9/14 A Mirthful Chat Beside the Mountain

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  1.  Rather than pelt the man, Miyo finds herself smashed with snow in her face, causing the Kitsune to fall back on the ground..
  3. "Hmm.."
  4. (Miyo Yuumi)
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7.  Garrick says, "Greetings and salutations."
  8.  "Better luck next time, yeah?"
  10. With the grin still there, he'd slowly settle down onto the snow, only ever shifting to flicker at her forehead all the while. Though, at the other source of voice, his gaze drifts away.
  12. Similar sound of metal, hair much akin to the a brief flash of similar hue he saw-- and the smoke, well.
  14. "Weren't you the one hiding and stuff, earlier?"
  16. It's mused out, but he never really allowed his smile to fade. Words to follow stated ever so calmly.
  18. "I don't like being watched."
  20. (Elyon Hirai)
  21. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23.  "You bet. Here I was waiting for the pair of you to kiss so I could ruin Yoshi's day. But, sadly, it's all been quite vanilla."
  25. Garrick would yawn as he idly picked at his jagged rows of teeth with his claws, stepping from behind the tree as he slowly cracked his neck, back, and arms with an idle clack of his sharp chompers. Placing a fresh cigarette within his lips, he'd give the pair a two clawed salute as he leaned against the rocky wall of the mountain ridge, blowing a ring of minty smoke up towards the heights of the cliffs.
  27. "Now all I get to report to Yasu is that the chieftain of Gehenna enjoys throwing snow into young women's faces for entertainment. Not nearly as rich, truly. I'm frankly somewhat disappointed in your chastity. But, it happens."
  28. (Garrick)
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31.  The intangible mana travels around her again, empathetic in nature and opting to gain insight for this one's inner emotions as well as the potency of his powers. Just as she had earlier, but it was perfect for catching those traveling around in her stoppable vicinity.
  33. "Yeah, Elyon," she responds while picking herself up and shaking off the flakes that stick to her again.
  35. "Why would Elyon and I kiss..?" Miyo seemed perplex by the notion! Kissing the Chieftain was odd to think about- why would she bother to think about it anyways? She glanced to Elyon with that same expression, briefly, before turning back to Garrick.
  37. "Ah-, well.." It's not like the report would matter to the ex-brother of hers. Miyo half shrugged her shoulders. "Who are you anyways, if I may ask? I don't believe you and I have truly met before."
  38. (Miyo Yuumi)
  39. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40.  Throughout everything spoken, head tilted over to the side ever so slightly. The pause to follow is a short one.
  42. "Nope, you don't get it. I don't know you, I don't like being watched, spied on. And I don't like being given snark, either."
  44. Romantic accusations from Garrick aren't regarded in particular, but those few words did find their way out ever so calmly, except-- such couldn't be said about the way Occultic presence manifests itself that much further, two, darkened limbs stretching outward, surrounding and hovering closer to the Drakanite, but not particularly touching.
  46. Much like the way a single, towering form flickers behind him, almost as if emerged from his shadows. Magical prowess in itself remains overwhelming, to say the least.
  48. "I'm not really your pal, you know? Called it yourself; the Chieftain of entire Gehenna. So tone down playfulness, and don't ever sit behind trees, looking at me like it's some stage performance. Yeah?"
  50. Eyes drifted to a close, but his smile lingers. One ever so sweet, ever so friendly that it completely and utterly betrays those actions. Even so, perhaps the lightheartedness is threatening in itself.
  52. "Now, yes. Can answer her questions."
  53. (Elyon Hirai)
  54. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. "Wow. I've quite literally been smithing in your square for over a decade. That's cruel Chief. Fine, fine, no salaciously hiding behind a tree in hopes of getting juicy gossip. A fair enough request."
  57. Garrick would bark out in jovial laughter as he nodded with mirth to the pair, crossing his emerald, cracked scaled arms over the black layered plate of his cuirass with an idle clack of his jagged rows of teeth. He didn't seem to be particularly offended or phased by Elyon's distaste, perhaps the man was just a naturally jolly wanderer.
  59. Miyo's empathy might gauge that the drakan offers neither the corruption of the occult nor the light of holy magic, only a sense of ambition and fiery stubbornness as befit a magma magi.
