, you've been a great help."
  204. "Well then, I'll be going."
  205. Rena: "Umm, thanks for treating us to this food."
  206. Yachiyo: "This is only natural, you helped me out."
  207. "See you."
  208. [on the street]
  209. Momoko: "Hold on, Yachiyo-san."
  210. Yachiyo: "What, Momoko..."
  211. Momoko: "You..."
  212. Yachiyo: "If you have something to tell me, then say it already."
  213. Momoko: "That's awfully rude!"
  214. "...Or rather..."
  215. "Today, I'm going to tell Kaede and Rena the whole truth."
  216. Yachiyo: "!?"
  217. "I see... About that time..."
  218. Momoko: "Yeah, I plan on telling them everything I know."
  219. Yachiyo: "...Please be careful."
  220. Momoko: "Of course..."
  221. "You be careful as well."
  222. "I'm worried about Iroha-chan and Tsuruno."
  223. Yachiyo: "That's being too nosy, Momoko."
  224. Momoko: "I'm just naturally nosy."
  225. Yachiyo: "I know... See you."
  226. [fade to gray]
  227. Yachiyo: *So Momoko has decided to tell them... the truth about magical girls...*
  229. 6.3.3
  230. [gray screen]
  231. Touka: *Lecture 2: About Witches*
  232. [black screen]
  233. Touka: *After A-san and B-san had accepted that their soul gems were their souls, they formed a team with some other friends.*
  234. [insert image of 5 girls. Left is obviously Tsuruno, right is Momoko.]
  235. Touka: *They joined with D-san, E-san, and F-san to make five in total.*
  236. *They fought witches with everyone supporting each other.*
  237. [fade to black]
  238. Touka: *But one day, a witch came over from another territory.*
  239. [insert image of sandbox witch with 4 girls, no Tsuruno]
  240. Touka: *D-san was unavailable, so there were four of them.*
  241. *They intended to work together to defeat this witch as usual, but the witch, having survived previous battles, was strong, and the four found themselves in a tough fight.*
  242. [fade to black]
  243. Touka: *A-san found herself in a pinch, and F-san, sacrificing herself to protect A-san, fell in battle.*
  244. *The witch once more escaped, ending the battle, but F-san's body was in shambles, and the group had no grief seeds.*
  245. [insert image of a girl lying on the ground, with a blackened soul gem]
  246. Touka: *When her soul gem was completely stained black, F-san's body stopped moving.*
  247. [back to the museum]
  248. Tsuruno: "Hey, in this story... D-san is...!"
  249. Touka: "Please refrain from talking during lecture!"
  250. "If you would like to know something, ask about it later. For now, just focus."
  251. Tsuruno: "..."
  252. Touka: "Well then, here's the second question."
  253. Felicia: "Aww, again?"
  254. "You're gonna ask what happened to F-san, right?"
  255. Touka: "Well, that's close."
  256. "To be precise, what did F-san change into?"
  257. Felicia: "Change into? How could we know that..."
  258. Touka: "Oh come on, think! Put those brains into gear!"
  259. Felicia: "I'm not very good at that..."
  260. Touka: "How dull."
  261. "What a soul gem gathers is impurity."
  262. "What a witch spreads around is curses."
  263. "Soul gems gather impurity, and witches scatter curses."
  264. "So a blackened soul gem..."
  265. "What do you think? Any connection there?"
  266. Sana: "Ah..."
  267. Iroha: "No way..."
  268. Tsuruno: "...I knew it."
  269. Felicia: "What the heck?"
  270. Touka: "It seems everyone has figured it out by now."
  271. "Mercenary, have you managed to work something out?"
  272. Felicia: "..."
  273. Touka: "The answer is..."
  274. [fade to black]
  275. Touka: *In the collapsed F-san's hand, there was a pitch-black soul gem.*
  276. [insert image of the soul gem emitting some sort of black smoke]
  277. Touka: *Suddenly, F-san became writhing in pain, and soul gem transformed into a grief seed and gave birth to a witch.*
  278. [back to the museum]
  279. Felicia: "Magical girls turn into... witches? No way that could be..."
  280. "If it were, then... if soul gems are souls..."
  281. "Then we're witches too!"
  282. Touka: "It may be unfortunate, but that's the truth. I told you at the start, didn't I?"
  283. "This is neither a joke nor a lie. This is just how it is."
