Tongs - Saddened Sepia

Mar 8th, 2014
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  1. >"Hexferry, come on..."
  2. >Meisa is annoying you
  3. >you're currently at Sepia's house, and she's been rather disheartened throughout the entire party she's throwing
  4. >you and Meisa were the only other guests, and Sepia was gradually getting into a worse emotional condition throughout
  5. >until she finally broke
  6. >now Meisa wants you to help console her
  7. "No. I don't need to do anything for her."
  8. >"Please? She's heartbroken, look at the poor thing!"
  9. >Sepia is sniffling in the corner of the room, tears streaming down her face
  10. >"No one came to her party but us..."
  11. "That's not my fault. She should have sent out more invitations!"
  12. >Sepia begins sobbing profusely at your harsh words
  13. >you begin to whisper furiously
  14. "It's not my fault, and it is NOT my problem, Meisa!"
  15. >"Hexferry! I would have thought you a kinder Moth than that!"
  16. "It's just a party, nothing important."
  17. >"She doesn't get out that often, and it probably gets lonely out here in the forest..."
  18. >the Moth huddled in the corner covers her eyes with her wings, shivering
  19. >"See? She NEEDS you, Hexferry."
  20. "...Well..."
  21. >you glance downwards, avoiding Meisa's eyes
  22. "...I guess she could use some cheering up..."
  23. >Meisa smiles triumphantly
  24. >"Great! Now go on, she's waiting for you."
  25. >you step toward the sad Moth, now back to sniffling
  26. >you reach her, reluctantly putting your foreleg around her, pulling her close
  27. >Sepia squeaks as you embrace her, and she tries to pull away
  29. "Shh...It's fine, Sepia..."
  30. >you hold onto her and try desperately to find a reason as to why it is fine
  31. >"No, it's not! I've let everyone down, nobody likes me, and... And-!"
  32. >Sepia breaks down into tears, most of them dripping onto your fur coat
  33. >"And I even burnt the surprise cake I was going to hand out!"
  34. >at this, a renewed deluge of tears pour from the shuddering Moth, staining your fur
  35. "Er... Well..."
  36. >you pat her on the back, trying to comfort her as you search for something nice to say
  37. "I, uh, like you, sort of..?"
  38. >Meisa can't help but snicker at your choice of words
  39. >but this seems to calm Sepia a bit
  40. >"R-really? Y-you like me?" she says in-between her sniffs
  41. "Heh, erm, yes! I DO like you! As a friend. A. Good. Friend."
  42. >you punctuate the lasts words with a glare towards Meisa
  43. >"The c-cake is still ruined, though..."
  44. "Shh, shh! It's all fine, we don't even care for cake that much."
  45. >you sit there awkwardly, with a Mothpony sniffling through your shoulder, getting snot all over you
  46. >after a while, Sepia pulls back from your embrace
  47. >"So... It wasn't that bad of a turnout..?" she asks, eyes red from the tears
  49. >wiping the snot off of you, you answer in your most kind voice
  50. "Well, it wasn't that goo-"
  51. >you're interrupted by a swift tap to the head, courtesy of Meisa
  52. "I mean, it was alright. Yes. Really."
  53. >"You... Mean that?"
  54. >Sepia grapples you into a bear hug, nearly crushing your delicate wings
  55. >...and she pecks you on the cheek quickly
  56. >Meisa is struggling to contain her laughter at the sight
  57. >you're struggling to keep your wings from flaring up, as well as your blush from being noticed
  58. >as Sepia's distracted, you try to extend your tongue into a shape like a middle finger, like Golden Corral can, but to no avail
  59. >you just sort of flop your tongue around, and Meisa nearly bursts with laughter
  60. >soon, Sepia lets go of you, tears dried and confidence somewhat intact
  61. >"So... Does anyone still want any cake?"
  63. >You all learned a great lesson that night; Never eat burnt cake. Indigestion is awful
  64. >also, you totally don't like mares
  65. >nope, not at all
  66. >that wing thing was a fluke
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