prep [startup2.cmd] (from Hiren's Boot CD)

Feb 2nd, 2019
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  1. @echo off
  2. title Startup
  3. call HBCDP
  4. mkdir "%CommonProgramFiles%" "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Pictures"
  5. nircmd shortcut 7zfm.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "File Manager"
  6. copy /y %HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\*UHA*.exe %SystemRoot%\System32
  7. copy /y %HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\procexp.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\taskmgr.exe
  8. copy /y %SystemRoot%\System32\icmp.dll %SystemRoot%\System32\dsound.dll
  9. copy /y %SystemRoot%\System32\winspool.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\grpconv.exe>%SystemRoot%\System32\wfwnet.drv
  10. for %%a in (Notepad XpFiles) do 7z x -y -o%SystemRoot%\System32 %HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\Files\%%a.7z
  11. ren %SystemRoot%\System32\Notepad++.exe Notepad.exe
  12. nircmd shortcut regedit.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Registry Editor"
  13. nircmd shortcut notepad.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Notepad"
  14. nircmd shortcut sol.exe "~$folder.programs$\Games" "Solitaire"
  15. nircmd shortcut fiverow.exe "~$folder.programs$\Games" "Five in a Row"
  16. nircmd shortcut imdisk.cpl "~$folder.programs$" "RamDrive Config" "" shell32.dll "13"
  17. nircmd shortcut "%SystemRoot%\i_view32.exe" "~$folder.programs$" "IrfanView Image Editor"
  18. nircmd shortcut Shutdown.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Shutdown Timer" "/i"
  19. nircmd shortcut nircmd.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Restart Explorer" "killprocess explorer.exe" "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe" "101"
  20. nircmd shortcut explorer.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Windows Explorer" "/e," "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe" "101"
  21. nircmd shortcut nircmd.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "1024x768" "setdisplay 1024 768 32" "%SystemRoot%\System32\shell32.dll" "181"
  22. nircmd shortcut cmd.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Temp Folder Cleanup" "/c rmdir /s /q %%Temp%%&mkdir %%Temp%%" shell32.dll 191
  23. nircmd shortcut SetTempDrive.cmd "~$folder.desktop$" "Set Temp Drive" "" "xpsp2res.dll" "800"
  24. 7z x %HBCD%\HBCD\XP\XpDrvLAN.7z -y -o"%SystemRoot%"
  25. 7z x -y -o%SystemRoot% %HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\Files\IrfanView.7z
  26. if exist %HBCD%\HBCD\XP\Drivers\nul penetwork /drvcopy %HBCD%\HBCD\XP\Drivers %SystemRoot% /allclass
  27. nircmd shortcut hiderun.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Internet" "opera.cmd" shell32.dll 512
  28. nircmd shortcut cmd.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Wireless Setup" "/c wireless.cmd" xpsp2res.dll 2026
  29. nircmd shortcut penetwork.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Network Setup"
  30. for %%z in (internet wireless network File windows) do copy /y "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\%%z*.lnk" "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs"
  31. if exist %HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\Files\ERD.7z nircmd shortcut "%HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\ERDComputerManagement.cmd" "~$folder.programs$\ERD Commander" "Computer Management" "" "%SystemRoot%\System32\devmgr.dll" "201"&nircmd shortcut "%HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\ERDExplorer.cmd" "~$folder.programs$\ERD Commander" "Explorer" "" "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe" "101"
  32. nircmd shortcut 24hrLimit.cmd "~$folder.programs$" "Remove 24 Hour Limit of Mini Xp" "" shell32.dll "21"
  33. nircmd shortcut hiderun.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Battery Info" "hbcdp.cmd BattStat.cmd" batt.dll 2
  34. nircmd sysrefresh environment
  35. nircmd shellrefresh
  36. for %%x in (Open Save) do (echo [%%x]&echo %%xDir=%USERPROFILE%\Desktop)>>%SystemRoot%\i_view32.ini
  37. REG ADD HKLM\System\Setup /v SystemSetupInProgress /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
  38. for %%x in (C D E F G H I J K) do fltmc attach AccessGainDriver %%x:>nul
  39. for %%x in (7-zip teracopy msvbvm60 msi) do regsvr32 /s %%x.dll
  40. start "" /MIN %HBCD%\HBCD\HBCDMenu.exe
  41. msiexec /regserver
  42. hiderun net.exe start msiserver
  43. start "" /MIN /D"%HBCD%\HBCD\XP" XpCustomize.cmd i
  44. nircmd shortcut SetPageFile.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Set PageFile (For Low RAM PC)" "" shell32.dll "154"
  45. start nircmd cmdwait 5000 shortcut taskmgr.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Task Manager" "" "" "" "" "" "ctrl+alt+del"
  46. start keybtray.exe
  47. hiderun net.exe start spooler
  48. del %SystemRoot%\System32\Startup*.cmd&call HBCDP
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