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  1.  With the body of a small girl and the large ears of a beast, they are a race of full-fledged demons.
  2.  Having great skill and knowledge with machines, as well as magitech, they were recently discovered in ancient ruins alongside the "Automaton(p.156)", and are considered the only race capable of operating technology from the unknown civilization.
  4.  Although their bodies are not very strong, they carry mechanical devices created using the technology of the unknown civilization, such as strong arms that can carry things, devices that dance through the sky at high speeds, devices with holes that eject compressed demonic energy, devices where small flying objects separate from the main body and attack opponents autonomously, etc. Depending on the specification and performance, Gremlins become a terrifying race wielding a great variety of power.
  6.  They have a wild and malicious disposition that seems like an Imp's, and when they find a man that pleases them, they will attack as if to show off the strength of their proud machines.
  7.  They are curious, and enjoy toying with a captured man, giving pleasure to every single inch of his body.
  8.  Although they have the bodies of a monster, and thus can give a man great pleasure by merely shaking their hips while straddling as usual, they seem to be obsessed with the idea that their own body isn't good enough by itself, so in order to assist sex with their husband, they will begin making dedicated equipment to give their husband pleasure.
  9.  At first, in the middle of sex, it reaches a point where something other than their hands will be crawling over the man's body, every day is a new mechanism, one that injects aphrodisiac and vitality medicine, one that merely sprays mist, one that clings to their husband's hips, bringing him to the height of pleasure the moment her hips are dropped, etc., the features of their equipment will increase one after the other in proportion to the love for their husband.
  10.  Eventually, the pleasure mechanisms will be packed together to form a specialized bed, upon lying down, their husband will repeatedly hit climax, and it seems that semen will continue to be released endlessly into their small womb.
  12.  They are familiar with magitech and the unknown civilization, but besides the repair and maintenance of those things, they also have a special power that can cause them to malfunction.
  13.  In that case, before one's eyes, they can make a magic device that normally wards against monsters invite them instead, or a device that absorbs a monster's mana in order to slow monsterization, will burst and release concentrated monster mana everywhere.
  14.  It also has an effect on monsters that are affiliated with such things; a "Golem(MGE1-p.142)" may forget their instructions, focused completely on sucking their masters penis, they will lick intently and repeatedly gulp down his semen, and an Automaton may be confused about the values of service to her master, starting with praise for her wonderful master, she will cling to her master while gently stroking her abdomen, as if wanting a child, unable to bear letting even a drop of semen leak out.
  15.  On the other hand, these malfunctions can be prevented beforehand, by putting them in a good mood, like giving them their favorite sweets, it seems that it will help them with that power.
  17.  In addition, the devices they carry, like the Automatons, are weak to electricity.
  18.  For the device carried by the individual in the illustration, it is packed with tentacle-like mechanisms that could extend, and had large hands to catch an opponent, if it caught a Golem or Automaton, it could fill their minds with obscene thoughts and knowledge, and if it caught a human woman, the device could inject monster mana into her, greatly increasing sensitivity in various places of her body, remodeling her into a monster.
  19.  As soon as a sufficient electrical current is applied from the outside, the device suddenly goes haywire, the arms and tentacles will attack the girl that is carrying the equipment, herself.
  20.  Monster mana is injected into her to act as an aphrodisiac, and sprayed all over her body to maximize sensitivity, and a drug is poured into her to make even her thoughts melt away, afterwords, huge arms will grab their legs, forcing them to spread open, as if to offer her body to the man.
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