  284. Felicia: "That's a lie... If not, then..."
  285. [flashback to a witch and Felicia's parents]
  286. witch: "23nt5hnt,.drnchirca!!"
  287. Felicia's father: "Guaaagh!!"
  288. Felicia's mother: "Higyah!"
  289. Felicia: "Dad! Mom!"
  290. [back to the museum]
  291. Felicia: "That was a magical girl?"
  292. [flashback to the sand witch (probably unrelated to the one in the story)]
  293. Felicia: "SMASH!"
  294. witch: "zarizari...☆...◇..."
  295. Felicia: "pant... pant..."
  296. "Next! Next! Next!"
  297. [flashback to the bunny witch]
  298. Felicia: "I'll bash you to bits!"
  299. witch: "nthyNTdyeo"
  300. [back to the museum]
  301. Felicia: "If... they were magical girls... then I've killed a lot of people..."
  302. "But... They might be the witch that killed mom and dad!"
  303. Touka: "Yep, you've killed a lot."
  304. Felicia: "Will I... become a witch too?"
  305. Touka: "Yes, you get a gold star!"
  306. Felicia: "I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it!"
  307. "It's all a lie!"
  308. Touka: "You're so stubborn."
  309. Felicia: "pant... pant..."
  310. Iroha: "But, Touka-chan, I can't believe it either."
  311. "Or rather, I don't want to believe it. Even if it is true..."
  312. [battle]
  313. [on the street]
  314. Yachiyo: (What is Mifuyu planning?)
  315. (Gathering everyone at a rumor for a lecture...)
  316. (About our soul gems... About transforming into witches...)
  317. (It might be shocking, but if they don't take it well...)
  318. "..."
  319. (Maybe forcibly making them accept it is what the *rumor* is for...)
  320. (But how...)
  321. [flashback to rumor dude]
  322. rumor dude: *The rumor among Sakae Ward people goes that if you look at a memory kept there, you will be influenced by that person's memory.*
  323. [back to the street]
  324. Yachiyo: "!!"
  325. "No way, Mifuyu..."
  327. 6.3.4
  328. [at the museum]
  329. Touka: "What would make you believe me?"
  330. "Ah, I know."
  331. "Here, I happen to have a grief seed on hand."
  332. "Would you mind letting me borrow your soul gem, mercenary?"
  333. Felicia: "W-why!? Won't you just break it!?"
  334. Touka: "You don't have to be so afraid."
  335. Felicia: "What!? I'm not afraid!"
  336. Touka: "Then, pass it over?"
  337. Felicia: "Mmgh..."
  338. Touka: "Was this witch transformation story perhaps shocking for you?"
  339. "I thought you might have some impurity built up..."
  340. [some impurity filters out of Felicia]
  341. Felicia: "Huh? Uh... Thanks?"
  342. Iroha: "Is this part of another explanation?"
  343. Touka: "Yes, I wouldn't just give you a grief seed for no reason."
  344. Iroha: "So, the fact that a grief seed is able to purify a soul gem..."
  345. "Shows that magical girls and witches are similar in the same way as curses and impurity?"
  346. "Is that what you're trying to explain?"
  347. Touka: "Yes, you are correct, Tamaki Iroha."
  348. "The point is that there's no substitute for soul gems and grief seeds."
  349. "The exchange of impurities is something that only happens between them."
  350. "This sort of response is slightly similar to genes in living creatures."
  351. Tsuruno: "The response of genes... You mean like crossbreeding?"
  352. Touka: "That's the Strongest for you!"
  353. "Crossbreeding can only work between creatures with similar genealogy."
  354. "For example, you can create a liger, but that doesn't happen naturally."
  355. Tsuruno: "So this is what you want to say?"
  356. "Just like how creatures that match genetically can create offspring..."
  357. "Soul gems and grief seeds match closely enough that purification can occur?"
  358. "So rather than them being merely similar, they are one in the same?"
  359. Touka: "You're just as smart as they say."
  360. "The details are different, but you've got it basically right."
  361. "You've said what I had planned to."
  362. Tsuruno: "Well, thanks..."
  363. "But while I understand the logic, it's difficult to accept..."
  364. "Felicia was pretty shocked..."
  365. "Because if we turn into witches, then that means we have killed other magical girls..."
  366. "That's probably what she was thinking..."
