Sunday Night Chatroom 2015/05/10 Minutes

MegaBossMan May 10th, 2015 223 Never
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  1. Tails’s Ideas
  2. >How would you guys feel about seeing how much overkill your robots sustained after being dealt a disabling blow by your opponent?
  3. ThatGuyNamedMike: I wouldn't mind that, myself.
  5. >(18:08:42) TailsMK4: Regarding AI and the fact Sky Ridge is the only field that reduces Time.
  6. ThatGuyNamedMike: We still don't have any fields that address Shield, yet.
  7. (18:09:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: Or Neutral, for that matter.
  9. Adrian’s News
  10. > First piece of news, the robot editor is being redone so that transferring robots isn't a hassle like it is now.
  11. In the updated version, it's simply a matter of drag-and-drop.
  12. If you want Bubble Man in Light's campaign, you simply pick him up and drag him across.
  14. >There's also going to be a much better version of changing items and equipping items that doesn't revolve around in the HTML drop downs.
  16. >Adrian is also in the process of putting the Prototype on GitHub, so other developers can browse the code and make suggestions and fixes as well.
  17. --------------------
  18. >MegaBossMan: Would everyone be fine with that? Just go constantly with ideas unless Adrian has anything to intervene with?
  19. [The main consensus was yes]
  21. Boss Rush (ironically it’s Boss who brought it up):
  22. (18:28:46) MegaBossMan: You fight 8 Robot Masters in a row, you know?
  23. (18:29:13) MegaBossMan: I would think we could gather up 8 Bosses, and put them up against the player, you know?
  24. (18:29:51) MegaBossMan: Obviously, this wouldn't be until the very end of the game, because this sounds pretty difficult, but it's just something that always seems to flow well, you know?
  25. (18:33:43) MegaBossMan: I know some people think 8v8s drag on, but personally, I love the idea.
  26. (18:34:21) MegaBossMan: Despite this being a RPG, it still should contain the elements from the MM series that we CAN include.
  28. The King Thing:
  29. (18:35:07) MegaBossMan: Does everyone remember the talk of two separate forms for King?
  30. (18:35:07) MegaBossMan: Does everyone remember the talk of two separate forms for King?
  31. (18:40:35) MegaBossMan: Retro came up with this idea of King having two separate forms to rely on, but King as he is now, is paired with a second Doc Robot.
  32. (18:40:58) MegaBossMan: Now, a King that can shapeshift and use lasers along with a Doc Robot might be a bit too overkill for such a battle.
  33. (18:41:34) MegaBossMan: I believe Doc suggested that King could use his shield only in his first fight, and then have a second battle later on where he could freely switch between the two forms.
  34. (18:42:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: I personally believe that King should be an optional superboss, but, that's me.
  35. (18:42:43) MegaBossMan: An optional King superboss, eh?
  36. (18:42:56) MegaBossMan: Wasn't there a "King Mrk.2" in Mega Man and Bass?
  37. (18:43:42) MegaBossMan:​ng
  38. (18:43:57) TheDoc: I was thinking of having King & Dark Man (if you MUST have two bosses for that fight) where King just has his shield, and then a second fight against standalone King where he can switch to this axe
  39. (18:44:45) MegaBossMan: What about the idea of a King Mrk.2 though? Maybe not even a separate robot, maybe just an alt in the likes of Disco, Roll, and Rhythm that the game has?
  40. (18:45:07) MegaBossMan: Of course, this "alt" would only be used by the game and would be more powered up than the previous King.
  41. (18:47:25) MegaBossMan: So, what if you only fought King in his shield form for that first battle...
  42. (18:47:41) MegaBossMan: And he can freely switch between his two forms for a secret battle?
  43. (18:51:46) Tobyjoey: Will King function's be dictated at the start of the turn, or will it be based off of what move he does, like Aegislash?
  44. (18:52:05) MegaBossMan: I'd imagine he'd pull a Sniper Joe and randomly switch between the two every few turns.
  45. (18:52:36) TheDoc: How about he switches at the end of every turn? And it shouldn't take him a turn to switch.
  46. (18:53:58) TheDoc: Or even better have him switch right before his makes his move. That way he can
  47. (18:54:31) TheDoc: Sorry, when I said "every turn" I didn't mean he switches once per turn.
