Changebro - Prologue (AiE; Changeling Drone)

May 7th, 2014
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Rough times in Ponyville
  3. >Place is full of chicks but they don't put out nearly enough for your liking
  4. >Plus ya know, horses
  5. >Hiking in the Everfree Forest to clear your head and maybe catch some dinner
  6. >That's the other downside of Ponyville, no meat
  7. >And when Fluttershy found out what you were doing with the chickens you were raising...
  8. >Fucking bitch...she didn't need to tell everyone
  9. >Guy's gotta eat, right?
  10. >Thoughts get interrupted when you trip on something
  11. >That something clicks and hisses in protest
  12. >The hell?
  13. >There's a little black...thing on the ground
  14. >It's beat up, its wings look busted and its legs are all...holey
  15. >It hisses at you again but it's in such bad shape its hardly something to worry about
  16. "What happened to you?"
  17. >It seems surprised you can talk
  18. >Maybe it thought you were a monster because now its whimpering and trying to stand
  19. >Poor thing
  20. >Deciding dinner can wait, you lean down to examine it
  21. >It has some kinda weird armory stuff on it that's cracked in a lot of places
  22. >It's leaking green goop too
  23. "You're pretty messed up, what happened?"
  24. >It shakes its head and clicks something at you
  25. >You don't know what it's saying but at least you know it's more than just a creature or something
  26. "I'm gonna bring you back home, we'll see if we can't fix you up, ok?"
  27. >It nods
  28. >You take your time slowly scooping the injured bug-thing up
  29. >Walking home is a lot slower, carrying the bug with you
  30. >It was hard to tell when it was on the ground but it's a lot heavier than it looks
  31. >It's grateful for your help though, it quickly curled against your body and chirped something
  32. >It sounds like a giant cicada, a little soothing almost
  33. "So how the heck did you get there?"
  34. >It's quite chatty and goes on and on
  35. >You can't understand it but its chirping is distracting from the long hike
  36. >Nice to know it can understand you even if you can't quite get around its bug noises though
  37. >Your house is right on the edge of the forest, not quite as close as Fluttershy's but far enough from town
  38. >The little guy is still chattering, whatever the heck happened to it must have been pretty interesting
  39. >You get to your door and shove it open with your shoulder, never bothering to lock it except when you're home
  40. >For some reason ponies never go in when you're out, but love letting themselves in when you're home
  41. >It got a little tiresome so you lock the door behind you then deposit the bug on the couch
  42. "I'm gonna get some stuff for those wounds, ok? You get comfortable"
  43. >It nods and lays on the couch, stretching a little
  44. >You head to your closet and get some of the first aid stuff you had
  45. >Pony medicine was weird at times when magic was involved but at least they still had antiseptic and gauze
  46. >Thing was, what the heck was even on your couch?
  47. >Did it need this stuff? Would it even work?
  48. >Shrugging you get the basics and head back to your living room
  49. >The bug, whatever it was, was stretched out on the couch with its eyes closed
  50. >It must have passed out
  51. >Or maybe it trusted you enough to sleep?
  52. >Not bad considering your first meeting involved your foot
  53. >You take a seat on the couch near the sleeping bug-creature
  54. >For something that was black, covered in green slime and cracked chitin, it managed to look cute sleeping there
  55. >Its wings buzzing every few minutes as its chest rose and fell
  56. >You decide maybe surprising it with alcohol covered gauze might not be the nicest thing to do so you give it a shake to wake it up
  57. >It groggily lifts its head, its big blue eyes questioning why you are bothering it
  58. "You're hurt. I need to clean you up so you don't get sick. It's going to sting a little"
  59. >You get an uneasy chittering as a reply but it rolls over and exposes the worst of it on its back
  60. >Some of the hard skin is cracked and there is that green ooze leaking out
  61. >You put some antiseptic on gauze and move some of the chitin
  62. >He snarls and winces but doesn't bite or try and move
  63. "Sorry"
  64. >You give it one last warning before you apply the bandage, and as expected you get a yelp and a hiss from the bug
  65. >For its credit though, it still doesn't move, somehow it seems to understand you only mean to help
  66. >You're relieved, because for the first time you see the sharp fangs in its mouth
  67. >Getting bit by this thing wouldn't have been pretty
  68. >You manage an OK dressing on the wound and are compelled to pet it on the head when you finish
  69. "All done, little guy"
  70. >It buzzes and checks your work, then smiles
  71. >First time you ever wrapped up....whatever the heck it is
  72. >Laying its head back down, the little creature yawns and closes its eyes again
  73. "Tired?"
  74. >It nods and curls its wings on itself
  75. >How is something this ugly this cute?
