Unyielding Aegis

Dec 16th, 2016
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  1. >Well, it's finally come down to this
  2. >You are Anon, and unfortunately you couldn't find a job in this land
  3. >Nopony in this clearly racist land would take you for what you *could* do, they want someone who was born to do it
  4. >So here you are, outside of the throne room of the Diarchy of Equestria, in a line with those ponies who have their heads stuck up their arses that they've went and made hats of what you'd find inside
  5. >The doors open, and you see a pony so angry, he'd be having steam come out of his ears being "escorted" out by the castle guards
  6. >You would've heard him too, were it not for the fact that the walls in the throne room were heavily sound-proofed and that he had what looked to be a golden, shimmering dome over his head
  7. >The guard stationed outside the door motions for you to enter, and closes the door once you've crossed the threshold.
  8. >"Anonymous, how nice of you to come visit!" Celestia gleamed as she trotted up to you and nuzzled you
  9. >You break your bow and stand up, looking eye to eye to the princess
  10. >You dust off your pants as she goes back to her throne, piles and piles of manuscripts and documents lying on a cart nearby
  11. "So what was all that about? you inquire, motioning to the sealed doors behind you
  12. >"The results of a minor trade dispute, and to be honest, something he shouldn't have gotten himself all worked up about" she mused, as she sits down on that ornate throne
  13. >"But enough about that, it's in the past. What brings you to our capital today?" she asked with a smile on her face
  14. >You release a defeated sigh, and look up to her
  15. "Princess Celestia, I've come here today because i'm out of options, money and sanity."
  16. >"And why is that, my subject?" The Princess asked
  17. "Because as hard as i tried, none of your other 'subjects' would have my services, which brings me here today"
  18. "Your Highness, I am asking for you to take me under your employ, to give me purpose in my life" you declare
  19. >"I see. Are you willing to dutifully defend Equestria, and her ponies from whatever dangers threaten it, be they from the inside or beyond our borders?" she spoke
  20. "Yes ma'am, I will be her shield and her sword if the circumstance arises" you bellow confidently as you take another bow, the motions and words coming from yourself not quite your own
  21. >"You've had a lot of darkness in your life, Anonymous. But today, We will bring out the light that lies within you." She says as her long horn shimmers with a luminous shine as your m- hair fades to a golden blonde, and a wave of heat rolls along your body, relaxing it as snow white fur begins to cover it
  22. >You feel your body moving, changing itself as your tailbone lengthens and your ears move upwards, flicking themselves to every sound in the room
  23. >You look back to see your tail come in, matching your mane and two wings growing in quite nicely with their feathers rustling as they move into position
  24. >You gasp and blush as you've just noticed you're naked in front of the princess, and moan as you come from the transformation, making a mess all over the floor as your spear turns into a quickly covered up fillyhood and your hands and feet harden into cute marshmallow hooves
  25. >You trot to the flowing streams around the throne and see your muddy, dirt brown eyes expand and widen as they change colour to a beautiful ocean blue as your adorable muzzle comes in
  26. >You collapse to the floor, closing your eyes but you don't hit it as you notice the glow is covering you completely
  27. >"You have a long day ahead of yourself, my little pony. Rest at ease, miss Unyielding Aegis, and may I see you again at the dawning of my sun." Celestia said, like a doting mother to her child
  28. >"Day court is suspended for the rest of the day, go home and spend it as you please" Celestia chimed as she trotted through the parted sea of ponies as the guards corralled them towards the exits and she headed towards the training barracks
  29. >"When's she going to wake up? Princess Celestia herself dragged her in here yesterday afternoon!" the fiery young unicorn whispered to the small herd of mares that surrounded the bed
  30. >"Relax, Aurora" Tower Shield calmly responded "Besides, the new recruit's rather cute while she's sleeping so soundly"
  31. >You are Anon, starring as the lovely Unyielding Aegis, yawning and stretching your body, wings and mouth wide
  32. >That had to be the best sleep you've ever had, until you opened your eyes
  33. "AAAAH!" you scream, surprised as your body flies off the bed under your wingpower and you hit your head on the roof and fall to the not-so-soft floor
  34. >"Easy there, newbie! We aren't you to getcha, for the most part anyways" one of the earth ponies assured "Why don't you tell us your name, to kick off introductions proper?"