  48. (18:54:45) TheDoc: I meant that when he does switch, he switches before his takes his turn
  49. (18:54:47) ThatOneEnderMan: And maybe his weaknesses change, so that would make it even harder.
  50. (18:55:08) MegaBossMan: Yeah, weakness change wouldn't be bad.
  51. (18:55:22) MegaBossMan: After all, a guy with a shield should have a different weakness than the same guy with an axe.
  52. (18:55:33) MegaBossMan: Not sure if that can be programmed, but interesting nonetheless, right?
  53. (18:55:59) ThatGuyNamedMike: It can be if you make the two forms into 2 different battles.
  54. (18:59:01) ThatGuyNamedMike: All jokes aside, it looks less awkward and WTFish to 8.5 familiars just to have 2 separate battles instead of seeing King trying to act like Gemini Man or something.
  55. (18:59:57) MegaBossMan: He's saying that it'd look weird to see King randomly change form.
  58. The Fourth Campaign:
  59. (18:35:53) MegaBossMan: Sadly, due to technical limitations, we can't do it as of now, but....
  60. (18:36:07) MegaBossMan: I, Mike, and Adrian had this long talk about a fourth "special" campaign.
  61. (18:36:30) MegaBossMan: So, if we can ever get past the problems, maybe we could include this "special" post-game campaign.
  62. (18:36:52) MegaBossMan: I personally love the idea, myself.
  63. (18:37:25) MegaBossMan: I don't want to get these major hopes up though, so don't be disappointed if we only ever see 3 campaigns.
  64. (18:37:47) MegaBossMan: After all, we have some technical stuff blocking our path, but if we can ever get past that, who knows?
  66. The Genesis Unit:
  67. (19:32:17) ThatGuyNamedMike: ...the genesis unit.....should probably go. We have way better potential bosses than those 3.
  68. (19:33:14) TheDoc: I disagree. I think they're fine as bosses and we do want to include a good variety of bosses.
  69. (19:33:29) MegaBossMan: I personally like the trio a lot.
  70. (19:33:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: Between King, Sunstar, the Killers, Doc Robot, the Shadow alts, the Droids, AND the Galaxy Council,
  71. (19:33:57) ThatGuyNamedMike: I don't see why the Genesis unit is needed. They're....too obscure, really.
  72. (19:33:59) MegaBossMan: They're supposed to be goofy. It's called variety, after all.
  73. (19:34:24) MegaBossMan: I really like the Genesis Unit as a bunch, and I think they provide an interesting dynamic.
  74. (19:36:57) ThatGuyNamedMike: ......we COULD, sure, but, why not replace them with 3 potentially BETTER bosses of our own making?
  76. Different Boss “Forms”:
  77. (19:37:47) ThatGuyNamedMike: I can't see why Trill needs 3 forms.
  78. (19:38:05) ThatGuyNamedMike: and I also can't see why Planet Man needs 4.
  79. (19:39:53) ThatGuyNamedMike: Basically, I'm addressing the whole 'end bosses need multiple forms' bit. I'm sorry, but, Doc Robot already did this, and I didn't like it then.
  80. (19:40:21) TheDoc: I see. Instead of having different forms, different bosses would be better?
  81. (19:40:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: Precisely.
  83. Levels Again…:
  84. (19:42:12) ThatGuyNamedMike: Ummm, The final Story+ chapter in the mission progression doc.​_preview/documents/mission-progre​ssion-by-chapter.txt
  85. (19:42:37) ThatGuyNamedMike: Why does anything need to be Level 1,000?
  86. (19:42:46) ThatGuyNamedMike: or heck, Lv. 200, for that matter?
  87. (19:43:04) MegaBossMan: Because it adds a sense of dread for the player.
  88. (19:43:17) ThatGuyNamedMike: You can do that without making something Lv. 1,000.
  89. (19:43:20) MegaBossMan: While it also improves the stats even more, it also strikes fear into the player's heart.
  90. (19:43:38) ThatGuyNamedMike: It's easy, that make its' stats = an absurdly high amount.
  91. (19:43:52) MegaBossMan: It's going right in there, flaunting to the player that this guy is a whole different league than anything you've ever faced or gotten.