  76. >You take a blanket off the couch and lay it atop the thing
  77. >It chirps in thanks and pulls the blanket over its entire body
  78. "Sleep well"
  79. >You leave it in the living room, headed to your kitchen to grab a snack before retiring for the day
  80. >You can't leave it alone in your house
  81. >Sighing at how boring a world without TV and internet was, you grabbed a few ciders and went to your room
  82. >A few hours go by, a few bottles of Apple Family booze gets consumed while you try and busy yourself
  83. >Occasionally, you check on the sleeping whatever in your living room and for the most part it's still alive and still out cold
  84. >Part of you is considering going to Fluttershy and asking for some help but you and her were still on barely speaking terms after the chicken incident
  85. >Plus her house is full of pets and lord knows what else, they might not jive well with something you found in the Everfree Forest
  86. >Maybe you'll talk to her if you need to, but not yet, you can handle this yourself
  87. >How hard can it be to take care of...?
  88. "What the heck ARE you?"
  89. >You say that aloud, the slight buzz of the cider getting the better of you
  90. >Your guest stirs and looks your way, shrugging the blanket off and stretching its forelegs out
  91. >The holes in its body really should be unsettling but for whatever reason you're not bothered by them
  92. "Sorry, never seen anything like you before"
  93. >It sits on its haunches and shrugs, licking its fangs a little
  94. "You hungry?"
  95. >Suddenly its very much awake and nodding
  96. >What the heck does it eat?
  97. >Well that's simple enough, let it pick
  98. >You motion to the kitchen and the bug-thing crawls off the couch and click-clacks where you're pointing
  99. "I have fruit and some sweets and stuff. hope you don't eat meat I haven't--"
  100. >It practically flies face forward at a bowl of chocolates Pinkie made for you
  101. >One month in Equestria anniversary party, that's what it was for
  102. >Shit, that as a week ago practically
  103. >Time sure does fly
  104. >Your bug friend seems to like licking the chocolates for a minute then dropping them back into the bowl
  105. >The ones it's done with are left with some of that green slime
  106. >Little gross but, hey, whatever helps it feel better right now
  107. >Not like you were eating them anytime soon
  108. >It methodically licks and slimes every piece of chocolate in the bowl
  109. >For a bit you thought of high school biology when they teach you how flies eat
  110. >But it never went for the same piece twice
  111. >Something on the chocolates was delicious to it though, cause it dug around for each and every one of them
  112. "You like chocolate?"
  113. >It gives you a 'gross!' kind of look and shakes its head, ironically as it grabs another piece from the bowl
  114. "So then what are you doing?"
  115. >It chirps and points to its stomach
  116. >So it IS eating just...not the chocolate
  117. >Of course, how could you miss that?
  118. >Just when you were making sense of the world...
  119. >It seems to notice your confusion and it points to the chocolates with its leg, then to your chest, then to its mouth
  120. >Followed by a rub of its belly and a smile
  121. >That only makes your expression more lost and it chitters in annoyance
  122. >You were wondering how long the language barrier would piss one of you off
  123. >Snorting, it resumes whatever feeding ritual it's practicing
  124. >You sip your cider and watch, because you had nothing better to do, and it fascinated you a little
  125. >When it finishes, your candy bowl filled with green slime and chocolates, it buzzes its wings and takes to the air
  126. >Somehow it looked better than before
  127. >It must have been hungry
  128. >It smiles at you and chirps what you can only assume is a thanks
  129. "You're welcome, glad you liked...whatever it is about those you liked"
  130. >With a lick of its fangs, it lands back on the ground
  131. >It looks you up and down and rubs its chin with its leg
  132. >Then it gasps and smiles, its crooked horn glowing green
  133. >You're not sure what's going on but before you can ask
  134. >It its you with a burst of energy square in the forehead
  135. >You feel slightly dizzy for a second and grab the wall
  136. >You're about to swing your bottle at it when it talks
  137. >Not the clicking and chirping either, but actual English
  138. >"Phew...finally!"
  139. >You blink but lower your bottle
  140. >"Sorry, big guy, was too weak before to use magic...."
  141. "You can talk now...?"
  142. >"Yea I....whoa!"
  143. >The bug stumbles a little and sits down on its haunches, rubbing its temples with its legs
  144. >"Still a bit tired, that took a lot out of me. Thanks again for rescuing me, I thought I was a goner for sure!"
  145. >You nod and take a seat yourself
  146. >"Guess I should introduce myself, my name is-"
  147. >What follows is a bunch of clicks and buzzing you couldn't hope to repeat or pronounce
  148. >"-you.... don't have to worry about my name right now! I'm a changeling!"
  149. "What's that?"
  150. >"Oh, you don't....good! I must be really far from Canterlot then."
  151. >You cock your head and go to ask but the changeling shakes his head
  152. >"Don't worry about it, long story. I'll tell ya some other time, maybe after you had a few more of those"
  153. >He points to your cider
  154. >You shrug and take another sip
  155. >"That stuff looks good, who made it?"
  156. "A pony named Applejack, they brew it up once a year"
  157. >"That explains it, mind if I lick the bottle when you're done?"
