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  1. Qihang Li was born the only daughter of a wealthy and influent noble family in a very unstable kingdom, where the lower classe was slowly rising. She, however, was a particular child.
  2. She didn't find happiness or fulfillment in playing games or learning.
  3. Instead, she would find satisfaction in other's failure, suffering and grief.
  4. Very early, she knew that this was wrong, so she tried her best to refrain and hide those feelings, never letting anyone know of them, and trying to live a normal life.
  5. While some incidents occurred, where she would be caught messing with the corpses of small animals that she may have killed before, she mostly succeeded in passing as a normal girl by following what her parents wanted of her.
  6. However, all changed for her, one day, when she was about to become an adult.
  7. Because of the political tensions rising at the time, a criminal fire was lit in the house she was living with her family. This destructive force, that was ravaging, spreading in the house she had lived her entire life, destroying everything she knew was fascinating to her. Thanks to a stroke of good luck, she was able to escape unscathed, until she encountered her parents, caught under some rubble, calling for her help. But she didn't move. Instead, she could do nothing but watch them burn, pleading her, begging for their life. She knew that she wouldn't gave been able to help them anyway, but she was feeling strange. It was as if something new was blossoming inside of her. All the frustration that had build up inside of her, the feelings that she had been refraining since years, thinking that they were wrong. To those, she had found an answer. The only things that could fulfill her were the despair, the suffering of others.
  8. After the incident, and in order to protect her from the people that would want to hurt her, she was taken in by a close friend of the family, a rich mage, looking for students.
  9. Under his guidance, she learned many of the secret of magic, including some the arcane's most forbidden arts : Necromancy. Thanks to this, she was able to find herself a place in society. She however couldn't forget what she saw, what she felt, the day she saw her parents die. She had to feel this again.
  10. She very quickly turned into a murderer, using her magic to capture and torturate unfortunate villagers at night, to, in the end, have them disappear into the wilderness.
  11. But this wasn't enough for her. This wasn't like this time. And so, while she was studying, she began delivering important informations to the rebellion that was trying to take over the country.
  12. She knew very well what she wanted to do. Let them take over the country, slowly, watching the nobles fall and die one by one, while knowing she was safe herself, to finally strip them of their freedom at the last moment, by delivering all the informations she could to the country's military.
  13. She knew herself that this was very risky, and that she could be treated like a spy, and maybe even executed to ensure that she wouldn't betray them, but this was none of her concern. All she wanted to see was the chaos this would result in. This was enough for her.
  14. However, things didn't go as planned. One factor that she couldn't have predicted struck her : Malady.
  15. Carried by the rats devouring the corpses of the soldiers and rebels dying in the streets, a disgusting plague, to which no reliable cure had been discovered at the time, had taken over the country, in the end killing more people than the war did. She herself had not been able to escape this plague.
  16. Knowing that her days would soon come, she put all of her remaining strength in gathering as much knowledge about necromancy as possible, to ensure that she could finish what she had started eventually. While she didn't find a way to effectively stay in this world, the only solution she found was to ensure that her body could later be awoken, in the chance that she would be turned into a undead servant : a Jiangshi.
  17. For that, while hiding in a remote place, to be sure that she wouldn't be found a burried soon by the people of this country, and using her knowledge of the undead, she used her magic to make sure that her body wouldn't deteriorate, and anchored her soul to her body, effectively denying herself the eternal rest, and turning her into a ghost upon her death.
  18. Soon enough, she gave her last breath, and began haunting the place she lived in, as a mindless, lost soul.
  19. Meanwhile, her efforts to undermine the country had helped enough that the people were able to take it over, and, ironically enough, her name would be known as one of a heroin of the people. After her sudden disappearance, statues of her were erected and she became a martyr, believed to have been assassinated by the country in an attempt to stop the rebellion.
  20. Several centuries later, long after peace had been brought back to the country, rumors were spreading of a spirit haunting a remote crypt, far in the mountains.
  21. Exorcists went to investigate, and, with surprise, found the intact body of a woman, protected by a strong evil spirit. No clue of the reason for which one would keep an intact body in such a place were left, but they very quickly were able to identify her as Qihang Li, a spy for the rebellion, who mysteriously disappeared near the end of it. Curiously, everything had been set for her to be brought back from the dead.
  22. And so, with the help of powerful mages, the plan she had set up was finally working : She was raised as a jiangshi, not only to work for the minister personal mage, but to uncover some secrets of the now fallen kingdom that were lost to time.
  23. Of course, they could see nothing wrong with having the help of a person known for her large contribution to the country's peace.
  24. After being brought to the capital and instructed on the changes the country went through since her death, she was instituted as one of the mage's assistant.
  25. While she herself is very much aware that the spell under which she is prohibit her from doing any arm to her master, she now fullfils her duty the day, and hunt down the unfortunate souls that would encounter her at night, while scheming to bring back that chaos she loves so much, by first and foremost planning to assassinate the head of the country : The prime minister.
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