Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet


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  1. policy is an OU/container
  2. devices can only be direct member of one policy, but policies can be beuilt on a hierarchy w/inheritance
  3. MDM profile can be applied to a policy via intergrations sectrion
  4. enrollment can be accomplished via profile download, url copy, or qr code (qr also has option to send download link to admin email assoc w/addigy acct)
  5. addigy best installed via MDM, but can be installed via
  6. - agent .pkg (not ideal after MacOS 10.14 due to permission request spam)
  7. - terminal
  8. - email (link to download .pkg)
  9. addigy live terminal user has access to sudo w/o needing password on devices where that is enabled
  10. wiping iOS devices via addigy factory zeroes device; macos is fully wiped (devices with modern recovery options still have recovery mode available if recovered)
  11. - DEP enrolled devices are automatically re-enrolled after a wipe
  12. some device facts can be changed in local device as well as in addigy
  14. - be sure to install profile with policy
  15. - device reports facts every 5mins, runs policy every 30 mins
  16. - install of profile during system setup requires ABM/ASM acct for DEP
  17. - when changing alert, must review changes and confirm
  18. - addigy checks repos daily for the public software
  19. - parent policy settings lock out the setting in child policies
  20. * * best practice would probably be setting stuff from the bottom up
  21. - - system/ms update options that are radio buttons are NOT inherited
  22. - - create separate policies for test env, server
  23. - global mdm profile intended for businesses that only manage their own devices, per-policy is intended for consultants
  25. **HW: Adding Public Software to the Depolyments tab in GoLive article in Addigy KB
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