Roma Yokujou [untypeset]

Dec 10th, 2015
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  1. Roma Yokujou Translation
  2. From
  4. >My name is Roma. I only just arrived after the end of Spring E-6, so I'm a little inexperienced.
  5. >But for some reason, I've been dragooned into the task of developing the bathhouse we use for docking.
  6. >In spite of being a proper battleship, I am deprived of any chance to perform in battle and am instead employed as some kind of laborer.
  7. >From what i heard from the other shipgirls, it's because many of the shipgirls took varying degrees of damage in breaking through E-6 and retrieving me back to this naval district.
  9. >Roma-chan, this bathhouse design carries no extraordinarity, no spark of innovation! It's as if it had come from the days of Ancient Rome!
  10. >Redo it right away! And please make it a little better.
  11. >Admiral, pardon me, but could you talk about this outside?
  12. >Admiral, you should probably just give up. It was ridiculous to expect I, a battleship, to be a bathhouse architect. | Please leave this work to Akashi-san.
  13. >Rather than this sort of thing, I would think that it would be better to allow me to go onto the field of battle sooner rather than later.
  14. >This is my order! I want you to do it!
  15. >Admiral, want to get the fuck out?
  16. >Nee-san, I feel like this is a little too obstinate...
  17. >I'm sure you can do it, Roma. But you look really tired, why not take a bath first~?
  19. >It's always unbearably noisy in here.
  20. >Katori-san~ could you come over and help shav...uh, massage me a bit~?
  21. >Haaah, that's nice~
  22. >Looking carefully, Katori's rack is pretty big.
  23. >Nonono, to begin with a bathhouse should be somewhere to calm oneself.
  26. >[Hmmnn...even in such a noisy place, it's still so quiet under the water...]
  27. >[Ara, this vent is...]
  28. >Naka-chang is~
  29. >Everyone's Idol~
  30. >Uwaaahh!
  31. >Uwaaaoohhhhh I'm being sucked in!
  33. >Haaaah...blargh....
  34. >Haaah....whew...
  35. >T...this couldn't be the abyssal Naval District's bathhouse?
  36. >[These shipgirls who oppose us, compared to my sister and katori-san...they are such flat, unforunate creatures...]
  37. >[Given that I was press-ganged into designing a bathhouse as soon as I joined up without joining a single battle or operation, my cover probably shouldn't be blown...]
  38. >[But this design is quite impressive...]
  40. >Yo, you new here? Were you submerging this whole time? Nice tits.
  41. >Mm...hmm....
  42. >(Is this fellow an enemy commander...?)
  43. >You, new?
  44. >So the Abyssal Naval District had such a cute little thing!
  45. >Oy, come and try this?
  46. >Drinking milk after a bath is pretty normal....
  47. >EHh...what is this?! This miracle drink! What a visionary!
  48. >Pwaaaaaah, as expected, one sip and your spirit just comes surging back!
  50. >Well that's that, I'm off to get swole (note: literally "to train my muscles"), see ya later! >Mm...yeah...
  51. >[Who is the special guest that will be featured at the Abyssal Concert?]
  52. >They've got good taste in posters...
  53. >[Our Goal for the 2nd MI operation - Total Victory!]
  54. >Fidget Fidget (note: better to add that as an action and change it to "Ummm...")
  55. >[--and beat that fucking --Admiral down!]
  56. >This child is...ah yes, the Southern Airfield Princess.
  57. >This...for you....
  58. >This is...Fritz X?
  59. >To think that it'd be warplane cookies--....this is just too novel....
  60. >Can this...?
  61. > tasty...... also tasty......
  63. >Anyhow, I'll take a bit....
  64. >[Ohhh, the way it melts in the mouth...this immersive's as if I have felt this way before...]
  65. >Ehh? Why is everything getting blurry?
  66. >Ahh....ahh...
  67. >Hey! Roma-chan, you've finally awoken!
  68. >Roma-chan, are you alright? All of a sudden you were drowning! Nee-san was wroreid sick...uuu~....
  70. >Not long after
  71. >Well done, Roma-chan! To make such an amazing bathhouse in such a short time!
  72. >This mountain mural's pretty new-agey.
  73. >To draw Bismarck onee-sama on it...Roma-san, allow me to give you a Danke!
  74. >That means something like "Grazie", right....well either way, no need to thank me.
