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  1. [quote="OnlyMathias, post: 843006, member: 40196"]Well hello MCSG, its been a while, 8 months and 2 days, since I got mod. I've been getting less and less active with a few spurts of activity. Now I think its time for me to move on. I have lots of college work to do as its due soon and I've not done all that much. I miss mod meetings (I'm never informed even via Email). I sorry if some of you don't want me to go but I want to move on and put more time into other things. I'm moving on to TechnoTundra, with my friends. Many of my favorite people on the forums have left already too making the reasons to stay decrease. Its been fun and I had fun. If my post makes me hang up my mod rank and the possibility of me getting friend rank then so be it. This is goodbye, sorry if you hate me because of this. I hope we can be friends and will continue to be friends. I know my English was OK but horrible for grammar kings and spelling kings, but I tired my best. I hope that this doesn't change your opinion of me. Cake and Cookies to all that read this.
  4. Some of the reasons as to why I am leaving MCSG and beginning to careless.
  5. Moderators are ment to be considered the police force of MCSG. Yet they are lazy, by this I mean they ignore requests for assistance and people search for hours.
  6. Many applicants that are qualified are declined and all the questionable ones slip through the cracks.
  7. Many forums that show promise are declined due to silly and petty mistakes made in the past that are taken to far into account.
  8. Moderators are supposed to be the guardians of the servers but none of them are really willying to put the time and effort into protecting them.
  9. Many moderators do their job when it is beneficial or in their own interest.
  10. Some potential moderators that are under the age are also declined although they are much more mature than many of the other applicants and even some of the moderators.
  11. /say abuse is the disgrace of the staff. Every meeting it is stressed to not abuse it is repeated. The punished for /say has little and no threat behind it.
  12. When we are told to with-hold information it is spread, meaning some or even one moderator is untrustworthy and has no or little respect for the higher staff.
  13. The mod guide is outdated and doesn't handle all of the scenarios. The guide is not even given to new mods unless they ask older staff (As I and 2 former/current mods can vouch for).
  14. New mods, although training is now being introduced, they are left in the dust and have to fend for themselves.
  15. The public is told to little and aren't informed about anything, until after its already been implemented.
  16. Moderators are treated lower than Vips, are aren't respected by many of the players.
  17. Although we are granted more powers in order to maintain order we receive no perks, even if we donate we can't receive those perks.
  18. Vips are granted special privileges that no other person would normally receive.
  19. Vips are given excessive chances (not being banned when they are ment to be) and players have to fight to be unbanned.
  20. If you have POKE IF NEEDED do your job. If you aren't there to work why do you even have the status.
  21. POKE IF NEEDED is only if your gonna do something, do not pass it off to the next guy.
  22. The server community is full of immature and ignorant children that need to learn.
  23. I personally am tired of babysitting servers, mainly servers like creative, because no one else will.
  24. Creative is the most under staffed yet hardest to control section of MCSG and is ignored for things less hectic and easier to maintain.
  25. Survival is never up, Zed Chase died and is no longer mentioned & MCTF2 Can we please receive some news about it?
  26. MCTF2, when it was working, didn't have all the staff as staff members and therefore making it harder to maintain the peace and order.
  27. The Servers crash from time to time how do we get them up again? A Specific Admin is required. This is a problem as they are constantly sleeping or busy. I understand they need a break even when they are done with their break or etc, we have to spend the information up a chain to get it said to them and even then it takes more time than necessary.
  28. The forums have gone down hill and with the ability of moderators to join clans its now just a Clan war.
  29. The more active hours of the day I  constantly only find clan threads until I go to the 2nd or even 3rd page.
  30. Managing conflict between warring factions or players is difficult. It is tiring and never stops. Just recently I broke up a conflict of 2 people, just to have one attack me instead. (Speaking)
  31. Why do we even ask for suggestions? They are constantly shut down and never implemented. (Sure considered but I don't actually see it put in place else a Moderator or higher staff mentions it.)
