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  1. funkyjam: why are you flirting with neko, isnt coco your love? >.<
  2. [5:48 PM] mick: i aint flirting
  3. [5:48 PM] mick: and no coco not any more
  4. [5:48 PM] funkyjam: why?
  5. [5:48 PM] mick: its betetr if i dont have a gf i dont wana bring he rin danger
  6. [5:48 PM] funkyjam: and to me it looks like you 2 are flirting
  7. [5:48 PM] funkyjam: danger??
  8. [5:48 PM] mick: yea i got many dangerous peeps around me
  9. [5:48 PM] funkyjam: so you never gonna get a gf bcus of that?
  10. [5:49 PM] funkyjam: seriously, coco is really sad
  11. [5:49 PM] funkyjam: you kinda broke her heart
  12. [5:49 PM] mick: i know
  13. [5:49 PM] mick: i thought long about it
  14. [5:50 PM] mick: but its better if i dont be her b
  15. [5:50 PM] mick: bf
  16. [5:50 PM] mick: she needs soem one better
  17. [5:50 PM] funkyjam: stop flirting with other girls then!!
  18. [5:50 PM] mick: some one who does not bring her in danger
  19. [5:50 PM] funkyjam: damn mick im disappointed
  20. [5:50 PM] mick: i aint flirting
  21. [5:50 PM] mick: >.>
  22. [5:50 PM] funkyjam: see it from her eyes
  23. [5:50 PM] mick: lol neko is gona cry if i dont flirt
  24. [5:50 PM] mick: lol
  25. [5:51 PM] mick: she already did
  26. [5:51 PM] funkyjam: youre saying stuff like "yea i hate you so mutch i wil hug you and pet you"
  27. [5:51 PM] funkyjam: LOL
  28. [5:51 PM] funkyjam: lame excuse
  29. [5:52 PM] mick: i said that as a joke
  30. [5:52 PM] funkyjam: see it from cocos eyes
  31. [5:52 PM] funkyjam: she really cared for u
  32. [5:52 PM] funkyjam: and u kinda ditch her and go to other girls
  33. [5:54 PM] mick: lol no
  34. [5:54 PM] mick: i dont go to other girls
  35. [5:55 PM] mick: lol she said soemthign to me that opened my eyes
  36. [5:55 PM] funkyjam: what
  37. [5:55 PM] mick: well she said somethign liek that she liked me and loves me
  38. [5:55 PM] mick: but i understanded actualy
  39. [5:55 PM] mick: that she doesnt like me and that its silly
  40. [5:55 PM] mick: then it made me think
  41. [5:56 PM] mick: and i agreed
  42. [5:56 PM] mick: and then i started thinking
  43. [5:56 PM] funkyjam: Shes been looking for you for like a week! youre not on when shes on
  44. [5:56 PM] mick: and thinking
  45. [5:56 PM] funkyjam: and she was sad about that
  46. [5:56 PM] funkyjam: shes even sadder now
  47. [5:56 PM] mick: :/ i know
  48. [5:56 PM] funkyjam: then talk to HER and stop fooling around with other people
  49. [5:57 PM] funkyjam: stop being a freaking donkey with a carrot infront of you
  50. [5:57 PM] funkyjam: if you gonna break up whatever you guys had
  51. [5:57 PM] funkyjam: HAVE SOME FREAKING RESPECT
  52. [5:58 PM] mick: i do but idk what to say
  53. [5:58 PM] mick: i love her
  54. [5:58 PM] mick: but i wana protect her
  55. [5:58 PM] mick: and idk how to explain
  56. [5:58 PM] mick: becuzz tehre are stuf that i cant tell
  57. [5:58 PM] funkyjam: dont say that to me
  58. [5:58 PM] funkyjam: say that to her
  59. [5:59 PM] mick: and you guys dont understand
  60. [5:59 PM] mick: i told he
  61. [5:59 PM] mick: her
  62. [5:59 PM] funkyjam: stop fooling around with other girls and friends
  63. [5:59 PM] funkyjam: and prove that to her
  64. [6:00 PM] mick: lol i whas only joking
  65. [6:00 PM] funkyjam: its not a joke to coco
  66. [6:00 PM] funkyjam: not to me either
  67. [6:00 PM] funkyjam: shes a good friend of mine
  68. [6:01 PM] funkyjam: and whats ur doing is rude
  69. [6:02 PM] mick: i know
  70. [6:02 PM] funkyjam: then STOP IT
  71. [6:02 PM] mick: youc an ask samm if i am flirting if you dont believe me
  72. [6:02 PM] funkyjam: i dont need to ask samm
  73. [6:03 PM] funkyjam: i saw it
  74. [6:03 PM] funkyjam: coco knows it
  75. [6:03 PM] mick: ida please
  76. [6:03 PM] funkyjam: doesnt matter if you say youre tnot flirting, bcus u do
  77. [6:03 PM] mick: i am gettign acused of alot latly
  78. [6:03 PM] mick: things that aint true
  79. [6:03 PM] mick: its my word agains most of you guys
  80. [6:03 PM] mick: i dotn wana be rude
  81. [6:03 PM] mick: you guys dont understand becuzz i cant tell
  82. [6:03 PM] mick: thats hard for me
  83. [6:03 PM] mick: ok i got so mutch stress latly
  84. [6:03 PM] funkyjam: im not arguing about that
  85. [6:04 PM] funkyjam: im arguing something i saw with my own eyes
  86. [6:04 PM] mick: yea that whas a joke
  87. [6:04 PM] mick: but now it aint becuzz you guys saw
  88. [6:04 PM] mick: idk what to say
  89. [6:04 PM] mick: i am into a hard position atm
  90. [6:04 PM] mick: lol i think i wil leave eso
  91. [6:05 PM] mick: i am sick of this
  92. [6:05 PM] mick: i got a life to survive
  93. [6:05 PM] funkyjam: nvm im out of here, gl with your life mick.
  94. [6:05 PM] mick: idaaaaa>.>
  95. [6:05 PM] mick has left the chat.
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