  35. "My name is..." you trail off while rubbing the bump on your head with your hoof
  36. >"Well c'mon, we don't have all day!" the hot-headed mage yelled
  37. "Before you cut me off; you'd do well to wait, cone-head" you snark "As I about to say before I was tending to myself, my name is a-Unyielding Aegis"
  38. >"Unyielding Aegis, eh?" one of the other pegasi mused "That's a little unwieldy for myself and most of us, mind if i call you Aegis though? It's a little more manageable, if i say so myself."
  39. "Yeah sure, I'm fine with just Aegis as well" you respond as you wince your eyes from the light of the lanterns hanging all over the nearly-darkened room
  40. "Where exactly am I anyways? I don't quite remember what happened to me
  41. >"You, my accidental alicorn, are in the Canterlot guard barracks, to be more precise, we are in the mares barracks of the dawnguard section" the larger earth pony replied "I am Tower Shield, the acting leader for the Daybreak team, which you and I and everypony else in this room are part of" she spoke with an authoritative tone and started to motion off to the other ponies in the room
  42. >"The pony over there you whipped with your tongue, Miss Aegis" she motioned with her hoof to the hot-headed unicorn in the corner"Is our mage, Aurora Australis and she's my second-in-command. While you may be right about her not having patience on her side, that doesn't give you the right to do what you did to her.
  43. Now go apologise to her, I won't be having you two acting like foals while we're together"
  44. >your ears fall flat as you look over to Aurora as she's giving you the death stare
  45. "I'm sorry" you squeak out as you look into her wrathful eyes
  46. >"I'm sorry, What?" she barked out
  47. >You take a deep breath, look into the inferno, and belt out with a strong, steady tone
  48. "I'M SORRY, MA'AM!" you blast out with your voice, sending her into the nearby bookshelves, wibbling and wobbling the tomes, until one falls onto her head
  49. >"I guess that makes you some sort of bi-corn then, Aurora" the smaller earth pony chuckled as she helped her up
  50. >Shut up, Sturdy!" Aurora huffed and blushed as she dusted herself off and magicked the offending book to whence it came
  51. >Tower Shield trotted up beside you, rested one of her hooves over your neck and pointed at the smallish pony helping Aurora up
  52. >"That's Sturdy Buckler, and despite her looks and name, she's a she and she's very good at patching up clumsy ponies such as yourselves"
  53. >"And over there..." she pointed at the other unicorn in the room "…is the illuminating Light Torch" who was groggily checking the clock for the time being
  54. >"And our other flygirl" she pointed at the pegasi who was flying over your bed "is Nimbus Feather. She's been with the guard almost as long as i have" Tower Shield wistfully said before Light Torch jumped up almost as high as you did before she galloped
  55. >"OHMYGOODNESS!" she shrieked, "We've only got an hour 'til the Princess raises the sun for the day!"
  56. >"Then we've no more time for dilly-dallying then!" Tower Shield bellowed "We form up for inspection at sunrise"
  57. >After 15 minutes of cantering to the castle courtyard, and 30 minutes of training commands, you realise you are the odd one out of the group, due to the fact that you're naked still
  58. >Tower Shield sees your worried face, and even though it's hard to tell with those golden helmets, she looks to you, with a smile on hers and says "Relax, Aegis. Today's your first day here, and the armoury needs time and supplies to make yours."