  158. "...why?"
  159. >"To get the love they left behind when they made it! Changelings feed on good emotions like love and happiness and other stuff like that"
  160. "So....when you were licking the chocolates Pinkie made for me--"
  161. >"Yup! Either she really likes you or she really likes baking candies! Was delicious no matter how you look at it"
  162. >You set the glass bottle down
  163. >This is, to be blunt, surreal
  164. >There is a talking bug in your kitchen who says it eats emotions
  165. "You're not going to bite my neck while I'm sleeping, are you?"
  166. >"Oh hell no, it doesn't work that way. Plus you saved my life, that wouldn't be cool"
  167. >You can't help but chuckle at this and how he's talking
  168. >He sounds a little like you, come to think of it
  169. "That's a relief, then"
  170. >You take your last swig of the cider and toss him the bottle
  171. >Sure enough, he starts licking it the same way he did the chocolates
  172. "Taste good?"
  173. >"Mhm! Whoever made this really loves apples"
  174. "You have no idea..."
  175. >You find the other empty bottles and let the changeling lick them up
  176. >After the last one he belches and sighs, rubbing his protruding belly
  177. >"That hit the spot. I haven't eaten that good in weeks"
  178. "Weeks?"
  179. >"Yea we can eat regular food if we have to but its not the same, we get weaker and stuff. I was eating berries in that forest when I wasn't hiding from timberwolves"
  180. >You nod and collect the empties from the floor, trying not to get changeling slime on you
  181. >He swears up and down its harmless but you're still not used to it yet
  182. "How did you get lost in the forest? You have a family?"
  183. >"Ehhhh, not really. It's complicated."
  184. >You nod and head back into the living room
  185. >He follows and hops back onto the couch
  186. >"You got a nice place, dude. This couch is comfy"
  187. "Yea I used to crash there till I got a bed. The ponies found out and they were all--"
  188. >"Ponies?!"
  189. >He jumps and looks around nervously
  190. >"Where are we again?"
  191. "About a half a mile from Everfree Forest, right near--
  192. >"Ponyville, ah crud. Do they know I'm here?"
  193. "No...why would it matter?"
  194. >"Lets just say my boss got into a bit of a fight with their boss. Ponies don't really like changelings much"
  195. "...I should you hide?"
  196. >"Only if a pony visits. You think they might?"
  197. "They pop in from time to time"
  198. >"Dammit, and I'm too weak'll have to hide me then!"
  199. >You start to protest but he looks at you with sad blue eyes
  200. >You did save him and he doesn't seem all that dangerous
  201. >...minus the fangs, the magic, and the fact he learned your language with a spell that scanned your brain...
  202. >...could be worse, you guess
  203. "If a pony comes by go to the bedroom and lock the door. Its down the hall"
  204. >"Thank's bro! You're a good friend"
  205. >He punches his holey, chitin covered leg into your hand
  206. >...did he just high-five you?
  207. >You two get lucky, for with the exception of Rainbow Dash dropping by about Wonderbolt Derby tickets, the ponies don't bother you
  208. >Gives you plenty of time to shoot the shit with your new changeling friend
  209. >He learns a lot about humans and you in particular, how you got there and what you do
  210. >You get a pretty good explanation about changeling stuff
  211. >You can tell he's hiding some details but you don't press for them, the stuff he does talk about seemed pretty rough
  212. >And to be honest, he was really fun
  213. >Not like parties and games like Pinkie Pie or in your face like Dash
  214. >Just a chill guy, every time you mention something outdoorsy or things like the Derby his big blue eyes light up and he's all into it
  215. >You've been pretty solitary since arriving, having an actual friend who wasn't a feminine pony would be pretty awesome
  216. >Plus, once he's all healed up, apparently he can look like a pony
  217. >"Hell yea, it's pretty wild. I can look like anything! Well, mostly anything, don't think I can do human, you're a little too tall"
  218. "I wouldn't bother. Ponies might notice a second human walking around"
  219. >"But won't they notice you with a friend they never met before?"
  220. "We'll fake meeting each other in town, say you're from Baltimare or something"
  221. >"Cool, we can do that tomorrow"
  222. >You finish another bottle of cider and toss him the bottle
  223. >He does that thing he does
  224. "You need a name thought, I can't pronounce whatever you are. How bout Ditto?"
  225. >"Ditto? The heck is that?"
  226. "Something from a video game. It turns into things like you do. Plus it passes for a pony name"
  227. >"Works for me, boss"
  228. >So with that decided and a six pack of cider gone, you decide to call it a night
  229. >Ditto goes back to the couch with a promise he won't bite your neck while you sleep
  230. >He's laughing when you take him seriously
  231. >You shake your head and go to your bedroom
  232. >Just in case you lock the door
  233. >No need to find out trusting him was a mistake
  234. >But for some reason, you don't think so
  235. >He seemed like a pretty cool guy...bug...thing
  237. Next -
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