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contoh request

alien May 24th, 2016 (edited) 27 Never
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  1. Kayaknya perlu di kasih contoh ni bagaimana request biar para wanita cantik tertarik buat ngesub.
  2. contoh request yang sudah ada di upcoming ya
  4. cover
  5. http://i.imgur.com/d2uTeU9.jpg
  6. Insane (날,보러와요) 2016
  7. Movie: Insane (English title) / Come To See Me (literal title)
  8. Revised romanization: Nal Boreowayo
  9. Hangul: 날,보러와요
  10. trailer
  11. trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG8bYU-oAzU
  13. Release Date: April 7, 2016
  14. Runtime: 91 min.
  15. Genre: Mystery / Suspense-Thriller
  16. Language: Korean
  17. Country: South Korea
  19. Plot
  20. During the day and in the middle of downtown, Soo-A (Gang Ye-Won)
  21. is taken away against her will and brought to a psychiatric hospital.
  22. She is locked up there without knowing why. She is constantly injected
  23. with drugs and undergoes cruel violence. Soo-A begins to write down in
  24. detail all of the horrific acts that take place at the psychiatric
  25. hospital.
  27. One year later, a notebook is delivered to Nam-Soo (Lee Sang-Yoon).
  28. He works as a PD for a broadcasting station. Nam-Soo reads the notebook
  29. and feels horrified by what happened. To uncover the truth, Nam-Soo
  30. seeks out SooA. She is now in prison as a murder suspect.
  32. terus baru deh tulis rayuan gombal disini, contoh ni kalau saya,
  34. subbernim yang cantik cantik mau donk pilem yang ini, eike ngga pengen nonton tapi ngga ada subtitle bahasa Indonesianya, ayo duoak, yah yah yah
  35. makasih banyak loh jeng.
  37. semakin maut rayuannya biasanya semakin bakalan mau mereka untuk coba lihat dan mau setuju.
  38. itu diatas hanya contoh ya, sesuaikan dengan kreasi masing masing ^_^
  40. NB eike suka nya perempuan ya hakhakhakhk
  41. Good luck buat ngerayunya ladies and gentlemen.
  42. Sayang saya tidak bisa bantu banyak, hanya bisa kasih trip and trick ^_^
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