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CRD Beginner Guide + Example of play

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May 22nd, 2012
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  1. Things you need to know and more
  3. Let's start with a few common questions and misconceptions.
  5. Q. What is this all about?
  6. A. Catgirl Rape Dungeon is a traditional Pen and Paper RPG. That means aside from usual roleplaying of a character you have stats (things you write down that represent your character's capabilities) and dice (random numbers that help determine success and failure of risky actions). The environment and outcomes are determined by a Game Master, a designated player who instead of playing as a Catgirl will be acting as a sort of storyteller and referee. They are your character's eyes and ears.
  7. On top of that, it is a sex game taking inspiration from hentai and similar cartoon and videogame erotica.
  9. Q. Do I have to play a catgirl?
  10. A. Short answer? Yes, cat ears and tail nekomimi, not a furry or human. This is largely a stylistic choice but I am sticking to it.
  12. Q. Do I have to play a CATgirl?
  13. A. Some other viable species options are included at the bottom of this document.
  15. Q. Do I have to play a catGIRL?
  16. A. With the Nonstandard Sex perk you may play a futa or trap, something that is still largely a girl. Why does it require a perk? Having a cock (and to a lesser degree lacking a vagina) can be rather advantageous for reasons I will not go into right now. Why can't you be a regular male? As a player, you will be in constant danger of rape. While you might be alright with your many character getting descriptively violated, it's unlikely that the rest of the group will wish to witness that, let alone whoever is currently running the game.
  18. Q. How do I join?
  19. A. Create a character (using the character rules provided in the room description), have it approved, and wait for a game. Games don't happen every day or on any regular schedule so this is the hardest part. Try to spend as much time in the room as possible.
  21. Q. What should I expect kink-wise?
  22. A. I'm glad you asked since where had been several problems in this area. Let's start with a list of what you can expect from the game itself:
  24. Anal penetration
  25. Nipple play
  26. Spanking and whipping
  27. Entrapment
  28. Bondage
  29. Tentacles
  30. Egg insertion
  31. Light cum inflation
  32. Futanari
  33. Mind control
  34. Living insertion
  35. Minor transformation
  36. Rough treatment (most of the rape comes from brutish monsters after all)
  38. If you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND one of these kinks, maybe this game is not for you. Or you can just avoid and endure it and focus on the good bits parts.
  39. Now for things that will NOT be in the game at all, so please do not focus your characters around it:
  41. Pegnancy and impregnation
  42. Mutilation (of the players, monsters die quite graphically)
  43. Bathroom stuff
  44. Vore
  47. Q. How is the game played?
  48. A. Most of the rolls revolve around the d10, weather a roll of 1d10+stat or just a d10 roll on its on. Usually, I will tell you what to roll.
  49. 1d10+STR is usually rolled to lift something heavy, break something down or force open a jammed door or hit with a heavy weapon.
  50. 1d10+AGI to avoid an attack, hit with a regular weapon, climb, jump, chase down or outrun someone, and many other things.
  51. 1d10+END to resist physical symptoms of a poison, disease, or monster effect, or to resist pain.
  52. 1d10+WIL to resist mind control or similar mental effects, to avoid temptation or cast a spell.
  53. Flat 1d10 to do a lust check, to be stealthy or to detect a sneaky foe.
  55. When you successfully attack, you deal damage equal to damage die (determined by weapon), plus half your strength (rounded down).
  57. When tied, the result generally goes to the defendent (the one avoiding the attack or resisting the control)
  58. When a roll results in a 1 or 10 (before modifiers) something extra special tends to happen, unfortunate or fortunate respectively.
  60. Here is a quick example of combat.
  61. Sara the Catgirl has the following stats: STR 3, AGI 3, END 2 and WIL 2.
  62. She is armed with a shortsword.
  64. One day, Sara is walking through the dungeon-forest, unaware that she is being stalked by a powerful Hunt Demon.
  65. First, the GM has her roll to see if she spots it. The hunt demon is well hidden in the tree canopies and is a natural hunter, so the GM judges that spotting it is a difficulty of 8.
  67. Sara rolls an 8, right on the dot. She manages to see it just in time to prepare herself for its pounce!
  69. The demon rolls 1d10+STR to hit with its pounce (It has a 5 STR) and rolls a 6+5 for a total of 11.
  71. Sara rolls 1d10+AGI to avoid it (having an agility of 3) and gets lucky, rolling a 9+3 for a 12.
  73. She avoids its attack. Both of them still have one action remaining this round. The demon attacks with a claw, and Sara decides to stay on the defensive.
  75. The demon rolls 1d10+STR again, getting a 12, which Sara fails to defend with a roll of 6 total. That means the monster hits. The GM states that it is now rolling damage. Its claws deal 1d4 damage on their own, plus half its STR rounded down, for a total of 1d4+2. It gets a 5, and the GM describes that Sara loses her shirt. Sara is now at her Pain Threshold (which is calculated by adding her STR plus her END) That means she needs to roll END vs a difficulty of 5 every round or only get to act once!
  77. The next round begins. Sara rolls 1d10+END and gets a total of 4, which means she is unable to act more than once. She decides to attack, rolling 1d10+AGI.
  78. The GM decides that the monster is going to spend its whole turn trying to grab her, rolling 1d10+STR twice to pin her down with its body weight.
  79. Sara gets a 9+3 for a 13, while the monster also rolls a 9, for a total of 14! GM decides that it acts first (it rolled higher) and uses its next roll (7+5) to pin her down!
  81. The next round begins. Sara is helpless and can do nothing but struggle, rolling 1d10+STR against the monster's initial Pin roll since it does not decide to spare an action to maintain its hold.
  82. The demon decides to inject her with its paralysis poison, rolling +AGI to hit with its stinger.
  83. Sara rolls a total of 11, just barely under the designated difficulty (its original pin roll, a 12) and the monster hits with a 7.
  84. Sara must now roll +END to resist the poison, which is very potent and has a difficulty of 10.
  85. In a sudden case of bad luck, she gets a 1 and everything fades to black as she loses consciousness and gets dragged away. This is what happens when catgirls adventure alone!
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