#pastebinmonday - 05/18/15 - la musique

puchiedarcy May 18th, 2015 263 Never
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  1. put music library on shuffle.
  2. here's 10 songs and why i have them.
  4. 10. Fever Boy - Femme
  5. it reminds me of that SNL act on Daily Update where they guy and girl make up a song on the spot
  6. also, I like the way the singer says she can be my bullet girl.
  8. 9. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  9. played it a lot on rockband. also maps themselves IRL are pretty cool.
  11. 8. Can't Stop Dancin' - Becky G
  12. fun chorus to sing (AY AYA AY NOR CAL HMU)
  14. 7. Ghost in the Graveyard (Ulrich Schnauss Mix) - A Sunny Day In Glasgow
  15. ulrich schnauss is a god
  17. 6. Two Princes - Spin Doctors
  18. yo love this song. best of the 90s right herre
  20. 5. Ocean Drive - Miami Night 1984
  21. good instrumental. very 80s. fun to tilt my head back and forth to.
  23. 4. This Modern Love - Bloc Party
  24. im a fan of bp
  26. 3. Please Don't Go - Mike Posner
  27. the bass on this song is so sick.
  29. 2. Embrace - Goldroom
  30. goldroom has a couple good hits. would like to dance to this one.
  32. 1. Flim - Aphex Twin
  33. i used to have this CD-R with a bunch of songs on it that i found in my dorm hall.
  34. this is the only song i've ever been able to find/remember from it.
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