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Erhard x Mirai First Time 2

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Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. Erhard: [God rain is a pain. Saving.]
  2. Mirai: [Save logs again. Another hardcore rain]
  3. Mirai: [:l*]
  4. Mirai: [.l]
  5. Erhard: [He holds her tight, and giving her a deep kiss he starts giving it all he has, thrusting so much she sounds like a squeakytoy on steroids, the pressure building!]
  6. Erhard: [His heart just immediately went mush from melting so much]
  7. Mirai: ...It's okay... you can release in me.
  8. Mirai: [As she opens her mouth, and softly says...]
  9. Erhard: Hhhh...?
  10. Mirai: [She's this close...]
  11. Mirai: [She grabs his face then... poking his face so he opens his eyes...]
  12. Erhard: Hhhgh... I love you...! [With that happiness, he gets passionately rougher as well, increasing the force behind his quick thrusts, nearly sending her bouncing off of it as he does!]
  13. Mirai: ...Hhhnnn...! *You* feel legendary! [She now starts going lovingly rougher on it, giving small hops as her hair flows with the gravity]
  14. Erhard: [Even with his sharp hot breathing and moans, he can't help but smile at this, thrusting into her with happiness] Hhh... *You* feel so good...♥
  15. Mirai: Hnn... hhgngngn... this feels so good... ♥
  16. Mirai: [Squeaky. Toy. Noises. Squeak squeak squeak squeak. It does feel like fucking a plushie.]
  17. Erhard: [I bet she sounds like a squeaking mess right now]
  18. Erhard: [He puts his hand on the back of her head, running it through her hair as he increases his pace even more]
  19. Mirai: [She stops kissing him, now just placing her chin on his shoulder and letting him go to town... letting him move his hips as he wants while following in sync]
  20. Erhard: [Moaning into the kiss]
  21. Erhard: [Each time he thrusts inward with the increased pace, he continues going full lenth, the bulge of her groin disappearing and reappearing each time] Nmmn...~
  22. Erhard: [He giggles along with her, before he eagerly returns the kiss, moving his hips to increase the pace along with her]
  23. Mirai: [To not let him talk, and wrap her arms around his neck, kissing him, increasing the pace]
  24. Mirai: [Makes her snort, and laugh loudly in bliss.]
  25. Mirai: [Her vagina makes some small squeaky noises as she slowly moves... as well, that comment...]
  26. Erhard: ...Legendary even...
  27. Erhard: Hnn... Even more heavenly than ever... [Holding her close during her soft movements, letting out sharp breaths between]
  28. Mirai: H...hhh... How do I feel...? [She says while trembling slightly, digging her nails into him]
  29. Erhard: [Just the last?]
  30. Mirai: [Back. last logs pls]
  31. Erhard: [Yeah I feel you. Saving rn.]
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