A Friend In Need

Feb 20th, 2017
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  1. You can’t believe it. A priestess asked you about sex. About mainlanders and sex. Your mind is still reeling. Why did Keira have so many questions? Obviously this has to do with Herb, but why? Did she and Herb...no. He wouldn’t take advantage of her, would he?
  3. No, that doesn’t sound like him. Herb’s a nice boy. And you got a really good feeling from your talk with him before. You’re such a pervert that you assumed his talk about tea was something dirty.
  5. But what if, despite everything, Jane is right? And what if part of his evil plan is to seduce all the girls? You’ve already seen how much Laki likes to toy with him. What if he’s actually manipulating her into it, and conditioning you all to become his harem?
  7. No, that’s crazy talk. Fun to fantasize about, though.
  9. Just imagine. John, and his massive, throbbing, thick dick, bullying everyone. You wonder if anyone noticed you checking it out. It’s not like you’re a bad person. You just have stray thoughts, that’s all. Your mind and your eyes wonder. There’s nothing wrong with looking, and thinking.
  11. Oh who are you kidding? You’re a horny pervert. And you only get away with it because everyone's too busy feeling sorry for you or trying to avoid being curious about your body and what could be wrong or missing to notice. You don’t resent people for it, though. It’s nice to have that camouflage. If you didn’t have it, people might see who you really are. And if you were cute, you’d probably let it get to your head and be the island bicycle.
  13. You look back to make sure your door is closed. You can’t believe the size of this ‘modest’ yacht that Valerie has. You didn’t expect to have private quarters, let alone such a fluffy, luxurious room. You feel pretty guilty about the whole arrangement. Valerie gave up her plan to rough it to accommodate you. You tried to turn her down, but she kept insisting.
  15. You lower your hand down your panties. You don’t enter right away. Your mind finds it’s way back to Herb and the idea him touching himself. Oh yeah. That’s the stuff. He’s out on a dock, wind blowing his hair, and he’s got this desperate but determined face as he pounds it good.
  17. But wait. Let’s step it up. He’s not just masturbating, he’s lowering himself onto Keira. Her thin, flexible legs up in their air near his shoulders. She’s scared. Scared but excited. She asks him a question, but he doesn’t answer with words. He silently assures her with that strong, confident, brave look he gets sometimes in crazy, desperate situations.
  19. No. Screw that. It’s your fantasy. He’s lowering himself onto you. You dirty slut. He tells it’s okay, though. He tells you that he just can’t control himself, and that he needs you. Of course you don’t mind. Not at all. He pushes against you. You’re wetter than the ocean itself.
  21. “Hana!” He says, unable to control his urges.
  23. You wrap your legs around him, and give him a gentle squeeze.
  25. As fast as you both dare, you get him inside of you. It takes a good, long while to work in, but it’s not awkward. You’re both too hazy with lust to be awkward. He buries himself in you entirely and that need to be filled is finally abated.
  27. “It feels so good!” He tells you. You’re overjoyed with happiness. You’re useful. You’re doing something you want. Everything is amazing.
  29. You need more. Deeper. Harder. You get into a different position now. Doggy style. It’s always been your favorite. You’re not sure why. Maybe it’s that mix of being primal, the picture of a woman with her back arched, and the trust given with it. It’s also an angle where your face can’t be seen when you come. You’ve recorded yourself. You look completely stupid and goofy. That can’t be sexy.
  31. He thrusts into you in your mind. In reality, you plant your face in your pillow to hide your moans and keep your ass in the air as you up the power on your arm.
  33. “Herb!” You moan to yourself.
  35. “Hana! I’m going to...to...”
  37. “Do it inside me!” You almost yell. You hope you didn’t actually yell it, though. You lose yourself in your fantasies sometimes. “It’s okay.” Your real hand scrunches the sheets and you have your mechanical arm on full blast.
  39. He pounds you hard and fast, then it stops as he almost lifts you with one last, powerful thrust. You hear him moan and then feel it. A flood of warmness that makes you shiver and lose all control of your body. You almost hurt your back as you arch out but bring your legs in. Your body doesn’t even know what to do. You’re overwhelmed for a minute, or a second, or an hour, as it all comes back down.
  41. You’re a panting mess. You try to blow the hair out of your eyes, but most of it is stuck with sweat.
  43. You flop over and giggle. You don’t know why. You just feel so refreshed. So new. You masturbate a lot. A whole lot. But it’s been a long time since you felt something that intense.
