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  1. Thank you for your interest and Wikipedia, and I hope you'll like it here. In addition to the greeting, please be aware of the following important articles:
  3. policy
  4. The five pillars
  5. Wikipedia, neutrality, openness, mutual respect, and innovation
  6. GNU
  7. Copyright Questions
  8. Contributions must be written or that you authorized,
  9. And agreed to publish under CC-by-sa-3.0 and GFDL terms
  10. manual
  11. user's guidance
  12. Secure access / Test Editor / How to edit
  13. Manual / simplified handling / write a good entry
  14. The question mark in question? Please ask mutual inn, or on my talk page proposed. Do not forget: After discussion to sign, one way is to leave four wavy "~~~~."
  15. If you have any questions about the Chinese Wikipedia, please leave a message here. Thank you for visiting!
  16. Read the novice should pay attention to the seven common mistakes, understand Wikipedia's position and common precautions.
  17. Have any questions about editorial? Try IRC instant discussion.
  18. I do not know what to write? Entry request, most language versions of Wanted entries, encyclopedia entries and missing the traditional home of the missing entry lists many Wikipedia entries yet, you are welcome to write!
  19. Hope you enjoy co-authored encyclopedia, Wikipedia has become a full person.
  20. - John123521 (Message - Contribution) RA 2016 Nian. 8 25th (four) 11:46 (UTC)
  23. Orologio rosso.svg this user has been banned another administrator re-examination, the appeal is rejected.
  24. This user: ban record (section · Global) · User contributions (deleted) · Log (account creator · central authentication) · · Change settings banned granted IPBE · unblocked
  25. Request re-examination of the grounds or related questions:
  27. Outlookxp been criticized as vague and puppet was no reason for the blockade. First Jiaruweiji, but found a wiki speak without evidence, without having to be responsible, to be a public trial judge himself? --AdmimBenson (Message) August 26, 2016 (e) 05:44 (UTC)
  28. note:
  30. Any abuse of this template user or complaint channel, may be banned or prohibited extend edit their user talk page.
  31. If you would like to discuss with the administrator of this ban, expand the template on the outside of the post and respond to the administrator or other users, remove this template.
  32. If you make is deblocked requirements, please be deblocked or released automatically after the removal of the template.
  33. Administrator has banned this decision re-examination, with the following conclusions:
  34. Pictogram voting delete.svg checked, the administrator decides to reject its unblocking request. Other administrators can ban this user and then retest, but before for no good reason, do not easily decide to overthrow before.
  35.   Outlookxp below with another user name is misleading suspects
  36.   Handling people: Nbfreeh 2016 Nian 26 Yue. 8 (Fri) 13:50 (UTC)
  37. AdmimBenson = and [1]
  38. and = Qwerrewq1234432, Qzwxecvben034ir, Qwe422we21 [2]
  39. Qwerrewq1234432, Qzwxecvben034ir, Qwe422we21 = Copyangry7fcvc [3]
  40. --Outlookxp (Message) August 26, 2016 (e) 05:48 (UTC)
  42. Outlookxp was no reason for the charge and permanently blocked [edit]
  43. I am beginning Jiaruweiji, was accused of being a puppet and Outlookxp reason there sabotage violations, and was permanently blocked. See below.
  45. Account 1. Outlookxp enumerated none of which I am using, I am no puppet damage or other acts of others. Outlookxp allegations of non-facts.
  47. 2. A non-public network is the first time that is likely to be unable to join the wiki (I, for example), how to become a part of the wiki must rely on luck whether it happens situated Network Location "special" of? Please enlighten us to this point yet.
  49. 3. I beg you include the contribution caused Outlookxp deliberate "sabotage" Positive, otherwise only its IP position to determine unilaterally the present account has destroyed / puppet and other violations, which was unfair.
  51. 4. If the review mechanisms contribute not so strict, there is no empirical position only IP subjective speculation Yun Yun, senior Wikipedians hold the real power is so arbitrary and based guide, wiki would not have become a one-man? Has completely lost credibility.
  53. Thank you.
  55. Jimmy Xu has to prove that you are a puppet avatar. This is not catharsis, with the wind with the PTT, yahoo message boards. Next time you can also create more places at once and find like-minded political mad, vandals to recall me ah. There rhetoric that suits you is I'm tired of persecution. --Outlookxp (Message) August 28, 2016 (May) 04:52 (UTC)
  57. 1. uh, that is, after all, thinking of you experienced Wikipedians as I said earlier, "no rigorous," "only the IP position of subjective speculation," "arbitrary," "selfishness", etc., and I checked you and Jimmy Xu et al., "contribution", so now I have to add a "political orientation", Oh.
  59. 2. You see this "so and so has been how to how the 'discussion, had clearly stated whether it is you or you mentioned the Jimmy Xu, has failed to provide any evidence to prove that I have the" destroy "or so-called" puppet "the real, and your own unique contribution is nothing but the all the blame on to others. Your allegations seem paranoia disorder but is somehow acting basis only, "I'm looking for someone to recall ah" and other words ...... simply not ordinary ridiculous.
  61. 3. It is recommended that you go to if difficulties like him to seek proper medical support pipe; I did not mention, do not know the so-called recall function, it touches thank you let me know. Also thank you for letting me insight into the function of senior Wikipedians evasive, as much as many politicians, I really an eye-opener.
  63. 4. Also, like you mad is politics itself, but also relied on senior to install neutrality, to pretend that he is just a puppet of thought, I really see is tired; I did not expect the quality of Wikipedia You also species penetrated to such an extent nothing. "This is not catharsis, with the wind with the PTT, yahoo message boards." This sentence, I get back to you intact.
  65. 5. Since the majority of senior people contribute so afraid of freedom of expression, resulting in blocked account so actively, to achieve good environmental prohibit freedom of speech, like North Korea and other authoritarian policies, then I have nothing to tell you of. At this point, then I would like love to sing one-man show, please help yourself.
  67. You have been confirmed for the user to check someone else's puppet. We recommend that you should not always mention what the "political orientation" when speaking, this is not conducive to your re-opened. - Stang 285 2016 Nian 28 Yue. 8, 1999 (May) 05:52 (UTC)
  69. Thank Stang advice, but "crazy politics", "saboteurs" and so rhetoric are non-initiated by me. In addition to starting my second point and the third point has been described with respect to network location problems. Thank you.
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