  61. "Now that is something. Friend of yours chieftain? Or did your shadow just stand up and start giving me the stink eye? I find both possibilities incredibly amusing."
  63. The fire drakan would nod his head to the pair as his molten eyes flared idly, a wide, toothy grin spreading across his face once more as he nodded to address the pair in a formal manner.
  65. "I am Garrick, Garrick the Drake. The cracked scaled smith. The man who'll become a dragon. The guy just about everyone harasses to polish this or sharpen that for chump change. Gods, you'd be impressed how many people think you can just..."sharpen" a staff. It baffles me. And sadly it's not much of a lucrative trade like alchemy, your brother's prices are evil by the way chief. A true gouger of pockets."
  67. (Garrick)
  68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69.  Juicy gossip? Why would that ever be a thing between the Kitsune and Chieftain? Miyo's expression withers from that perplexity painted before into something more soft. The extension of Elyon's guardian's pursuit isn't made comment of, but she understood from his viewpoint the intrusions of being spied on; it would be hypocritical to mention though!
  71. A hand is placed atop the taller man's shoulder to give him a light squeeze. Miyo offers Elyon her typical, friendly smile that didn't betray her actions. It was meant to be reassuring and comforting.
  73. The Empath picks up on emotion that reads fiery determination, and she familiarizes herself with his mana. "An asset of his." She replies for Elyon, glancing back towards the Drake.
  75. But when his name is given, then girl opts to inch near the edge of the cliff as the metaphysical is manipulated therein, allowing her to trek down as if she's climbing a staircase.
  77. "Garrick, you said?" The friendly former tone shifts into an authoritative one. "I could see how those situations are baffling." She chuckles regardless, smiling towards the man.
  79. "But, I've heard some things of you that I would like to inquire of, friend. You are learning Riftmancy, are you not?" She had her informants and lists. Though, before the man could speak to reply, she adds, "Why do you opt to learn something so vile and harmful to the boundaries of Eternia, the Lifestream?"
  81. And the answers for how it could fix itself did not please this one, for she saw such magics as 'treasonous' to the world around them that helps daily life thrive.
  82. (Miyo Yuumi)
  83. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  84.  There's a slight movement, a stir amidst the shadowy form at Garrick's response-- but it comes to a bit of halt when the Kitsune's hand finds his shoulder. Instead, he'd offer a tiny, brief hum.
  86. "Not a friend, not a shadow... but an extension of us."
  88. The use of pronoun is weird, but he didn't explain it so. At Miyo's reply, however, he'd nod. Calling it an asset could be logical, but-- an upward quirk of eyebrow follows suit at the mention of Riftmancy, and he couldn't particularly help but tilt his head over to the side with yet another hum.
  90. Those Occultic hands close in, and if allowed, grip onto the blacksmith's figure-- a painless touch, despite all. Only then did they lift in an attempt to take him alongside them, although they come to a halt before the Garrick was at quite the same ground level as the Chieftain.
  92. Just so he could still look down upon the man.
  94. "Riftmancy, hrm? That much is banned as per the alliance's terms."
  96. Another bit of pause. He sincerely didn't care all that much for the damage to the stream in itself, but-
  98. "Do you pursue it, then? Are these accusations correct?"
  101. (Elyon Hirai)
  102. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  103.  Garrick would smile with amusement as he heard Miyo make her accusation, raising an eyebrow as flashed his jagged teeth without the slightest bit of discontent or worry. He certainly didn't appear bothered by Miyo's question, puffing lightly on his ragged cigarette as he leaned back cozily against the rocky expanse with a light yawn.
  105. "Now that is a new one. I've been accused of being arrogant, handsy with certain accursed women before their marriage, thick headed, and all different sorts of words for unpleasant. But riftmancy? That's a first. "
  107. The drakan stared directly into Miyo's eyes with his own, amber motes held upon the kitsune's as he maintained his smile without the slightest bit of fear. He appeared quite confident, perhaps even entertained by the accusation.
  109. "You might want to cut that informer of yours off the payroll, Yoshi's sister. I haven't learned a single thing regarding the study of riftmancy. I know of it, of course, but actually committing the deed? Above my pay roll. If you've got a truth potion on hand, I'll say the same. No, my studies are far more....glorious!"
