(MLO) Screwball and Discord

Jan 5th, 2014
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  1. >Screwball was a fairly average pony, all things considered
  2. >He had a lavender coat, not unheard of for a male
  3. >He an aubirgine and white mane, which fell unshorn in long curls
  4. >The only really odd about him were his eyes, which were corkscrews of pink and violet
  5. >That was what marked him as Discord's child
  6. >See, strange things tended to happen around Discord's statue, even when he was still imprisoned
  7. >One mare just so happened to get pregnant when she was visiting the gardens
  8. >The doctors were baffled when they found she was still a virgin when she was with foal
  9. >They put it down to some kind of magic, and asked her if she had wanted to abort the foal
  10. >She had balked at that, and had instead gone full term and birthed the baby that she didn't know the father of
  11. >When he was born, she named him while still under the influence of the medication
  12. >One look into his eyes and she named him "Screwball"
  13. >So he had grown up as a normal foal, albiet without any father
  14. >But his mother was kind enough and loved him dearly, and he loved her too
  15. >He was never bullied in school, made plenty of friends, and besides his eyes and odd sense of humour, was an upstanding and well recognized occupant of Ponyville
  16. >But our story doesn't take place in his normal childhood
  17. >Nor is it set in his young adulthood
  18. >His story doesn't truly begin until Discord's freedom from his prison of marble, set about by three fillies arguing, oddly enough, about the meaning of "discord"
  19. >It was a fairly normal day in the colourful town of Ponyville
  20. >The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Canterlot could be seen in the distance...
  21. >Wait, was it upside down?
  22. >A strange creature appeared in the square of the town, where Screwball just happened to be tending to the garden
  23. >The beast had immediately started making everything utter madness about himself
  24. >The mayor, who was admiring the beatiful day, was suddenly kidnapped by her mane, which had turned into a living creature
  25. >The road turned to soap and a trio of bison figure skated their way down it
  26. >The city hall, and several other chunks of the village lifted off into the air and settled at varying altitudes
  27. >And of course, every pony he laid his paw or claw on turned grey and started acting completely opposite their normal personalities
  28. >Then his horrible, mismatched eyes turned to the young pony whom, until the twisted monsters arrival, had been dutifuly tending the flowers
  29. >But the draconequus had frozen as well, and Screwball saw something odd in the beasts eyes
  30. >The glistening of tears
  31. >Within a tenth of a second, Screwball was embraced by the monster in front of him
  32. >And it spoke, in a rather eloquent tone for such an oddity
  33. >"My son! Oh being stuck in that statue and watching you grow up, albiet not in a normal fashion, was more torture than being in that same pose for thousands of years!"
  34. >The lavender coated earth pony pushed against the being he now recognized as Discord trying to get away
  35. >"What in Celestia's name are you talking about? I'm a pony and you're a monster, how could you be my father?"
  36. >Discord sighed and snapped his fingers
  37. >Instantly, the mutant and his son were sitting across from each other in two plush chairs, Discord wearing a fine smoking jacket, and Screwball wearing a strange cap with a propeller on it
  38. >"You see, I couldn't have much fun when I was inside that statue, so I took liberties when and where I could. Your mother had so much turmoil inside her when she touched my statue, out of curiousity no doubt, that or some kind of weird fetish."
  39. >He chuckled at his little joke, then returned to his story
  40. >"Anyway, it gave me enough power to cause a little manipulation of the material of reality. And she was just so delicious that I gave her the one thing all little ponies want eventually, a child!"
  41. >He snapped his fingers and a glass of brandy appeared in his claw
  42. >"And so, you were born. Well ten months later at least. I gleaned glimpses of you from the minds of other ponies when they passed by my statue. I'm so proud that you at least inhereted my sense of humour!"
  43. >Screwball shifted in his chair, uncomfortable in the odd sitting position
  44. >"But I'm a nice pony! I don't want to hurt anyone like you do, you monster!"
  45. >Discord scoffed at the statement
  46. >"Oh come now son! I don't hurt anypony, I release them from the boredom of routine and give them a good time!"
