Payday 2 Skin Checklist

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  1. Payday 2 skin checklist for the good goys who want to collect every skin or all the skins of their favourite weapon(s) or whatever category you made up.
  2. Or just keep track of how many skins there are for whatever weapons. That's the actual main reason I made this. Use pd2stash or something if you want a price tracker. This is just a checklist.
  6. How to copy:
  7. - Spreadsheet is read-only. You have to copy it to your own Google Drive to edit.
  8. - Go into your Google Drive (e.g.
  9. - Make a new spreadsheet.
  10. - Go back to the checklist.
  11. - Look at the bottom of the window.
  12. - Click the downward arrow marked by "CLICK THE ARROW YOU WANKAH ->"
  13. - Select "Copy To..."
  14. - Click on the new spreadsheet you just made.
  15. - You're done!!
  17. How to actually use:
  18. - Find the row of the skin you just bought.
  19. - Click the cell under the "Owned?" tab.
  20. - Type "Yes" + Enter.
  21. - Cell automatically turns green for you like the one at the bottom of the list.
  22. - If you get rid of the skin you just bought, do the same thing except type "No" and it'll revert back to the red colouring.
  24. You can sort the spreadsheet by safe collection, skin name, weapon, weapon slot, weapon type, and rarity. Be careful when sorting by column, Google saves the sorted version so you're fucked if you forget to undo before closing the window. Keep a backup of your list in case you fuck it up.
  26. The sheet will be updated every time a new safe is released, and/or I get off my ass to fill in the columns for the list of mods each skin adds (if any) and the stat boosts too. You can transfer your data from the old sheet to the new one by just copying the updated sheet to your spreadsheet. It should copy over as a new page so just copy the "Owned?" column in your old sheet as-is to the new sheet's "Owned?" column and then delete the old sheet or whatever. Easy as pie.
  28. Keep those helmets flying! ;)
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