  367. Touka: "That's only one way to think about it, though."
  368. Tsuruno: "A way to think about it?"
  369. Touka: "That's right, you can think of witches as like zombies."
  370. "They start out as people, but they lose themselves, do bad things, and make more of their kind."
  371. "That's how we think of them."
  372. "When you kill a witch, then they no longer have to bear the weight of their sins."
  373. Sana: "We're not people... and we are destined to become witches..."
  374. "This is something that we just have to accept..."
  375. Iroha: "Sana-chan..."
  376. "But at the Kuchiyose Shrine, I didn't become a witch..."
  377. Touka: "Yes. Let's move on to the next topic."
  378. [battle]
  379. [at a park]
  380. Yachiyo: (Mifuyu, are you really going to show them that?)
  381. (I've gotta go save them!)
  382. "No, calm down..."
  383. "I'm not going to save them because they're my friends..."
  384. "I'm just going to save some innocent magical girls..."
  385. "That's all..."
  386. (That's right, it's not about them being friends)
  387. (This is not about my personal feelings...)
  388. "...sigh"
  389. "Sakae Ward, was it... I must hurry..."
  391. 6.3.5
  392. [gray screen]
  393. Touka: *Lecture 3: About Doppels*
  394. [insert image of B-san deep in despair]
  395. Touka: *After having witnessed a witch transformation, half a year passed, and B-san was still in shock.*
  396. *She tried but failed to change her way of thinking, merely cursing herself for having become a magical girl.*
  397. [fade to black]
  398. Touka: *After that, another half year passed. In Kamihama, witches started gathering, and Kyubey was no longer sighted.*
  399. *Her soul gem eroded in accordance to her feelings at the time, and it reached a point where it was dyed black with impurity.*
  400. [insert image of the soul gem turning into a grief seed]
  401. Touka: *B-san thought back... Finally, she would become a witch, just like F-san did...*
  402. *However, that did not occur.*
  403. [back to the museum]
  404. Touka: "This answer should be easy."
  405. Iroha: "...Doppel."
  406. Touka: "That would be correct!"
  407. [insert image of a girl kneeling on the ground]
  408. Touka: *B-san didn't become a witch, and instead released a doppel.*
  409. *At this time, we had already begun working to release the magical girls in Kamihama.*
  410. [Touka appears on a black background]
  411. Touka: *Then, a girl appeared before her, and said this: "Let's work together to release magical girls."*
  412. [back to the museum]
  413. Touka: "That would mean release as referring to the truth about magical girls."
  414. "Was that easy to understand?"
  415. "I might have said a bit too much, though."
  416. Iroha: "That girl who appeared was you, Touka-chan?"
  417. Touka: "Right, that was me, the Magius!"
  418. Iroha: "Then... This doppel transformation is the doing of the Wings of Magius?"
  419. Touka: "That's right."
  420. "Well, aren't I amazing?"
  421. "Aren't the Wings of Magius awesome?"
  422. "Do you all want to join the Wings of Magius now?"
  423. Iroha: "I..."
  424. mini-Kyubey: "You should join" or "You shouldn't believe her..." I'll pick the second.
  425. Iroha: "Of course I don't want to believe it..."
  426. "After all..."
  427. "No matter how much you explain it to me, I don't want to understand..."
  428. "About soul gems, or about becoming witches..."
  429. Sana: "But if it's true, then they have a noble cause..."
  430. Iroha: "Huh? Sana-chan!?"
  431. Sana: "It's okay... I don't believe it..."
  432. "Ai-chan told me that what they're doing is dangerous..."
  433. Touka: "Huh?"
  434. "You'd believe a rumor over a magical girl?"
  435. Felicia: "But... But... if this works, then there won't be any more witches?"
  436. Touka: "Exactly, that's right!"
  437. Felicia: "Then there won't be as many people like my mom and dad..."
  438. Tsuruno: "No, Felicia..."
  439. Felicia: "But Tsuruno!"
  440. Tsuruno: "She might be telling the truth, but..."
  441. "She might be including made-up stories to get us to join..."
  442. Felicia: "Made-up stories?"
  443. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  444. "They might be true, but it wouldn't be unusual if they weren't."
  445. "Touka-chan was always really smart."
  446. "I think she would easily be able to make the details fit..."
  447. Touka: "Hmmf..."
  448. "To think that Tamaki Iroha's memories would interfere now..."
  449. "If she says that, then there's nothing I can say..."
