Mewberty: Bad End 2.22

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  1. Chaos. Absolute chaos. The whole of the school is covered in Stars webbing. Boys screaming from every direction. Oskars car still burning from the fall it took, his charred body in the wreckage. Marco walks down the hallway, ax in hand. He needed to end this. He has to kill his best friend. He stops when he sees her in the distance, capturing yet another boy.
  2. "STAR!"
  3. She stops and turns towards him. Her head tilts in interest.
  4. "Boy~"
  5. She flies towards him, preparing another blanket of webs to capture him. Marco dodges and takes a swing, missing only by an inch.
  6. "Damnmit!"
  7. Star shoots out a stream of hearts, sticking Marco to a nearby wall. She takes a closer look at him, seemingly recognizing him.
  8. "M-Marco?"
  9. "Yes! Star it's me! Please tell me this means you're back!"
  10. Star just smiles. "Marco~"
  11. Marco almost let his tears fall. She was gone, but that didn't mean he couldn't stop her.
  12. "Star, you want me right?"
  13. Star nods eagerly. She moves even closer, their lips centimeters apart.
  14. "Then have me and only me. Leave the rest of these guys and you can have me forever."
  15. Star stops and seems to contemplate. She looks over at the many boys she already has, cowering away from her, then she looks at Marco, his eyes determined, no fear in sight.
  16. A perfect parent for her children.
  17. She rips Marco off the wall and kisses him. She soars into the sky with him, entering the clouds. She flies towards the tallest tree in the town, dropping Marco on the highest branch.
  18. In a matter of minutes, Star creates a hive of sorts around the whole of the tree. Marco realizes she built a room around him as well, with her entering it moments after she finishes.
  19. "Marco~"
  20. She undresses and lets her hair down, leaving a purple, wild haired, and multi-armed girl standing in front of Marco. Marco just stares in shock at the sight. Star suddenly pounces on him and rips his clothes off. Marco actually attempts to fight her off at first, but one pair of her arms hold him down while the others encourage his penis to become erect. She kisses the cocks tip and swallows the thing whole, moving her head up and down. She gasped when she finally got it hard. Marco knew what his fate is now, and he accepts it. In moments she forced him inside her, constantly saying his name as she raped him.
  21. Marco just lies there and looks at her, he barely kisses her back whenever she kisses him. He doesn't even realize when he cums inside her.
  22. Star screams to the sky when she climaxes as well, so loud that Marco wouldn't have been shocked if the whole town heard it.
  23. "Marco. Marco."
  24. She lies on top of him and nuzzles her face into the crook of his neck.
  25. "Marco~" was the last thing she said before she fell asleep. Marco lets his tears fall now. He cries for himself, he cries for his family and friends.
  26. He cries for Star.
  27. -months later-
  28. Marco awakens to the morning light and the baby on his chest stirring. Star wakes up with him as well, smiling at him when she opens her eyes, which were no longer hearts, but not the familiar sky blue Marco came to know. They were now purple like the rest of her.
  29. "Morning Marco."
  30. "Star."
  31. She grabs the baby girl on Marcos chest and nuzzles her. She whistles and several other children come in. With slightly purple skin and 4 arms, they took more after their mother, but they all had their fathers beauty mark. They all hug their mother and then run to their father.
  32. "Hey daddy!" one shouts.
  33. Marco smiles and kisses her cheek. A small boy jumps on his chest.
  34. "When we gon' practice karate!?"
  35. "A little later sweetie." Star replies for Marco, "But daddy and mommy need some alone time. Go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast will you Artemis?"
  36. The oldest girl nods and takes her siblings out of the room. Marco looks at Star, knowing what was coming. She crawls on him and one pair of her hands grabs his penis.
  37. "I want more babies."
  38. "I know."
  39. "I love you."
  40. Marco doesn't reply, he just lies there and looks at her.
  41. "Marco~" she whispers as she enters him.
  42. Marco actually responds during sex now, knowing that it makes her happy. And he responds because it keeps everyone in town safe.
  43. He cums inside her, grunting as he does. Star covers her mouth as she climaxes so the kids wouldn't hear. Star kisses him when the climax subsides.
  44. "I love you."
  45. "...I love you too."
  46. This was Marcos life know. Keeping the world safe from a girl who he may have loved.
  47. He holds his tears back when Star nuzzles her face into the crook of his neck.
  48. "Marco~"
  49. The End
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