  111. The fire drakan would clack his teeth steadily, taking another drag from his cigarette as he smiled his jagged toothed grin wide.
  113. "I've sought to dredge out wings of flame from my cracked scales, to draw upon the draconic power that wells within the blood of all drakans, diluted as it is. Sadly, I've never been capable of the shifting my own as fops like Adrian do, so I've had to figure out a work around of sorts. I can taste it though, I'm on the brink of a breakthrough. It's having a flavor leftover on your tongue, distant and delicious, yet you can't for the life of you place where it was from. "
  114. (Garrick)
  115. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  116. Emotions were a fickle thing. Some perfected hiding away their inner feelings towards certain prompts and replies that sometimes it was difficult to indicate if one lied, or it may have ben the truth.
  118. Her eyes closed to detect the signature of his mana for anything that would differentiate the gray areas between that or order and chaos, if she could read it. The silhouette of this one may or may not have made that indication, however!
  120. For others, she was merely closing her eyes. The young Kitsune briefed over in her mind the Invitation gifted to her from a particular individual with the listed names, their affiliations, and other pieces of detail.
  122. "Miyo Yuumi is who I am," she replies, smiling widely. No indication of shifts towards negative emotion brought her the insight of falsities in his narrative.
  124. "Though, I am sorry my informant had the wrong information of you; I only merely asked before pointing a finger in your direction-"Which could have likely gone worse than ever. Though, along his frame, she could see plainly the appendages of Elyon's spiritual appendages holding him in place. A giggle was given.
  126. "Really, though your endeavor is incredible. Surely you could muster enough in the potency of your blood to transform like the dragons," she says, fluttering open her golden eyes to glance at him.
  128. "Or even locate one, a dragon or pureblood, to be bestowed with one of their gifts." She shrugs. That was all to it, really. Miyo giggles again.
  130. "Well, that was all I had to ask you Garrick, and-" Momentarily her eyes shift towards Elyon, then drift back down to the drakan. "Please do not go North. Even if you're able to defend yourself, they are powerful, but dangerous. That's all I ask."
  131. (Miyo Yuumi)
  132. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  133.  Quietly sitting there, with his legs dangling off the edge all the while. Those elbows rest along his thighs, and chin quietly nestled in-between his palms as the Chieftain peers down, blackened magic still swirling and embracing his form.
  135. By the end of the entire conversation, and Garrick's response, however? He'd only heave out a sigh, before allowing those darkened arms to fade into the thin air. Almost disappointed, almost as if he was wishing otherwise. Or perhaps simply bored.
  137. "...kinda' like Adrian, but two decades older than he was. Trying to be dragon."
  139. Murmured, and then he'd simply shrug, leaning back.
  141. "Oh, well. Godspeed."
  144. (Elyon Hirai)
  145. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  146.  "Miyo Yuumi. A pleasure to make your acquaintance then. Nice to put a face to a name beyond Yoshi's little sister. You've got the makings of a wonderful detective."
  148. Garrick would smile warmly to the kitsune as he flashed his sharp toothed grin, seemingly amiable in spite of the draconic features that made the smith look just a tad bit monstrous. His eyes steadily burned like a homely hearth, the bubbling of molten lava beneath his cracked, emerald scales a soft ambiance amongst the otherwise windblown, snow covered plateau.
  150. "You have my thanks for your encouragement, it's a complex issue that won't be solved overnight I suspect. I've made progress in my own person to be sure, but as far as my race as a whole? We're but a fragmented people walking in the shadows of our forebears. The dragonblood has grown dilute, thin, some day it might perish entirely if something doesn't restore its potency."
  152. Placing his claws upon his hips, Garrick would stare off into the distance with bragadacio as he barked out in amusement, clacking his rows of teeth together steadily as he glanced back to Elyon before returning his view to Miyo.
  154. "No need to apologize though. Truly, its been a pleasant chat all things considered. I've enjoyed our conversation, and if it aids in ensuring your sources of information are more accurate in the future? Then a bit of my time in your presence is no suffering at all."
  156. At last, as the drakan was instructed to not head north, he'd shrug lightly as he took another long drag from his cigarette, turning his glance briefly towards the mountains before back south towards the caves.
  158. "No skin off my teeth. Most folks up there don't bother me none cause I'm tall and carry a big sword. Works wonders really, seem like a whole brute. But if it soothes your worries, then I am content to leave them to their business. Anything else you'd like to inquire? I've grown quite comfortable."