  92. (19:44:31) MegaBossMan: Seeing those digits so high and seeing this level of strength you can't achieve is exactly what I believe this fight is supposed to represent.
  93. (19:45:55) MegaBossMan: That's the ultimate piece of dread for me for a boss, seeing this power you can't have by normal means, and feeling this sense of hopelessness
  94. (19:46:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: But, then, his stats end up being pathetic to do that. I mean, say that Cache's HP is...oh, 2,000. Base.
  95. (19:46:27) MegaBossMan: A level is most likely the first thing a player sees, and seeing these digits that surpass what you think a robot in this game should have, it's astounding.
  96. (19:47:09) MegaBossMan: It's really setting up the mood for the fight, to be honest. Seeing this level just makes you think "....What is this thing?"
  97. (19:47:14) TheDoc: I don't see a problem with having the boss be a level that the player cannot achieve to be a "problem" as long as the stats are challenging enough
  98. (19:48:09) MegaBossMan: But of course, when the time comes, Cache's stats will be adjusted accordingly to represent the amount of challenge his boss fight should contain.
  99. (19:48:11) ThatGuyNamedMike: His HP at Level 1,000 ends up being 101,900(possibly). You could accomplish this same feat at Level 100 by giving him a Base HP stat of 20,000.
  100. (19:50:38) ThatGuyNamedMike: Just saying that nothing would need to be LEvel 1,000 if it had better stats.
  102. The Need for Quint:
  103. (19:52:08) ThatGuyNamedMike: Can we please get rid of Quint?
  104. (19:52:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: PLEASE.
  105. (19:53:48) ThatGuyNamedMike: He's just a massive parabola of idiotically unplanned poo-pooness
  106. (19:54:15) ThatGuyNamedMike: We already have a Mega Man Shadow.
  107. (19:55:02) ThatGuyNamedMike: Mega Man S. Final Destination 2.
  108. (19:55:18) ThatGuyNamedMike: Also, he's not a Killer.
  109. (19:57:00) TheDoc: Mike I feel like this is simply a personal issue between you and Quint
  110. (19:57:58) ThatGuyNamedMike: It is partly, but, I just wanna thin the herd for Adrian's sake, too. I mean, we have so pretty rad bosses without Quint stinking it up, and Adrian has enough work ahead of him putting THEM in as it is without trying to justify putting in that....thing.
  111. (19:58:27) MegaBossMan: But then we have to replace him with someone else.
  112. (19:58:50) MegaBossMan: Plus, he's only present for one fight, and he has some pretty rocking sprites.
  113. (19:59:02) ThatGuyNamedMike: We HAVE to? I don't recally Adrian replacing the retconned Galaxy Council members, yet.
  114. (19:59:30) MegaBossMan: But they never had a spot in this in the first place. Quint was in from the start, GC wasn't.
  115. (19:59:53) TheDoc: Well, if Adrian's putting him in, then Adrian must be fine with him being in, so I don't see a problem there
  116. (20:00:13) MegaBossMan: He does need a different Defend though...
  117. (20:00:31) MegaBossMan: After all, he'll just be randomly getting off his pogo to block in his idle animations.
  119. One Last MBM Idea….
  120. (20:07:16) MegaBossMan: Alright, what about the idea of a surprise encounter?
  121. (20:07:52) MegaBossMan: So, you click on a mission, and you're fighting against Slur.
  122. (20:08:16) MegaBossMan: Now, being the type of player that you are, you finish up your battle and it's all over.
  123. MegaBossMan: Normally, you'd hear the beautiful, grating sounds of victory and the green box, but…
  124.  Now, whether it's manually or by beating some requirement, a textbox appears
  125. (20:09:32) MegaBossMan: "The sensors have picked up a powerful signal....And it's coming straight to this position!"
  126. (20:09:44) MegaBossMan: Next thing you know, [insert] enters the battle!
  127. You didn't know you'd be facing an extra robot in the mission select screen, and this is something you didn't account for.
  128. (20:10:23) MegaBossMan: You didn't know you'd be facing an extra robot in the mission select screen, and this is something you didn't account for.
  129. (20:10:39) MegaBossMan: You'd have to quickly regain yourself and try to endure this extra robot.
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