  45. You lay there, feeling the yacht gentle roll back and forth on the sea. You should get up and go see Valerie, but you’re too tired to even move out of your groove in the bed right now. You feel clean. It’s weird. Normally you feel dirty and you have much dirtier, more deviant fantasies. That was just plain nice. Innocent, in a way.
  47. You think back to the hospital, and Ami. You miss her. You wonder if she’d be proud of you for coming this far and making new friends, or disappointed that you’re always just standing around, never saying anything, and being a passive follower. You wish you could be like the others. Valerie is pretty, outgoing, friendly. She’s not afraid of putting herself out there. And she smells like strawberries. And the way her dress clings to her when the wind blows just right and you can barely see the outline of her underwear... you’d touch yourself again if you weren’t so satisfied.
  49. You go back to thinking about Ami. How she’d smile when the sun shone into your room, all the games you played together and movies you watched. She’d go on and on about how every actor in the world was cute. But her eyes would always go to the window. You got so used to each other that you could sit in silence for hours and not feel the need to say anything.
  51. There was this one conversation that always stuck out at you. She was watching pidgeys outside. “They're building a nest.” Her voice was distant. She didn’t even turn around to greet you after you got back from a checkup. “It’s their home. But they can leave whenever they want. It’s when they take off that they’re the happiest.”
  53. That was the day she told you it was terminal.
  55. A knock takes you out of your thoughts. “Hana. Are you hungry?”
  57. “F-good, not much! You?” You cringe.
  59. “Umm, Sorry? Are you okay?” The door creaks open. “We’re about to come into port and there’s this restaurant.”
  61. “Yeah. Heh. Just woke up. Sounds good. I just need a quick shower.”
  63. “Sure. Take your time. Oh! Try the new body wash. It smells so good.” She leaves.
  65. You have a quick shower with your pokemon. Valerie told you to take your time, but you rush as fast as you can. You’ve gotten really good at showering yourself, despite having to take pieces off. And you want to give your pokemon a good scrub down too. Tortuga hasn’t seen you without all your parts yet, and scrambles in a panic when he turns around.
  67. You sigh and show him you’re fine.
  70. -----
  72. You are Valerie. You close the door and give Hana some privacy.
  74. You should have knocked earlier. But you were so surprised. She didn’t even notice the door was open a crack.
  76. Okay, you’re a liar. You were curious. You heard the noises and had an idea, but you could have left way before, or just walked on by.
  78. You overheard papa and someone else talking about the islands before. His associate made a joke about the women here being sexual when they didn’t realize you were there. Papa tactfully changed the subject, of course.
  80. With Laki and now this, you think he may have been onto something.
  82. Laki. What a woman. You’ve never met someone so forward, so confident. So...grabby. But when you told her no, she backed off. Of course, you regretted saying that immediately, but you’d never admit it. She knows exactly where to put her hands to take control.
  84. You’ve always admired, or rather, been jealous of pretty girls. But Laki isn’t traditionally pretty. She’s, well, masculine, despite her shapely, womanly figure. But those arms. And those abs. Wow. You thought your first boyfriend had nice muscles.
  86. Hana is probably going to be awhile. You decide to lotion up your skin. Back home, it was too dry. Here, the air is nice and moist, but you don’t want to take any chances. You’ve seen how bad a red spot can get if left alone.
  88. You run the lotion over your back, then up your legs. You don’t apply it normally, though. You think about how Laki ran her hand up your thigh. That insulting presumptuousness. That panty-dissolving confidence!. That touch of femininity with the flower in her hair.
  90. You rub your legs together. Where’s that soft pillow you love so much?
  92. It was Herb that recommended the flower, wasn’t it?
  94. You can’t believe how wrong you were about him. He’s a sweet boy. Maybe a little too unsure, but he has a good heart. Huh. You wonder if Laki is going to treat him the same way she treats you.
  96. Lucky Herb.
  98. No no no. You shouldn’t think like that. Herb’s too pure for that sort of thing. You see that now.
  100. Then again, he is a teenage boy.
  102. And he’s always so well dressed. Usually boys your age dress terribly. It’s refreshing to see some class and thought put into it. Some people might think that’s elitist, but that’s not what you’re about. It’s the effort in how you present yourself, and the respect that shows for yourself and others. The price of the clothes or anything like that doesn’t matter.
  104. Although that’s an easy way to do it. Something exclusive. Money will buy you the designer purse, but it’s effort and work to get the most exclusive ones. Networking, knowing the right people, making good impressions. It’s exhausting! And all the makeup work, too.
