Anon - [Nameless] [Virgo/Hexferry/shipping/cuddly/short]

Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Virgo, Hexferry, shipping, cuddly, romantic, short, Waspy, Anonymous
  3. Prompt:
  4. >Hexferry, a young mare, eyes starry at the thought of romance and generally shy towards advances
  5. >Enter Virgo
  6. >swoons her off her hooves
  7. >"magic" happens
  8. >Hexferry is overjoyed she's found her fated other
  9. >soon cold harsh reality hits her on the face
  10. >Virgo of course was too young to notice how much feelings she developed towards him
  11. >Hexferry grows bitter towards Virgo
  12. >becomes a tsundere towards all things romantic due to getting her female balls crushed so bad
  13. >Especially towards Virgo
  14. >Virgo to this day does not know Hexferry had actual emotions of romance towards him but likes hitting on her because of her tsundere reactions, and she's become a thing on a pedestal he can't reach, which makes him chase after her even more
  16. Reply:
  17. >one day Virgo gets to push Hexxy in a metaphorical corner and asks why she's so tsundere to him
  18. >Hexxy loses it and pours all of her animosity in one big, squeaky outburst
  19. >she gets so angry that she spills everything
  20. >Virgo is shocked beyond belief and just stands there dumfounded and guilty
  21. >Hexxy flutters away crying her little moth heart out
  22. >Virgo feels so guilty he can't get himself to do anything at all and just sits at his flat with Waspy, moping and quiet
  23. >Wasps is worried and tries to console his bro to no avail
  24. >after Waspy, Anon and the rest of the brohouse colts try to get him out of his funk they give up and stop trying after weeks of no success
  25. >Virgo, scruffy and unshaven steps out of the flat for the first time on his own without any prodding from anyone
  26. >just walks around the village at night, wandering and stretching his legs
  27. >bumps into Hexferry sitting on the bench
  28. >awkward conversation
  29. >manage to break the awkwardness with some Virgo-pick up lines
  30. >gets Hexxy to laugh
  31. >manage to bond and just talk for most of the night
  32. >Virgo, having come out in the open randomly starts shivering as the night gets colder
  33. >Hexxy feels story for him and shimmies next to him and shares her body heat
  34. >Virgo blushes and stutters
  35. >Hexxy finds it cute
  36. >just sit there in silence, reveling in the warmth and company
  37. >it gets really late and Virgo manages to finally speak and excuses himself
  38. >Hexxy coyly tells him to follow her back to her place for a cup of tea before heading of to his place
  39. >wake up cuddling next to a messy Hexxy, sore and satisfied, smelling of not shame, but passion
  40. >Hexxy is woken by Virgo's startled waking
  41. >kisses him on the lips and pulls him in closer to herself
  42. >cuddle the rest of the morning in each others hooves
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