  75. >You've even got after-bath drinks!
  76. >Is this blackcurrant milk? It just doesn't have the kick of some good booze.
  77. >Nice! A bit of this health drink and my yasen condition will be perfect!
  78. >Compared to onsen tamago, onsen spaghetti is just the best (note: what the fuck is this doujin even about)
  79. >Even though I feel like bathhouses and hot springs are kind of different, as long as everyone is happy about I have no problem, yes!
  81. >Alright! Now all the shipgirls are revived!
  82. >This is all Roma-chan's work!
  83. >Well then, let us begin this month's 3-5 operation! This time we have to get our hands on that Hoppou-chan!
  84. >Eh? Are we catching even that cute little one?
  85. >For this operation, I will give Nagato special authorization to use her special capture equipment!
  86. >Huhuhu...I already have the netstrings ready!
  87. >How about it, Roma-chan? Will you join us?
  88. >Uuu...
  90. >Why would you go and capture that cute child....
  91. >I really dont' undrestand...I'll go and take a bath to wake myself first...
  92. >Onee-san...umm...why are you swimming around after drinking that health drink instead of going to yasen?
  93. >What's wrong with it? Jintsuu, don't be so serious, come and play with me and Naka-chan!
  94. >As expected, it's loud. I'll just go over to the single berths.
  95. >Ahhh, the singles are better after all.
  96. >Uwaaah!
  97. >Just now, did somoene....?
  98. >It was just you. It's so late, who would come here apart from us?
  101. >And here i thought I was dying... Hm? THis is...
  102. >Ah so this is the single baths I seek. By miniaturizing everything, it allows the user a feeling of peace....
  103. >You again? | We meet again.
  104. >That aside, I'd like you to hear me out. Hoppou-chan, it may be better that you abstain from taking part in the 3-5 defense operation.
  105. >Our naval district's admiral and Nagato want to capture you.
  106. >Heehhh?! You're one of the enemy naval district's shipgirls...?!
  107. >But....
  108. >Git out of here!
  109. >Since we've shared a bath, I'll let you go this time! But the next time we meet, I ain't holding back...!
  110. >Hold on....
  111. >Why won't you listen to what others say...
  113. >THe next day, 3-5
  114. >Hahahahha, well done Nagato! Hoppou-chan is all but mine now!
  115. >Admiral, this cannot be done! Enemy as she is, she is but a child. What will you do with her after you truss her up and bring her home?!
  116. >Person who baths with me....
  117. >Roma-chan, I understand what you're saying, but why does Hoppou-chan know you? | If the enemy is to be believed, then are you in league with the enemy?
  118. >That....
  119. >Bad news, admiral! Taitei-chan just located a Re-class battleship, heading in our direction!
  120. >That's impossible! This isn't 5-5, it's 3-5!
  121. >To think that they really abducted Hoppou-chan....
  122. >I must take her back!
  124. >Bad news! It's really Re-class! And she's packed to the brim with those new bombers! >Damn it! Although we've packed quite a few sanshiki to deal with hoppou, we don't have any equipment to deal with Re...
  125. >With my pride and determinatino on the line, Battleship Nagato shall not retreat! >Then I'll shatter that rigging of yours!
  126. >Fritz X! Nagato-san, dodge!
  127. >I'll pulverize you with this! Mongrels (note: what she said, from the footnotes it is a Gil reference)!
  128. >[*Gate of Re- Deviation Bomb (note: "乖離彈", I don't know what it means)
  129. >How could this be....everyone, I'll leave it up to you.
  130. >I am the only one who can protect the admiral now...even if Fritx X blocks the path in front of me....!
  131. >To show yourself in front of me again....I won't hold back this time!
  133. >Roma! Nee-san is here to save you!
  134. >Nee-san, be careful, the other side has Fritz X!
  135. >It's fine, as long as us sisters work as one, we have a chance!
  136. >Mm, I am etter suited for the battlefield than for constructing bathhouses, after all.
  137. >Tch, so my time is up for now...
  139. >A...are we saved?
  140. >Admiral, having saved your life this time around, could you let hoppou-chan go?
  141. >After all, when you think about it, Re wouldn't have attacked if the Admiral hadn't abducted Hoppou-chan in the first place.
  142. >Thanks...will again...?
  143. >I'm sure we will. >After all, all roads lead to rome.
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