  32. What are polls for? To create debate or show show we have no power? (Many of the polls that have been posted haven't actually been implemented, Don't believe me go look at the previous polls.)
  33. Punishments are a little to weak and don't instill a feeling to change within the person.
  34. The punishments, sure people get punished, but they don't care and they continue to hack. Those that do change lose their right to become a moderator even if it is something minor such as Caps.
  35. Moderators when banning are lazy and don't generally check history giving people a more chances than they deserve.
  36. Improper bans are made and left there to be ignored. (I've told Senior Staff and Been ignored.)
  37. EX: I find a Ban with no evidence, I tell a Senior mod, response: "If they really care they'll post a Ban dispute."
  38. Well not all players even know we have the forums therefore preventing them from getting unbanned.
  39. The admin powers aren't shared they are split and you need specific admins for specif tasks. Because of this it is a pain to get information to the admin when needed. (Don't tell me this isn't true as I'm literally looking at the admin roles list right now.)
  40. Happy Birthday threads, just stop. They anger quite a few people, including myself. You tell specific People happy birthday but when its someone else where is their happy birthday?
  41. Transfer cost, really you just want to make a quick buck. I understand that it takes time and you want something out of it but they already paid for an upgrade so why are we making them pay more?
  42. You want to know what is going to kill MCSG? The Lifetime Donor, I only say this because doing the math (assumptions but think about it for a minute) the loses are rather large although you do have new players joining the funding from upgrades will end at some point.
  43. Promotions aren't really based on how hard you are the stuff you do it based on how close you can get to senior staff. Unless you mean that the only way to work hard is to know the senior staff. Maybe its just coincidence but everyone who has a conversation with the senior staff every so often gets promoted.
  44. Many of the moderators who aren't so socially active have a hard time of ever achieving Senior Moderator because we are very good at speaking therefore making it hard to get our points across and showing the effort and work they have put into it.
  45. Many of the moderators are Server active but do little to nothing on the forums. Making the moderators distant from the community and giving us the image of the bad guy.
  46. The forums are ignored while the in-game players are prioritized.
  47. The forums are a fun place but when it comes down to updates and work it is heavily put onto the servers well before the forums.
  48. When perma-banned there is no way to change that. Even if you mature and get older you aren't allowed to return.
  49. Alternate accounts can solve this problem but they get caught easily and not allowing that person to prove whether or not they have grown.
  50. Your Twitch stuff, that's annoying as hell, It plays every time you change page. The timer also when it cycles through it replays the Twitch which lags my computer.
  51. We are trying to have a positive outlook but we call people "gay" in the Mod meetings. That's being a hypocrite.
  52. Regular players aren't allowed to use marco's in-order to cheat but I have seen and knew mods that use it for other things than say the rules.
  53. If you ban a vip what is expect? Backlash, If you get seen by other players. If you do ban a VIP that's to be expected. PLUS if your a Moderator you should be able to just shrug it off.
  54. If your evidence isn't sufficient for banning, while reporting, we just tell you it has been dealt with and move on. (even if it is possible that they where hacking)
  55. Staff games are being added but doesn't that mean we will have a limited number of people actually doing their work.
  56. Mod of the meeting, well that's a lot of crap. Your basically just saying they are the best and everyone else is beneath them (for now).
  57. If emailing Chad is a last resort if we can't get anyone else do you mean all the time? Because I am literally constantly ignored.
  58. Are there really other ways to contact senior staff? Message them. Tried that, ignored.
  59. Developers do there work, and I thank them for working, but the time it takes it ridiculous. The fact that it took a week to push an update is crazy.
  60. The main thing that is actually going somewhere is the website and that's 3 people and only 1 person I know actually does stuff.
  62.     Fix this.
  63. Sincerely & Goodbye,
  64.     Mathias, The Only Mathias
  66. Hello Techno Tundra!
  68. (Maybe I'm raging or maybe even just venting but those are the problems I see.)
  70. Want to talk to me? Talk to me on  the TechnoTundra TeamSpeak.[/quote]
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