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  1. All of my mods here are for legendary edition
  2. All of my mods here are completely standalone without any requirements unless specified
  3. If you use more than one mod that adds items to the leveled lists, you may need to make a bash patch or else some items may not appear. it may seem daunting at first, but creating a bash patch is pretty easy.
  5. -Creation Club in Skyrim Legendary Edition
  7. It adds most of the creation club items to the leveled lists so you can find them throughout the game. It does not include any of the quests.
  8. *updated 4/3/20202- made all the of armor upgradable and made some of them craftable, made the crossbows appear a bit more often and added an unechanted version of the Blackwater Blade to the leveled lists.
  9. More info can be found in this pastebin:
  11. -Creation Club in Legacy of the Dragonborn
  13. Replaces the following items with the Creation Club variants:
  14. Knights of the Nine armor, sword and Mace
  15. Lord's Mail
  16. Staff of Hasedoki
  17. Wraithguard and Sunder
  18. Chrysamere
  19. *You need to select the Moon and Star Option in the configuration menu
  20. Shadowrend, both axe and sword
  21. Stendaar's Hammer
  22. *the armor does clip through the display stand a bit, not much i can do about it*
  23. *Update 4/1/2020
  24. Got Sunder working now
  27. -Golden Saints and Dark Seducers
  29. Takes the tomes to summon them and adds them to leveled lists, adds books that teach you how to craft the Amber, Madness, Golden Saint and Dark Seducer gear and adds the materials to the khajiit caravans, blacksmiths and miscellaneous merchants. It Does not include the quests. I really wanted to include this one with the Creation Club in Legendary Edition mod but there was some issues with merging it, so I decided to keep them separate.
  31. -Creation Club item fixes
  33. Fixes Chrysamere, Blackwater Blade, Golden Saint swords and the Amber shield and the Madness armor. They had a texture seam on them and the Madness armor had some bugs with being backported. If the swords and the amber shield have a massive seam on them, this mod will fix them. Newer versions of the mods fix them.
  34. ~Updated 3/28/2020 fixed the texture seams on the pauldrons for the male variants of the Madness armor
  36. -Beyond Skyrim Items in Skyrim
  38. It adds the Beyond Skyrim iron weapons and armor, fur and chainmail armor to Skyrim's leveled lists.
  39. *Requires Beyond Skyrim Bruma
  41. -Wares of Tamriel in Skyrim
  43. Takes the Beyond Skyrim Wares of Tamriel mod and adds everything to the leveled lists. It doesn't require the original mod and is completely compatible with it.
  44. Update 3/28/202
  45. -added several items to the leveled lists and merchants that i missed
  47. -NordwarUA's vanilla armor replacer
  49. Just a legendary edition port of NordwarUA's vanilla armor replacer. He released it for Special Edition on the Nexus but never released it for legendary edition
  51. -NordwarUA's Unplayable Faction armor 4.0
  53. The mod on the Nexus is an older, outdated version of the mod. This version was never released in English and it has so much more in it than the version on the Nexus
  55. -Oblivion UI sounds
  57. Replaces a lot of the User Interface sounds with those from Oblivion. Works pretty well with ElSopa's UI mods
  59. -Cira Follower [has an option for black or white hair]
  61. The biggest advocate of the empire you'll ever meet. She's in the Four Shields Tavern in Dragonbridge
  62. Update 6/23/20
  63. Updated her body mesh to a higher poly version
  65. -Cira Follower [Longer hair]
  67. Same as above but she has longer hair. I'd make it an option in the above mod but I am lazy
  69. -General Cira [Normal Cira follower with her wearing General Tullius' armor.]
  70. LE:
  71. SE:
  72. The armor is completely standalone so it will not have any conflicts if you use any mods that replace his armor
  74. -Cira Follower [younger]
  76. Younger version of Cira, fully compatible with the normal version but this time she's in Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath
  80. -New Hangzhou City legendary edition
  82. A massive Chinese themed City meant for taking screenshots in. I backported the Special Edition port since the Legendary Edition version was uploaded to PanBaidu which requires a Chinese phone number to sign up.
  84. Summonable Versions of Mihail's Liches
  85. I edited Mihail's Lich mod to let you buy tomes to summon a few of the Liches. They can be bought from Enthir in the College of Winterhold. There are three tomes the normal lich tome will be sold at level 20, the dread at level 30 and the nether at level 50
  87. *these use the standard ghost voices, not the new custom voices he made
  88. *original mod not needed
  90. Summonable Version of Mihail's Wraiths
  91. Same as above, I edited his Wraith mod to add tomes that will let you summon the Wraiths they will also be sold by Enthir. The normal Wraith tome will appear at level 1, the Gloom Wraith at level 15 and the Sanctified at level 25
  94. Monster Mod v13 Tomes
  95. I made a plugin for Monster Mod to summon most of it's monsters and I added them to the leveled lists. I tried to cover as much as I can but there's too much to cover. The tomes have been added to the leveled lists and Phinis at the college of Winterhold will sell a few at a time. I didn't want to flood his inventory with all the new tomes. You can also use additemmenu if you want.
  96. Here's a link to v13, the version on the Nexus is v4
  99. Heard there was some issues with the version from ModDB with the Monsters' textures not loading, here is a reupload of the Steam Worshop version
  103. **More Creation Club ports
  105. Maze's pastebin
  106. he has more Creation Club ports without the quests, you'll need to use additemmenu to get the items
  109. Some ports made by someone on Reddit, i forgot who it was and i can't check since they killed the modpiracy page
  111. I haven't tried everything he has, but he does have a few items ported that Maze didn't port
  113. Creation Club port by MoonStorm on
  115. This port does contain everything including the quests. For some of the quests and features to work you will need their edit of the Update.esm. I'd use it but I noticed there are a few issues with it such as grass floating 5 feet off the ground in Riverwood and some water completely disappearing. You should do some experimenting with this one to see if it works with your setup properly
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