  47. >His body twisted and became darker, a suit of armour appearing over his fur and scales, and a skull like visage taking the place of his usual face
  48. >"Join me, my son, and together we shall rule Equestria!"
  49. >Screwball shrugged out of the odd, black cloak he found himself wearing and shouted back at the armoured draconequus
  50. >"I will never join you!"
  51. >Discord sighed and snapped his fingers, the armour and mask disappeared in a puff of smoke
  52. >"You know, after all this time I had looked forward to spending time with you. But it turns out you're going through a late teenage rebellion stage. But don't you worry, father has just the cure for that."
  53. >He snapped his fingers one more time, and Screwball's body underwent a drastic change
  54. >His tail and mane lengthened, his bones became smaller and his body, overall, thinner
  55. >And something even stranger was happening to his nethers
  56. >His penis and balls shrank inside his body, forming a hole and a pair of lips to cover it, his new vagina
  57. >A pair of small teats grew just above the new birth canal, hanging slightly heavy as though swollen with milk
  58. >His hips widened to accompany his new organs and he squealed, his voice now much higher pitched
  59. >"There, that's much better. Now you can learn to be respectful to your elders!"
  60. >Discord snapped his fingers once more, and three brainwashed stallions appeared in front of the now female Screwball
  61. >"You three have fun with her! I've taken the liberty of turning off the motor functions in her brain, so she can't really say no. I'll be back soon, daughter!"
  62. >With a cackle, Discord disappeared in a cloud of smoke
  63. >But what held the attention of the young mare was the three, greyish ponies now advancing on her
  64. >Their cocks were growing from their sheathes, each getting arroused from the fact that there was no way out for her
  65. >They each positioned themselves at her various holes
  66. >One slid beneath her to get at her new vagina, one mounted her from behind and took her ass, and the last slammed his cock down her throat
  67. >The three hypnotized stallions pounded away at her orifices, giving her newfound feelings that took her mind by storm
  68. >The first was a kind of pain that she had never felt before, as her anus and vagina were stretched to their limits and her mouth was forced wide open
  69. >The constant pounding gave her bruises in places most unseemly
  70. >But under the pain and the rhythmic slapping of flesh on flesh, she could feel another sensation growing
  71. >All the pain started to feel...good
  72. >An overwhelming feeling of imminent explosion was taking form in her mind and body
  73. >Her vagina started contracting on the dick inside of it, massaging the member and in turn offering more pleasure for her
  74. >Her anus tightened with the sensations she was feeling
  75. >She started actively sucking the cock violating her mouth and pushing it down her throat ever further
  76. >But none of it offered her release for the pleasure in her mind
  77. >She thrusted ever harder onto the stallions members, praying that her actions would finally push her over
  78. >Her clit was now spending more time out of its sheathe than in for further stimulation, but still she found no freedom from the pleasure
  79. >The stallions collective stamina seemed limitless, and they kept slamming their cocks into her orifices
  80. >Screwball began to weep from the torment of no release, the pleasure turning her mind into a soup of madness
  81. >Discord reappeared in a flash and settle down to watch his child get violated
  82. >"Have we learned our lesson, my dear?"
  83. >All she could do was moan in pleasure, and pray that that was the answer he sought
  84. >"Well, I suppose that's good enough, given your current state. Gentlecolts?"
  85. >At his word, the three ponies came at once
  86. >The feeling of their seed filling her every hole finally broke that seemingly immpenetrable barrier and she came
  87. >Semen dribbled down her throat and out of her mouth as she slumped down, the stallions pulling out of her at the same time
  88. >She slammed onto the ground, completely broken and changed
  89. >"So, my little cockslave, have we learned our lesson?"
  90. >Screwball looked up at her father, hunger in her eyes
  91. >"Oh yes, father! Please, just let me have more of that glorious feeling!"
  92. >Discord chuckles, his plan to break his son, now daughter, gone off without a hitch
  93. >"Maybe later, sweetheart. But for now, there's more chaos to wreak. Arrevaderci!"
  94. >And with that, he disappeared, leaving his cum covered daughter to lay in a pool of stallion excretions mingling with her own, to an uncertain future
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