Two more little points

Sep 6th, 2011
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  1. a) My LAST PROOF for being hacker of DigiNotar:
  4. In case of Comodo there was also so many stupids who never beleived it, I don't have time, this time, to negotiate it.
  6. I signed windows calculator using Google Cert, you have to have private key of cert to be able to sign calculator. It's enough reason/proof.
  8. b) To person who sent me an anonymous email and telling me that what I do have no effect in real life and suggest me to read more, sorry as you didn't use a real email, I have to send your reply here:
  10. "What I do have enough effect on people of Netherlands, they lost so many e-gov services, Dutch gov. already paying so much for my hack, DigiNotar deleted from entire trusted CAs list of worlds, you see? It effects entire world even your PC which you waste it by using it. You need to study more, study more about Srebrenica, study more about how Serbian soldiers was wild animal, how they was killing innocent people of Bosnia, it was 16 years ago, but nothing is changed, today see how Israel is killing Palestinian children. Yes, I can't do so much in real world against Israel, Dutch or any anti-Islam country, but I can destroy their IT infrastructure as I do, isn't it?"
  12. BYE
  14. You are so far from being able to talk with me"
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