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Steph Wyvern

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  2. Bruce | Garchomp | Level 56 | Male
  3. Dragon | Ground
  4. Sand Veil
  5. Fire Fang | Dragon Rush | Iron Head | Stomping Tantrum | Sandstorm
  6. After the death of her ace Mantine, Steph was more driven to explore the Deadland and overcame her mourning by losing herself in her work. The first Pokémon she made to wrangle and catch was this Garchomp, a terrifyingly muscular and bulky alpha male.
  7. Wrassling with him was a costly challenge - adding to her scores of scars and losing her two fingers in the process, but she managed to catch the protesting Pokémon to become her new ace.
  8. She anticipates it taking a lot more work to subdue the beast's natures and he still threatens to bite her at times. She rarely has him out in peaceful company, worried about what the beast could do on a rampage.
  10. Johaan | Beartic | Level 38 | Male
  11. Tough Claws
  12. Icicle Crash | Fury Swipes | Aqua Jet | Roar
  13. Johaan was caught on a quest into the inclement weather zone in the Jehanna Desert. The Alpha male was leading a small group of Beartic and displayed greater aggression and size than its peers.
  15. Zilla | Tyranitar | Level 40 | Male
  16. Sand Stream
  17. Rock Slide | Flamethrower | Heat Crash | Dark Pulse
  18. A colossal Tyranitar, even by their normal standards. It was found wandering the Inclement weather zone of the Jehanna Desert where the sudden climate change led to it struggling in the snow storm and being attacked by a wild group of Sneasel. After rescuing it from the gang of scavengers, Steph caught the huge beast, thinking its injuries were too severe to let it carry on in the wild alone.Its body is covered in burning hot stones, and the air it expels from its vents is super-heated, allowing it to survive well in cold climates. It must have originated from deep underground.
  20. Kwala | Whismur | Level 21 | Male
  21. Soundproof
  22. Rest | Snore | Yawn | Echoed Voice
  23. This little critter was hatched from an egg by the Pokémon ranger after she found it abandoned in the plains. Its odd parentage is probably the cause for this stranding, the little soft-furred critter appearing to have been bred from a Snorlax, evident in its constantly snoozing state.
  24. Steph doesn't mind the tired Pokémon's lazing that much - after all it saves her from the deafening cries the big-lunged thing is known for. The baby Pokémon is dependent on her and she often carries it around - with ear plugs at the ready.
  26. Simon | Pansage | Level 19 | Male
  27. Sticky hold
  28. Sweet scent | Vine whip | Mach punch | Bullet seed
  29. This mysterious Pansage constantly supplied with sweet, sticky honey, resulting in it often being fairly messy. He was gifted by Abigail who was unable to keep up with the mischievous creature though he seems content in the more rural setting where Steph lives. It seems to hold a great deal of respect for 'Kamina glasses'. (Ability becomes Gooey when evolved.)
  31. Paikea | Wailmer | Level 1 | Female
  33. It's body is inherently lighter than even its typical bretheren, the top half of its form covered in what feels like a soft down. The side fins are elongated and pronounced, becoming practically wings by the time it evolves, the white down transitioning to full-on feathers.
  34. Unique Move (At Level 40): Fly
  35. Unique Ability (As Wailord): Levitate
  37. 5 Ground Shards
  38. ^use to teach unlisted moves to Pokémon
  40. Piplup Egg
  41. An odd egg that emanates with a frozen aura. The Penguin it'sself, once it hatches, constantly emits an aura of mist from it's body. The water moves it uses are freezing to the touch and it's more than capable of freezing stuff around it. Though just being around it gives one a chilling feeling, straight to the core of their being.
  43. Piplup
  44. Egg (Hatches in 1 Quest/2 Casuals)
  45. Cursed Body
  46. Pound
  47. Water Pulse
  48. Yawn
  49. Frost Breath (Becomes Ice Hammer @ Final Evo)
  51. --
  53. **Character Name:** Steph Wyvern
  54. **Skill Name:** Reckless Wrasslin'
  55. **Skill Description:** From a young age, Steph has gotten up close n' personal with all manner of big and intimidating Pokémon. Not only is she expert at tracking and locating them, she doesn't mind taking them down and pinning them without so much as a string shot to take them out. For pinning Pokémon she relies more on her technical know-how than pure strength, allowing her to wrassle Pokémon far larger than herself.
  56. **Additional Details:** Steph will make a feat roll to phyically WRASSLE and pin a Pokémon, giving them the 'constricted' status effect for the next turn and making it easier for her to capture them with Pokéballs.
  57. The effectiveness of this pin is determined by the Pokémon's weight.
  58. >55lbs - +5
  59. 56-110lbs - +3
  60. 111-220lbs - 0
  61. 221-440lbs - -3
  62. 441lbs< - -5
  63. Ghost-type Pokémon cannot be wrassled. If the Pokémon is Dragon-type there is an additional +2 modifier. Fighting-type Pokémon incur a -2 modifier.
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