Jan 15th, 2021
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  3. Carpe Diem+100 how I roll anyway
  4. Rookie of the Twelve Suns Invitational +200 I love me a tournament arc
  5. Shrieks in the Dark +200 annoying but manageable
  6. Red Sun Over Paradise +300 was probably going to happen anyway
  7. Black Hole Sun +300 Jumper makes waves it's what he does.
  8. Idealist+300 always am
  9. Revenge of the Solar +600 this is going to be rough but I've got to make things interesting.
  10. BEWARE –I LIVE”+800 looks like we've got a mission gang!
  11. solar plus both boosters -600 yeah I'm an engineer exalted from way back in the day
  12. Artisan of Celestial Calibre -600 the crafting
  13. Fated Interstice of Celestial Forces-400 aquabats-I'm-a-winner.mp3
  14. Of Making Manses Into Mountains -600 more science
  15. Spacefaring Apex Predator Prana -400 be a spaceship is a pretty good trick
  16. May You Find Honour In My Past free for solar okay this isn't bad
  17. reclaim the Golden future -100 discount for solar I always take these
  18. star slayer -300 discount for solar
  19. papers please chosen as free yeah probably going to need to cover identity
  20. Sacred Heuristic Omphalos-600 probably going to need this.
  21. to boldly go X4 -200 I always take the family
  23. Mother box
  24. side real
  25. Peerless Insight of the Vigilant Eye free
  26. Atelier of Worlds and Souls plus upgrade -250 chosen discount
  27. Crate of Humble Wonders X5 first purchase free -200
  28. Harbor of heaven -300
  30. Monique
  31. lunar
  32. Worldly Steward’s Wisdom
  33. Vigilant Steward of the Shining Eye -100
  34. Spacefaring Apex Predator Prana -200
  35. World Ordering Divine Lunar Presence -300 not hard since this solar is a nerd.
  36. Manses & Hearthstones: charging station -150
  38. TJ
  39. lunar
  40. Worldly Steward’s Wisdom
  41. Vigilant Steward of the Shining Eye -100
  42. Spacefaring Apex Predator Prana -200
  43. World Ordering Divine Lunar Presence -300
  44. papers please free
  45. Nova Lens Disruptor -150
  47. Tina
  48. solar plus both boosters -600
  49. May You Find Honour In My Past free for solar okay this isn't bad
  50. Shepherd of the Suns -200
  51. papers please free
  53. First off I'm going to make a crafting check to subordinate a decent chunk of Sacred Heuristic Omphalos to the pagoda in Fated Interstice of Celestial Forces -30 because compound computing is a relatively simple task and I have centuries of experience with this stuff from this background alone Roll(1d100)-30:80,-30 Total:50 okay that didn't work but they still both work what if I overlay Sacred Heuristic Omphalos to update with real-time interstellar topography data to create a portal/abduction network so we can evacuate the galaxy in case I screw up with the preventing the awakening of who in the other reality is best boy Roll(1d100)-30:75,-30 Total:45 scraping success okay this will work! We have a backup plan now how do I do with this plot to awaken him?
  54. Roll(1d100)-30: 30,-30 Total:1 don't know why this is in bold but it turns out great that 800 CP drawback was a piece of cake. As a great handler once said "the right man in the right place at the wrong time can make all the difference in the world " to which I add the wrong man in the wrong place at the right time can change everything. Sabotaging a few navigation computers here disrupting some geomancy there it's fine. Okay so this resurrected solar King doesn't hate me, what if I get him on my good side by giving them access to my teleportation system? And do the same for the existing Empire
  55. Roll(1d100)-30:57,-30 Total:27 yeah this works out great were able to keep us and ours out of the war by being a place both sides need to remain intact. Along us to Switzerland it up.
  56. Okay let's make some crafting checks to upgrade my borderlands robots and holograms with the"science" stuff in this jump Roll(1d100)-30:43,-30 Total:13
  57. oh this goes swimmingly, there likes 3 dot artifacts now and have much more offensive potential.
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