Dark Void Zero any% route

PvtCinnamonbun May 31st, 2014 272 Never
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  1. Get card 1.01
  2. Get card 1.02
  3. Die by throwing self into electric field
  4. Get jetpack, stay under disintegrator fields
  5. Tap top checkpoint
  6. Go down left side
  7. Get card 1.03
  8. Get card 1.04
  9. Get card 1.05
  10. Die in lava
  11. Boss
  13. Hit switch 2.01
  14. Get rocket launcher
  15. Break wall
  16. Get second rocket launcher
  17. Get 2x fire rate
  18. Stay top, go through electric field
  19. Cut jetpack and fall
  20. Reactivate jetpack (avoid checkpoint)
  21. Enter secret tunnel for 1up (on floor near disintegrator field)
  22. Get Yashichi (avoid checkpoint)
  23. Get card 2.01 (avoid checkpoint)
  24. Fall into lava, returning to checkpoint way back in level
  25. Get rocket launcher (again)
  26. Go top through the new door
  27. Power through the area with health, shooting down the mines
  28. Jump on edge of platform turret spawns from, preventing mines from spawning
  29. Hit switch
  30. Kill dragonfly and spawns
  31. Get jetpack
  32. Go up tunnel in this room, hit field and get keycard
  33. Jump across gap, hitting the switch and getting the card
  34. Get jetpack
  35. Exit through tunnel in other room
  36. Get disintegrator and health
  37. Boss
  39. Fall to computer
  40. Activate computer 3.01
  41. Fall to bottom near acid
  42. Get rocket launcher
  43. Shoot wall
  44. Go through door, pick up 1up, start fight
  45. Go through electric maze for card 3.01
  46. Backtrack through maze, archon fight
  47. Break wall with rocket launcher
  48. Fly up to top and break walls around jetpack and hypercoil below the checkpoint
  49. Enter bottom-right door
  50. Fall down hole for 1up
  51. Go through enemy maze
  52. Get card 3.02
  53. Die to enemies
  54. Tap checkpoint above hypercoil
  55. Go to top-right door
  56. Enter toaster with at least 41 health and get shield and jetpack
  57. Get card 3.03, activate computer 3.01
  58. Die in mine trap room
  59. Fall down to activate computer 3.02 and get jetpack from bottom left of room
  60. Go to top-left door of main room
  61. Go through maze to activate computer 3.03
  62. Die to enemies
  63. Pickup hypercoil and jetpack
  64. Boss
  66. Time start is at difficulty select, time end is at death of final boss's second form
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