  59. "I guess i'll have to just stick it out then" you say while trotting in place to keep warm in the cool fall night
  60. >A worrying thought crosses your mind, as the cool wind blows over your hind-quarters and your most sensitive parts, but you shake your head and lose it
  61. "Hey Aegis, get over here!" Nimbus yelled and motioned for you to gather with the rest of the group
  62. >"So aside from a penchant for causing drama wherever you go, Aegis" Aurora Australis smirked, "What's your story? I noticed that your flank remains alarmingly blank for somepony your age"
  63. "Well, Ma'am" you say with a absolutely toxic tinge, "I can't remember. At all, and it scares me to Tartarus and back" You say worriedly because you were thinking of saying hell and your body and mind auto-corrected itself
  64. >"It'll come in time, I hope" Sturdy said while nuzzling your neck
  65. "I hope so too.." you reply despondently
  66. >"Alright Daybreak, form up! Two ranks and columns, since we're at full strength!" Tower bellowed as she stood tall in front of us
  67. >You ended up just beside Nimbus and behind Light Torch and you shifted on your hooves trying to get a feel for them
  68. >"Second pony, Second rank, Move Up!" Aurora barked at you to get you into position for the fifth time, and you scuffled your hooves along the cold, hard ground
  69. >"STOP!" she yells as you finish putting your hindlegs down "Second rank, ready! Team ready!" Aurora calls back to Tower Shield
  70. >"Daybreak team, Attention!" Tower Shield calls
  71. >You and the rest of the team stomps your hooves, stand up straight... and wait
  72. >You catch yourself starting to fall asleep standing up as you're waiting for the team inspection to begin
  73. "We've been waiting here for a while now, when's it going to start?" you whisper over to Nimbus
  74. >"Oh, in about 5, 4, 3....." she starts counting down but stops before she finishes
  75. >Your ear perks up as it hears a door opening on the terrace overlooking the courtyard and your eyes follow when you see the princesses walk out of it
  76. >As beautiful as Luna's nights were, you were shaking like a leaf on a tree from how cold you were, and the harsh mountainous wind didn't help either
  77. >With their horns aglow, you noticed Luna's moon going down to your left, and the light from Celestia's sun slowly creeping into the courtyard over the castle walls on the right, bringing some much needed warmth with it
  78. >As she raised the sun, you and everypony else in the courtyard bowed to the regal diarchs, with nearly perfect synchronization
  79. >"All rise, my little ponies" Celestia beckoned to the crowd that gathered in front of her
  80. >When you stood up and opened your eyes, you tried to look straight forward as best as you can, but the princesses' flowing manes caught your eye and they drifted towards them
  81. >Celestia noticed this, and shot you a quick wink
  82. >Your mind races, your wings fly out like a jack in the box, and you blush so hard you turn pink!
  83. >"Well good game, it was fun while it lasted. You're going to pony hell! Just because Princess Celestia-senpai noticed you" You hurriedly think to yourself, as you close your wings and nervously breathe in and out
  84. >Out of the corner of your eyes, you noticed a few things, namely that all of the teams yours are arranged in a massive checker board pattern, and the ones that are surrounding Daybreak are not only all black, they're all male!
  85. >Oh my, you must have gave one of them a nosebleed from that!
  86. >Wait, where'd the princesses go?
  87. >You see Luna to the far left...
  88. >…and Celestia right in front of you
  89. >Windows XP Log-off .wav
  90. >"And here's our new recruit Unyeilding Aegis, who you brought to us yesterday" Tower Shield said as she motioned towards you with a smile on her face and her eyes closed
  91. >That was a small mercy for you, because if she saw your face, you would've died from embarrassment
  92. >Princess Celestia leans over to you and whispers in your ear "Relax, it's not the first time, and it most certainly won't be the last, Ms. Aegis"
  93. >She looks down from the top of your cute fluffy ears to the tips of your lightly dusted hooves and uses her magic to open your wings wide, then looks over to Tower Shield, smiles and carries on with the rest of the inspection, but not before having a giggle with Nimbus Feather
  94. >After everything is all said and done, Her and Luna take their positions on the terrace, albeit switched around
  95. >"ROYAL CANTERLOT GUARDS, DIS-MISSED!" Luna roared with the voice of the old royals
  96. >As soon as the Princesses closed the door behind them, everypony in the courtyard turned to the sun and marched off then went into their groups
  97. >As you were leaving the courtyard, you notice one of the all-male teams loading up a comrade onto their backs
  98. >Jackpot
  99. >Once You and the rest of Daybreak got back to the mare's barracks, they all just broke down with tears of laughter
  100. >"You should've seen the look on your face, It was absolutely priceless!" Sturdy Buckler howled with delight
  101. >If there ever was a moment where you wanted to curl up into a little ball of embarrassed pegasi fluff, this would've been it
  102. >But Aurora had other plans for you, as she used her telekinesis to pry you out of it
  103. >"Ma'am, with your permission, may i give Unyielding over here the grand tour?" She asked while motioning over to you with her eyes
  104. >"I don't see any problems with that." Tower Shield responded, then called the rest of Daybreak and left the room
  105. >"Let's let the two lovebirds be" hollered Light Torch as she trotted outside into the sunshine
  106. >The only thing on your mind was "Oh, Shit"
  107. >"Before we head out to show you around, I have something I've been wanting to tell you..." Aurora maliciously said as she locked the door of the barracks with her magic
  108. >"Like it or not, little miss Unyielding, everypony has secrets, and I've been piecing together the biggest one you've got, one that goes for a while before you became the pony you are today" Aurora sneered as she trotted towards you
  109. >You feel your plot hit the wall and see her horn glowing with a vibrant, almost neon pink, and you feel almost every single muscle in your body freeze into the position of sheer terror that you're in now
  110. >"Now that I have your attention, Unyielding" Aurora chimed as she grabbed the pillow off the bed that you'd been using and sat down on it, "I have a little story to tell you, and I think you know how it goes, but a little perspective can change things quite a bit..." she said calmly
  111. >"Once upon a time in the magical city of Canterlot, there were two siblings, a brother and sister, and as different as they were, they were absolutely inseparable"
  112. >"On a dark and stormy night, in the rain-slicked back alleys and winding streets of the city, while out defending the ponies who lived there, the brother had seen a wretched beast that stood on two legs and wore a torn and battered suit terrorising the ponies who were at a pub for a evening of fun and relaxation."
