KH 1.5 + 2.5 - Patch 1.02 Notes

Mar 17th, 2017
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  1. They may have listened, this was a fast patch to fix at least one huge issue and some small ones. I'll list only what I've confirmed myself so far, or other trusted players, will stay away from rumors.
  3. Patch Notes:
  4. -Adjusted gauge fluctuation and damage generation in KINGDOM HEARTS II to accommodate 60fps
  5. -Fixed other various issues
  8. -Vexen Data (and AS version) data bar now fixed, Anti Sora now can be completely avoided casually and the bar charges back to normal
  9. -Saix Data fixed now, he can no longer "infinite DM" if you don't provoke him. His Berserk Bar is far more used up by a DM now, so back to normal
  10. -Quick Run is fixed
  11. Update 3/19/17: From my testing, Quick Run still isn't as good as original 2FM distance, but still better than pre-patch
  12. -Trinity Limit's damage output + speed of finisher is back to normal
  13. -Axel Data's fire floor drains normal speed now (didn't pay any notice to it before patch, whoops)
  15. -Save Crashing NOT fixed! 3 people told me already crashing, one with video proof:
  16. Update 3/19/17: I hear claims that save crashing happens less since the patch. There is absolutely no evidence of this. People are still crashing. Saving the same save file without doing anything in the game repeatedly does not really test save crashing. So until more people do more casual playthroughs with saving, it's too hard to tell.
  19. -Nothing at the moment
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