[RGRE] Anon gets some sneaky buggy waifu roommates

Jun 29th, 2019
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  1. >You are Anon, and Princess Twilight herself is explaining to you why you seem to attract changelings.
  2. >There are three in the room right now, in fact.
  3. >One on your lap, batting curiously at your finger tips
  4. >One perched on the back of your chair, leaning against your head and poking you with her hooves
  5. >And one sitting in the corner under a lampshade; the poor dear thinks she's being sneaky.
  6. >They're harmless - not to mention soft, warm, and adorable - so you put up with it.
  7. >Well, "put up with it" makes it sound like you don't really like what's happening.
  8. >In truth, it's like a bunch of curious dogs have suddenly become drawn to you and just wanna lay on top of you.
  9. >As Twilight continues to speak, you reach down and boop the snoot of the one sitting in your lap.
  10. >She lets out a soft (but audible) gasp and grasps your hand in her hooves, and then brings it up to her face to examine it more closely.
  11. >Y'know, these changelings aren't as bad as you thought they'd be.
  12. >After the invasion in Canterlot, ponies told you that they were gross bug creatures that were in the shape of ponies, and any 'fur' they had was that disgusting fluffy shit that bees have - stiff and not soft at all.
  13. >Instead, you've got creatures who are soft to the touch (if possessing a noticeably firmer body, likely the 'exoskeleton') and covered in soft short black fur.
  14. >...except for their chests; they have the biggest tufts you've ever seen.
  15. >They have fins on top of their heads, but they're not necessarily super noticeable like the ponies told you they were - they're there, but they have blue-green manes, more-or-less like any other mare.
  16. >Pretty much the only detail the ponies got right was that they have gross insect wings, and you don't like to think about them.
  17. >"...and that's why we're going to keep a group of changelings around you at all times, Anon!"
  18. >Twilight smiles at you proudly, clearly expecting a positive response from you
  19. >You... do not give her one
  20. >...
  21. >You're sorry, what?
  22. "I... what?"
  23. >Twilight sighs deeply and rolls her eyes.
  24. >"And to think I used to wonder why so few stallions attended Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns... I was SAYING, Anon-"
  25. >She gives you a pointed look, and you try to ignore the little darling in your lap, playing with your hand and rubbing her face all over it.
  26. >"-that you have an unusually deep well of magic-slash-emotion compared to native Equestrian creatures. If my body could hold a jam-jar of magic in it, your body could hold a gallon bucket of magic in it. Not that it'll help you very much - your body has no idea what to do with it."
  27. >Twilight walks over to you and pokes you in the shin.
  28. >"Magic and friendship are the same exact thing; that is why changelings-"
  29. >Twilight gently pokes the changeling mare on your lap, causing her to yelp and squirm around on her back as she tries to swat at Twilight.
  30. >"-can take something as abstract and complex as an emotion, and turn it into something that fuels and nourishes their bodies. It'a also why ponies flourish best when we're all getting along together - that friendship and sense of community makes our magic (whether it be unicorn magic, flight magic, or crop-growing magic) stronger."
  31. >The changeling in your lap finally rolls onto her side and faces Twilight.
  32. >She takes up the same stance as a slightly frightened kitten would; rear legs pointing towards Twilight, and her widdle hoofsies ready to strike at any moment.
  33. >"Basically," continues Twilight, "Your body is a sponge for magic. You have no way to utilize it, such as with a horn-"
  34. >You almost miss it, but Twilight's eyes briefly glance down to your crotch where your penis is; it doesn't do much for her because a changeling is in the way, but the gesture was made.
  35. >"-so your body just lets it build up and build up. And since magic is friendship, I theorize that if we had let this build up for a few more months, it would have positively affected your mood. Unfortunately, no body has unlimited capacity for magic, and you need an outlet before your body, uh..."
  36. >Twilight trots over to the black board, where your body is drawn in chalk.
  37. >She magically lifts up a piece of chalk and draws a bunch of lines coming off of your body.
  38. >It's notable to mention that Twilight is making explosion noises with her mouth.
  39. >You... honestly feel your blood run a bit cold at that.
  40. "I... I was going to die?"
  41. >Twilight stops making "PCHEW PHEWW PCHEWWW" noises with her mouth and turns her head to face you; her face is somber, but her tongue is stuck sticking out of her mouth.
  42. >"...I'm afraid so."
  43. >Before you can do anything, the changeling disguised as a lamp ditches her disguise and runs over to you.
  44. >Twilight jumps back like a cat who just spotted a cucumber on the ground.
  45. >"Th-There was a THIRD one in here?!"
  46. >...
  47. >Fuck's sake, Twilight.
  48. >The third changeling mare leaps up onto your chair and straddles your arm, wrapping her arms around your neck.
  49. >The one behind you is nuzzling the top of your head (and is trying in vain to try and gain purchase on one of your shoulders with a rear hoof), and the one in your lap is looking up at you with the saddest puppy-dog eyes you've ever seen.
  50. >Already, you're starting to feel better.
  51. >...
  52. >Wait.
  53. >You actually ARE starting to feel better.
  54. >Your fear is waning unnaturally quickly, and you aren't nearly as panicked as you thought you'd be.
  55. >"You see?"
  56. >Twilight (who had hid behind her own chair at the appearance of the third changeling) pokes her head up from her hiding space and smiles at you.
  57. >"As long as you have a few changelings with you, they'll drain the magic from your body equal to or slightly faster than it can build up. You'll be safe."
  58. >Huh.
  59. "Well, then."
  60. >You poke the one in your lap with your finger; she squeaks and tries to snatch it.
  61. "Can I keep'em?"
  62. >Twilight nods solemnly.
  63. >"Consider them your new roommates."
  64. >She winks, suddenly.
  65. >"And if they try anything 'inappropriate', let me know right away. Their presence here is part of a goodwill program between Equestria and Queen Chrysalis's changelings, and she'll deal with them herself if they're caught molesting a colt."
  66. >You look down at the one on your lap and smile at her; she smiles back like the little cutie-patootie she is!
  67. "You'd never violate me, would you?"
  68. >You tickle her belly, and she giggles happily.
  69. >What you DON'T see is the two changelings on your back and shoulder glance at each other and wink, grinning lecherously at each other.
  70. "Never ever ever."
  71. >Twilight has her back turned now, and she doesn't see them high-hoof each other.
  72. >You see movement out of the corner of your eye - the two changelings doing something - and you turn around to see what they're up to, but the changeling on your lap waves her hooves at you and draws your attention back to her.
  73. "I can't see this becoming l-lewd at all!"
  74. >The one on your back (unknown to you) pantomimes smushing your face into her thick chest tuft.
  75. "Can you guys even have sex?"
  76. >The one on your shoulder/arm points vulgarly down between her legs, where two teats are (not to you) visible.
  77. "Nope, nothing will go wrong with this arrangement at all.
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