  113. >"The brother gave chase to the beast who had fled from the pub, down those winding streets, then trapped him in an alley of deep darkness"
  114. >"With his back to the wall and no escape for him, The Beast lunged out to The Brother, and even though It had no claws, talons, or even fur..." Aurora recited, closing her eyes and taking a deep, deep breath
  115. >"The Beast had lifted The Brother by his horn, thrown him against the alley walls, and beat him well into the point of unconsciousness"
  116. >"As The Beast was making its getaway, it was struck down with great force from an angel of the city, and it was locked away."
  117. >"The brother was saved, but he fell into a deep, deep slumber, one that someponies say wouldn't end for quite some time" Aurora choked out
  118. >"As for the sister, she bolted for hospital as soon as she heard the news, the thundering of her hoofsteps louder than that of the storm's, and never left his side for a week straight"
  119. >"As for the beast, he was released into the dreaded Everfree forest after he was held in complete, solitary darkness for an entire month"
  120. >"Quite some time later, The Beast heads back into the city, with his suit still in tatters and the dust from many, many roads on it"
  121. >"He enters the throne room of the sisters, but never comes out, instead a young mare is floated out in the Princess's magic and placed upon that very bed" Aurora said as she pointed to the bed with a motion of rage deep within her body
  122. >"The Brother's name was Aurora Borealis, and he still is in that deep sleep in the hospital, but his chances are slim, as they say" Aurora Australis said
  123. >"But the Beast, the one who lives as you do, lives within you, Unyielding Aegis; or should i say..." Aurora growled as she held her horn to your neck "...Anonymous"
  124. >You feel your body slump to the floor and tears raining down your face as your regain control of your body
  125. >It all makes sense, even if you don't quite remember the entirety of what happened that night
  126. >Even though they may or may not be massive xenophobes, they weren't being racist, they were just absolutely terrified of you!
  127. >You cover your eyes with your hooves as you let it all out, and after a short while, you feel somepony else on you, your fur soaking up her tears too
  128. >As you go to spread your wings over Aurora, she bucks you in your side HARD, rolling you onto your back
  129. >"I swore to Celestia, that if i had ever found that... that deplorable, sack of ponyfeathers that had done *that* to my brother...." Aurora cried out, with a steady stream of tears from her eyes
  130. >"That i'd drag him off, kicking and screaming, to Tartarus, to lock him up in a room with Tirek himself and have him subject him to a eternity of pain and punishment!" Aurora roared with sadness
  131. >"And now, and now i can't! I can't even do that for my brother!" She raged as she pummeled you with her hooves, each hit a little softer than the last
  132. >It wasn't until the late afternoon, when the dust-motes shining in the sunlight coming in through the other windows, that Aurora and yourself had stopped crying, the two of you looking like you'd been through a storm, even though the skies were as clear as the windows looking outside
  133. >"I.. I guess we should go out and show you around, Aegis..." Aurora sniffled as she wiped the last of her tears from her eyes, "Everypony else should be back in a little bit..."