  159. (Garrick)
  160. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  161.  As Garrick repeats the girl's name and Elyon retracts those darkened appendages, the little Kitsune woman grins widely. "The pleasure is all mine!" She says, giggling after those words. It appears that her friendly disposition has returned, swaying away from the authoritative one held prior.
  163. "It's all in the mana," she responds again about the detective status. "And you're quite welcome." While he places his claw upon the hip, she makes brief comments, "But I believe that you could bring glory back to Ryuujinites with enough hard work to please your Patron!" She encourages, uplifting his already highly determined spirit!
  165. "I'm content, however, Garrick. Thank you for heeding that- not a warning, really, but similar. I tend to look out for our friends, and allies. Thank you much," she bows. "That's all I have to inquire about though!"
  166. (Miyo Yuumi)
  167. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168.  Elyon just continues to gaze down, quiet for most part, barring tiny, faint hums.
  169. (Elyon Hirai)
  170. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  171.  "Pfffft. All in the mana she says. Understatement of the century. You've got talent, you oughta proud. Success is a good look."
  173. Garrick would flash his sharp toothed grin once more as he scratched the back of his neck with one of his molten talons, giving the kitsune a small, dainty bow of his own in response to the woman's polite gesture. It looked quite silly considering the fire drakan's height, but such sacrifices were entirely justifiable for the sake of amiable conduct.
  175. Plus, one didn't always need to take themselves seriously.
  177. "It'll be a rough ride, I've got no doubt. But your encouragement warms the heart. If someone with a bright smile like your own believes in it, I suppose I have no excuse not to, don't I?"
  179. The drake would bark out in jovial laughter as he clacked his rows of sharp teeth together with audible clicks, beginning to pace off south towards the ore laden caverns with a steady wave of his cracked scaled palm behind him at Chief Elyon and good Miyo Yumi.
  181. "A pleasure as ever. You have any more questions, I'm always up for a drink in Cruxiati when my work takes me there. You two stay safe, yes? Make sure to wear scarves and all that, helluva chill around these parts."
  182. (Garrick)
  183. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  185.  Garrick says, "And watch out for any giraffes that roam these parts."
  186. Garrick says, "They're natures silent wardens....apex predators."
  187.  Simple gestures like laughter and dips of Miyo's head acknowledge those inquiries and statements made. Though, as Garrick opts to depart in the southern direction, she can't help but be filled with a sense of pride and enjoyment for encouraging her friends and keeping them away from Nothern terrain.
  189. "I wouldn't mind a drink and simple conversation sometime! I'll be careful of those predators too, Garrick! Be safe yourself, friend! Spirits Protect!" She says, dipping her head again to bow as she allows him to depart.
  190. (Miyo Yuumi)
  191. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  192.  Garrick says, "Spirits protect. And tell your brother to lower those prices Chief. "
  193.  Garrick says, "They're a crime worthy of being banned by the alliance."
  194.  Garrick says, "Truly criminal."
  195.  Elyon Hirai says, "I-"
  196.  Garrick exclaims, "Bahahahahahah!"
  197.  Elyon Hirai says, "...somewhat, but he isn't selling as much anymore, so that's okay, I think."
  198.  Elyon Hirai says, "But, yeah. Spirits protect."
  199.  Garrick says, "Indeed. Safe travels to you both."
  201. Garrick would make his way to the caves with a single thought upon his mind, his charming facade finally dropped as veins bulged with condensed, seething fury from the revelation that a missing young woman had turned snitch. Thoughts raced through his mind as he gritted his jagged rows of teeth together, the molten cracks that lined his scales dripping boiling ichor that turned the snow behind him to steam in his progressive march away from the scene.
  203. He had been careful not to mention his aspirations to anyone once he'd first found interest in the prospect, but he'd been far more focused on finding his wings. Only two people had ever heard him speak of his aspiration of riftmancy, and one of them was a young Belial cultist who lived on a mountain filled with the finest array of vandals, villains, and degenerates that Agartha had seen in years. No, only one person had been missing for quite some time, thoughtful that they could disappear from the drakan's wrath.
  205. Only Mosa had heard as well.
  207. She would not escape him.
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