  450. "Well, it's fine, because we chose this location in case that happened."
  451. Iroha: "What do you mean?"
  452. Touka: "In this *rumor*, you can see people's memories, you know?"
  453. Mifuyu: "Basically, you'll be able to actually see the stories you heard in the lecture..."
  454. "In the *Memory Museum*."
  455. Iroha: "Mifuyu-san!? When did you get here?"
  456. Mifuyu: "I came right when Touka's lecture was scheduled to end."
  457. "I'm here to lead you in the hands-on learning portion."
  458. "If you can't believe the story you just heard, then let's move on to the next step."
  459. Sana: "You mean... umm... brainwashing?"
  460. "The *Memory Museum* can use other people's memories to influence you, they said..."
  461. Iroha: "I didn't expect you to brainwash us if talking didn't work."
  462. "If so, then I won't go into the *Memory Museum*."
  463. "I've heard plenty already, so I'll be going now."
  464. Touka: "But you can't leave anymore."
  465. Mifuyu: "Yes, unfortunately."
  466. Iroha: "What do you mean?"
  467. Touka: "Right now, everyone here is already inside the *rumor*."
  468. Iroha: "This is... a bell..."
  469. [gray screen, with rumor dude]
  470. rumor dude: *At the museum, If you ring the bell, all sorts of memories will be displayed, and you can perform research!*
  471. [fade to black]
  472. *chime...*
  473. [the environment suddenly changes to some sort of exhibit space]
  474. Iroha: "!?"
  475. Sana: "This is..."
  476. Tsuruno: "I knew it, this was a trap from the start."
  477. Mifuyu: "This isn't a trap. It's just the way to our hands-on learning..."
  478. Felicia: "What the hell? Where'd that book come from?"
  479. Mifuyu: "This is my memory, the memory of the story you heard in the lecture..."
  480. Iroha: "Please stop, Mifuyu-san..."
  481. Mifuyu: "Please, come take a close look at the truth. We will save the talking for afterwards."
  482. Touka: "Have a nice trip!"
  483. [fade to white]
  484. [battle]
  485. [back in the decrepit museum]
  486. Yachiyo: "pant... pant... pant..."
  487. (This should be the place...)
  488. Touka: "Huh? You are the veteran?"
  489. Yachiyo: "And you are..."
  490. Touka: "Nice to meet you, Nanami Yachiyo."
  491. "I am Satomi Touka, one of the Magius."
  492. Yachiyo: "Satomi Touka... The one Tamaki-san was looking for!?"
  493. "No, we'll discuss that later. Where did Tamaki-san and the others go!?"
  494. "If you say you're one of the Magius, then this is where you were lecturing them?"
  495. Touka: "That's already over."
  496. Yachiyo: "Then where are they!?"
  497. Touka: "Ehe, they're doing hands-on learning in the *Memory Museum.*"
  498. Yachiyo: "I figured that was the case... Allow me to go as well."
  499. Touka: "I cannot have you interfere."
  500. "...No, never mind."
  501. Yachiyo: "!?"
  502. Touka: "If you want to interfere in their hands-on learning, then you can go ahead."
  503. Yachiyo: "I don't understand..."
  504. Touka: "There's a hidden meaning to these words, after all."
  505. "Do you still want to go?"
  506. Yachiyo: "Yes."
  507. Touka: "Wow, so decisive."
  508. Yachiyo: "Even if there's a hidden meaning or anything else, I don't care."
  509. "I will crush that hidden meaning."
  510. Touka: "..."
  511. "The bell to open the *Memory Museum* is right by that door."
  512. Yachiyo: "I see... You will regret telling me that."
  513. Touka: "Ehe"
  514. "A-san, B-san, and D-san have all arrived."
  515. "Now how about the last one, E-san?"
  516. [on the street]
  517. Kaede: "Momoko-chan, how far are we going?"
  518. Rena: "That's right, if we're just going to talk, why not that store from before?"
  519. Momoko: "..."
  520. Rena: "Say something, come on!"
  521. Momoko: "I have to work up the determination."
  522. "Also, if something happens it might be bad..."
  523. "So we're going somewhere without many people."
  524. Rena: "Huh? Don't tell us something scary."
  525. Momoko: "That's what I'm telling you, what I've been keeping secret from you..."
  526. "It's something scary that I'm going to be telling you..."
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