  134. >You never had the time to take in everypony's looks, but seeing Aurora like this now, with her green hair, like the grass or the trees, and her vibrant magenta eyes, that she was a stunning pony, from top to bottom
  135. >"Now, as much as i'd like to stay here, we kinda can't, you bird-brain" Aurora jokingly said to you, "I told Ma'am that I'd show you around, and I don't want get in trouble">As you two head out of the barracks with a little more knowledge of the other's life, Aurora trotted beside you, more sure of herself
  136. >"Here's the training arena, it's surprising to see just how much punishment some straw filled dummies can take over a day-to-day basis and still come out unscathed" Aurora remarked
  137. "What about that building over there, the one with all of the smoke coming out of it?" You inquire
  138. >"Well, that's either the armoury or...." Aurora slows down as she takes a whiff of the air coming around it, "... the mess hall, and from the smell of it, it's pasta night again" she says with disgust
  139. >As the tour continues, you can't help but overhear a conversation coming over the ground's walls
  140. >"Well then, brother of mine, seeing as our brief trial in the world of modern medicine has fallen flat, where to next?" Flam questioned as he slicked his mane back
  141. >"I heard that Los Pegasus is just filled to the brim with ponies as their moneybags are with gold" Flam said to his baby-faced brother
  142. "Hey, the last time we'd set up to get rich, we nearly got killed by that multi-headed abomination! What's so different about a city surrounded by sand, but not water!" Flam cried out
  143. >"Where are you going, Aegis?!" Aurora barked out as you flew upwards
  144. >Or at least you attempted to, until you realised that you had to flap your wings to fly
  145. "Just correcting some ponies on a big mistake they made a little while back!" You called back to her
  146. "Y'know, news travels fast, boys; especially in these parts" you call out to the two unaware ponies, "especially if a certain somepony lets you know that selling what made your machine works, and having over a dozen farms pay you dearly instead of trying and failing to 'acquire' just one would boost your coffers greatly " you call out seductively as you take a seat on the outer portion of the ground's wall
  147. >"And was this certain somepony you're referring to not actually a pony?" Flim asked
  148. >"A some body, by chance?" Flam continued
  149. >"Because I've only heard one... thing say that" Flim growled as his ears fell flat to his head
  150. >"And as resourceful as we are, we don't take kindly to something rubbing salt into one of our greatest mis-steps!" Flam yelled as he shot a green beam towards you
  151. >It was in that moment Flam knew, irrevocably that he fucked up as he heard the thundering of hundreds of hooves coming from the grounds of the barracks and his body covered in many dots of light from the unicorns on the wall
  152. >"GET DOWN ON THE GROUND RIGHT NOW!" one of the other unicorns yelled with authoritative tone
  153. >You see yourself get covered quickly get covered in Aurora's glow as you fly back in to the barrack grounds
  154. >"Aegis! What the buck were you thinking?! We'll talk about this later!" Aurora quietly whispered as she took her position on the wall and shined a red dot on Flam
  155. >"Flam, What the flying buck were you thinking?!" Flim quietly yelled as he and his mustachioed brother were being covered from above
  156. >"That mare, i do believe is none other than that wretched no-good Anonymous!" Flam hissed to his sibling
  157. >"Brother of mine, if we make it out of this alley , I am going to kick your sweet apple bottom to the bottom of that bog!" Flim yelled as he put his hooves behind his head
  158. >As soon as that debacle was finished, Aurora pulled you out of the hay-cart she tossed you into and dragged you behind the mess hall
  159. >"Explain yourself, Aegis!" Aurora demanded
  160. "Those two ponies in that alley, they're the Flim-Flam brothers, and along my travels we crossed roads, I told them basically what i said back there, and they flipped out because they didn't think of it themselves." You quietly yell to her
  161. >"So why did they try to zap you off then, bird-brain? You could of gotten killed!" Aurora indignantly huffed
  162. "Maybe because they're saltier than the Apploosan salt flats, or maybe because I hoodwinked the two of them with a crazy bet; actually, when I think of it, it was both" You respond
  163. >"I can't believe that you're that stupid, Aegis!" Aurora fumed as she stamped her hooves to the ground "We're supposed to be leading by example, not causing trouble in the streets!"
  164. >"You're right, I shouldn't of done that and I'm an idiot for it, but at the same time those two deserved it!" You say with a frown on your face and your ears against your mane
  165. "We'll try to figure out what to do with you tomorrow, but for now can you at least try to get through the rest of the day without making a scene?" Aurora sighed as she rested her body along the wall
  166. "I think I can manage that, for the most part" You reply, as the sound of your stomach growling cuts you off
  167. >"We should probably find everypony else first before tending to *that*, after all it wouldn't look good if we were there before them" Aurora chuckled as she prodded your tummy with her hoof
  168. >You and Aurora make your way back to the barracks to find the rest of the team waiting for you
  169. >"Well, it seems like you two had quite the day today, from what we've heard" Tower Shield mused
  170. >"Now that everything's all worked out between you two, let's get something to eat" Light Torch
  171. said as she glanced from her book
  172. >After the six of you gathered at one of the long wooden tables in the mess hall, one of the unicorns at the head table floated up a wine glass and tapped it a few times with his spoon
  173. >"Fillies and gentlecolts, today, as i'm sure as you have noticed, has been quite the day with some new faces.." He pauses as he looks directly at you, "...and some returning ones, like our former captain, Shining Armor, who showed up earlier today on a 'diplomatic' mission with his lovely wife, Princess Cadence and decided to join us for dinner" He said
  174. >"Thanks for having me, Flare" Shining said as he nodded his head "Can I get all of the newbies to stand up?"
