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  1. Sam A. McNallen
  2. ~number~
  3. ~address~
  4. ~email~
  6. Dear Employer, I am currently looking for work that would be suited to my experience level.
  8. I am very interested in seeking part-time or full-time work with your company as a Virtual Customer Service Associate. I have plenty of free time with an extremely flexible schedule and can work any hours, day or night. I consider myself to be motivated and intelligent, and am known by my friends and family as a very thoughtful, patient, and communicative person. I have lifelong experience working with computers and can type upwards of 90 WPM. Furthermore, I am able to navigate web pages and programs with proficiency. I am excited by the possibility of working for Amazon. I think they're a great company with an awesome customer-friendly image, and I would love to uphold this ideal.
  10. I am eager to hear from you and look forward to seeing where a career with Amazon can take me! Thanks for your time.
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