  106. You suppose that’s why you respect Keira. Her face paint work is amazing, considering she does it alone to her own face. You wonder how hard it is on her skin. You must talk with her more and find out her secrets.
  108. It’s a bit awkward that his mom is your father’s employee. Does he think about the difference in station?
  110. The islanders seem to keep it in mind all the time, despite being friends with Keira. Maybe it’s like that with him. You hope so. You’d like to believe you could make friends with everyone despite the gap in where you come from. You just hope they like you for you. Herb seemed really eager to help you out, but he had to be sincere. He’s like that with everyone.
  112. But you don’t think he’s as open with everyone about his shyness as he is with you.
  114. You still have to tell Hana a secret. You try to think of one that’s good. One that makes your heart race. You can’t treat this like you treated your violin lessons, or your pokemon grooming class, or your junior executives club, all the other things you started and gave up on. When papa was young, he had big dreams and he didn’t let shyness get in his way.
  116. You may not be smart or handsome like papa, but you can at least be as determined.
  118. Okay. Now, what can you tell Hana? What really makes your heart pound? What scares you?
  120. You could tell her that you saw her touching herself. Now that’s a scary conversation. But you wouldn’t want to embarrass the poor girl.
  122. Well, maybe you would a little. She looks adorable when she blushes. But you can’t bring yourself to be that mean.
  124. No. You’re going to be brave. You’re going to tell her that you touched yourself last night. Put her at ease. Make her feel okay and maybe even get her to talk about it. It’s only natural, right?
  126. Well, as natural as a vibrating hand makes it, anyway. You’ve always wanted to try something that vibrates.
  128. You shake your head. You can’t just tell her you touched yourself last night. That’s a lie. You...you can’t lie, can you?
  130. Oh you dirty little Shinx. You know where you’re going with this. You rush over to your bed with the silk sheets. Wait, no. First you need to take a shower, shave your legs, and wear your white negligee. If you’re going to do it, you’re going to do it right.
  132. You shower, shave, (even manage not to cut yourself or anything!) and slide your slinkiest nighty over your head. You won’t be needing the panties.
  134. You hop on the bed and feel your legs on the silk sheets. This alone is masturbation. It feels so good and smooth and clean. Your left hand climbs up your ribs, and your right slides down. Over the hip bone, past the place where the stubble once was, and-
  136. “Ah!”
  138. Oh. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? No wonder Laki’s advances almost worked. You tweak your nipple the way she did before you told her to stop. You just can’t do it quite the same way.
  140. You pull your finger back, and grab your pillow. The one with the high thread count case and just the right amount of hardness. You straddle over it. You don’t even know how you started this, but it’s your favorite way to do it.
  142. You can see yourself in the mirror. Your reddening, face, your hair, your boobs.
  144. Oh wow, your boobs look bigger.
  146. You rock back and forth. Just enough to feel it. But as you go on, you give it a little more than that. You don’t mean to be vain, but watching yourself work it is becoming a turn on. You lean back and grind harder. That amazing feeling of just barely touching the front of your womanhood makes you gasp. You wonder if it’s loud enough for Hana to hear.
  148. You almost hope it is.
  150. Sweat glistens on your skin. Oh wow! You bite your lip. And you see yourself bite your lip. You’re so turned on.
  152. You fall forward and go harder. You’re pulling it tight with your legs and pushing yourself back into it at the same time. You’re neck strains as you look at your form. You want to show this to someone so badly. You want to make them as hot as you are.
  154. “Oh. Ah!” You let it out as loud as you dare. Your voice is hoarse. “”Hmm. Yes!”
  156. So close. So close. So close! You bite your pillow and shake as your body loses all control. You hide your voice now. That’s going overboard. It’s too loud. Too exposed. You’re riding the waves of it and not coming down and you’re terrified of being caught but unable to stop. It’s not the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had, but it’s the longest.
  158. You finally feel it coming down. You chase after it for as long as you can, grinding slower but still hard. Your legs are losing strength as the sensation fades away, promising to return again next time.
  160. You don’t resent its absence. You’re too satisfied. You lay there, only moving to brush the hair from your face.
  162. That was nice. You’re usually fighting off a little shame afterwards, but not this time. You’re going to tell Hana you did that, and you’re going to bring it up naturally. Even if she reacts badly, you’ll take a page out of Laki’s book and own it. She might even tell other people, and that’s okay too.
  164. Oh. What if it comes back to papa?
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