  175. >"Boy, this was awkward" you thought as all eyes were on you
  176. >"I'm glad to see you all here tonight, it's nice to see ponies from all walks of life step up to the plate" Shining remarked, before re-taking his seat
  177. >"Y'know, that means those of you who are still on your hooves can sit down as well" Flare Blitz joked
  178. >After a short wait for you and the rest of daybreak to get your food, you dig into the vegetable lasagna, and your mind is absolutely blown!
  179. >Aurora was dead wrong, and pasta has never tasted this good!
  180. >After taking a few bites and savouring the flavour of it, you prop your head on your hoof
  181. "So, why did you all join up?" You innocently ask, breaking up the quiet clattering of forks and knives
  182. >"Well, a lot of my family was with the guard before I was, it was basically tradition at that point" Tower Shield remarked
  183. >"I was an adventurer, and wanted something a little less dangerous after a trip gone wrong through the Ghastly Gorge. Quarray Eels, they're crazy aggressive and huge!" Sturdy Buckler motioned, almost knocking over her tankard
  184. >"My parents wanted me to apply what I've learned out in the wide land of Equestria after getting out of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and I thought 'Why not join up with the guard? They're everywhere after all.' So here I am" Light Torch recalled
  185. >"I initially tried to join the wonderbolts, but I couldn't pass the entrance exam, and Tower seen me mope around afterwards and couldn't take it, so I followed in her hoofsteps and haven't looked back since" Nimbus said as she put a hoof around Tower's neck
  186. >Aurora just gave you an understanding nod and went back to eating her penne
  187. >"What about you, Aegis?" Sturdy asked as she took a swig from the cup
  188. "I'm not really comfortable with that..." You hesistate "Maybe later, but not right now"
  189. >"That's fair, I can understand that, but we'll have to get caught up sometime" Strudy reassured
  190. >After dinner, you and everypony else helped tidy up the mess hall, and returned to the barracks for another day to dawn tomorrow...
  191. >...but before you entered the barracks, Sturdy put a blindfold on you!
  192. >After some stumbling around while being corralled by the rest of the team, your hooves make contact with the hard, wooden floor
  193. >"I think we can stop now; Light Torch, take off Aegis' blindfold" Tower Shield ordered while suppressing a laugh
  194. >As the blindfold slipped off your head, your eyes focused on what was on your bed
  195. >It was a set of brilliantly polished golden armour, lightly engraved with leaves, laurels and the seal of Equestria and a helmet with a deep blue comb on top of it
  196. >"It was kinda hard for us to get the proper measurements, you kept tossing and turning in your sleep, but we managed to do it!" Nimbus Feather gleamed
  197. >You look back to Tower Shield, and she nods and says "I expect you in it for tomorrow morning!"
  198. >You let out a ecstatic squee of joy, as you gallop over to pick it up, a wide, wide smile spreading over your face
  199. >Every part of the plate forms to your body, leaving one to wonder if you were made for the armour, or if it was made for you
  200. >As you put on the helmet, it falls down and covers your eyes
  201. >"Shoot, they must've gotten the wrong size!" Light Torch gasped, "I double-checked the measurements and everything!"
  202. >"I don't know about that, it looks like the right size to me..." Nimbus said with a small chuckle and a heart-warming smile
  203. >Aurora floated the helmet up a little bit so you can see how it all came together
  204. >Oh my goodness, if you were still a human, you'd be dead from the cuteness you're seeing now!
  205. >You hear the flash bulb of a camera go off as the team gathered around you, in your fresh armour and over-sized armour
  206. >You're officially one of the team, and they're your team-mates and friends
  207. >If they didn't take it off of you before you went to sleep, it would've stayed on the entire night
  208. >You sleep soundly, with dreams filled with adventure and action...
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