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  1. # Banknotes by SainttX
  2. # WARNING: If your users have notes and you modify this,
  3. #          their notes will be invalid and not registered by the plugin anymore
  4. note:
  5.   material: GOLD_INGOT
  6.   data: 0
  7.   name: "&6&l&o$$$$&r&4&l&kMMM&r&b&lお金&r&4&l&kMMM&r&6&l&o$$$$"
  8.   lore:
  9.   - "&b&o[money]円"
  10.   - "クリックでお金を手に入れる"
  12. messages:
  13.   insufficient-funds: "You do not have enough money to withdraw this amount"
  14.   insufficient-permissions: "You do not have enough permissions"
  15.   inventory-full: "Please have a space open in your inventory to create a banknote"
  16.   invalid-note: "This banknote is invalid! It has been removed from your inventory"
  17.   invalid-number: "You provided an invalid number"
  18.   note-created: "You created a note for $[money]"
  19.   note-given: "You gave a note for $[money] to [player]"
  20.   note-received: "You were given a note for $[money] by [player]"
  21.   note-redeemed: "Banknote for $[money] has been redeemed"
  22.   nothing-in-hand: "There is nothing in your hand for you to redeem"
  23.   less-than-minimum: "The amount you entered is less than the minimum allowed amount of $[money]"
  24.   more-than-maximum: "The amount you entered is more than the maximum allowed amount of $[money]"
  25.   reloaded: "The Banknotes config.yml has been reloaded"
  26.   target-not-found: "Couldn't find a player with that name"
  28. settings:
  29.   console-name: "&7Server"
  30.   minimum-float-amount: 0
  31.   maximum-float-amount: 2
  32.   minimum-withdraw-amount: 10.0
  33.   maximum-withdraw-amount: 5000.0
  34.   allow-right-click-to-deposit-notes: true
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