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  1. Full Name   Gender  Age     Nationality Occupation
  2. Leon ?      M       23      American    Part-time
  4. SUBJECT: 23M-RFT11
  6. His father died before he was born and as an athlete, he has always been under pressure both from himself and others to put on a strong manly-self. He has been taught not to show his weakness since he was little. His suppressed desires were expressed through his material obsession, especially with detailed and pretty objects.
  7. He is quietly expressing such desire through collection of pretty objects of which he hides.
  9. "He used to collect gems and beautiful objects before he came to the island. Since there's no sign of them being used, he must have collected them for display and be satisfied just treasuring them. He felt guilty about his hobby but he couldn't refrain himself. Collecting cute things was his only way to escape the extreme stress and indulge his deviant behavior. I've heard that there are lots of perverts among the highly educated because they need stimulation to relieve their mental pressure.... Of course, I am an exception to that."
  10. - Senior researcher Dr. Z
  12. "It's easy to find the history of celebs like 13M-RFT15 or 29M-RTF11. You can find interviews, news articles, and information on their private lives, down to the smallest details. When I searched his background, I saw that everyone he had dated was very attractive looking. But none of the relationships lasted too long. Inferring from his personality, he dated them not to develop lasting relationship or be physically close to them, but to own them because they were 'pretty'. They were just like his collection, admired for their beauty once in a while. I am sure that's not what they wanted from him though."
  13. - Assistant researcher Dr. L
  15. When he was a kid, he was often shunned because he had a girly hobby. Kids at that age are always bored, looking for ways to cause trouble just to escape the monotony. He was a victim of that. Since then, he has avoided others finding out his hobby at all costs.
  16. Furthermore, he grew up surrounded by his fathers friends, all soldiers who were showing off their manliness. So he grew up thinking a man has to 'act like a man'. And it wasn't just the people around him, anyone who lead or controlled other people on TV or in games was always portrayed as an ideal man. Filling a bedroom with jewels is not considered manly. You'd be lucky not to be laughed at. Anyways, because of his experiences during childhood and the surroundings he grew up in, he thinks his 'girly' parts are due to his naivety. He thinks a grown up man should not have these qualities. When he was in competitive sports, he was always confident, bold and energetic, and never showed his weakness or collection of cute things.
  17. - Assistant researcher in charge Dr. A
  19. Just as much as he gives his best in any situation, he gets very depressed when he runs out of energy. He gets easily angry and suffers emotional exhaustion to a level where it would not be appropriate to simply say, "He is depressed". Well...we can fix him easily enough by just resetting him. But it's always the last resort. If possible, it would be best for him to carry on the test. So providing refuge for his mental well-being is important.
  20. - Psychology specialist Dr. N
  22. "I saw him in the media a lot. What brought you all the way out here? We don't keep in touch and we're not friends or anything...I have nothing to say about him. Well, we were all young then. The concept of discrimination is a little fuzzy at that age. One guy starts it, and then it's ten guys, and then it's a hundred. I can't claim I was innocent. It all started when someone spotted him looking through the window of a jewelry store. And just like that, he became the 'target of teasing' by the other kids. We teased him as if we were competing. That went on right up until he left our town. Nobody knew it was the wrong thing to do. If only one of us had tried to stop it, would it have made a difference?"
  23. - Associate G
  25. He is always reliable and energetic. He plays better as part of a team than when he plays all alone. He assigns roles based on each person's ability and helps them to be at their full potentials when they are struggling. I'm not sure if he maintains the team so well because of his sensitive personality or because of the know-how that he has acquired through many years as a professional athlete. Anyways, he is always paying attention to others' status. It applies the same to when he is facing the enemy. He carefully scans the target and waits for the right moment, and then he catches his target off guard with a surprise attack where they are weakest. So anyone who confronts him will suffer heavy injury beyond recovery.
  26. - Assistant researcher Dr. S
  27. He has a sharp sense to catch which words will please or hurt others. It's because he remembers every little action and word.
  28. Therefore, subjects like 12-RFT12 or 09M-RFT09, who crave recognition for their abilities and achievements, want to get close to him. He looks into their feat and praises the small details others may miss. On the other hand, in an argument, he is able to find and exploit the weaknesses they try to keep hidden from him. 17M-RFT02's father complex, 06M-RFT02's wavering faith, etc...
  29. Although he quickly regrets his actions once he notices others' devastated look, it seems that the habit of exposing others' weaknesses cannot be changed that easily. It would be easier if he was not aware, but it's hard to hold back when he is aware.
  30. He could regret and apologize afterwards, but I think it would be difficult to go back to how they were before.
  31. His strength of figuring out others' weakness becomes his downfall in these situations.
  32. - Assistant researcher Dr. L
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