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  1. Description of yourself
  2. My name is Reece im 17 from UK, I like to game alot... But also i do alot of sports im a good guy always looking to help people out and im a very trust worthy person.
  4. Why do you want to join the APD and why would you make for a good officer?
  5. Since i joined GTA i wanted to be a cop but i always wanted to try the rebel side out first, I have had my fun as a rebel and now looking to become that cop i think i would be good towards the police team as i have alot of skills. Im good at shooting i have very good roleplay skills and my communication skills are also very good. Im really easy to get along with and also i am very active now. And dew to me being a cop on the other server i kinda get the ways in police force and how to handle different people in situations. Im also good at different skills like driving and flying for the future so people wont be able to get away that easy! I would love to get on patrol and meet new people and also get some new friends maybe in the force and also most of all have a great and fun experience.
  7. Tell us in some detail what tasks you expect to be undertaking as a police officer
  8. think that the tasks that police do is, they help the people that need help eg: getting robbed they have very good roleplay skills and have a great laugh with u but there is always the serious side to the cops for instants one of the police is getting hold hostage u have to make sure u handle it the right way so good listening skills cops also do little jobs like driving around looking for people that should not be doing stuff they are. they stop all the drug runs and also stop most people on the island from getting dirty money. Cops are just there to help people and keep all the innocent people safe in the island.
  10. Explain your characters backstory
  11. My name is James i came from a small island, i have been looking to move here for a long time but when some of my family past away i thought it was the time i was looking on the internet for different houses on the island of altis. Finally i got a new home, I came to this island with not much money and didnt know many people just the odd person. I thought it would be best for me to find a job asap so i was searching and i came across police force i thought this would be good for me as i have alot of good skills that the police was after i made my application and did my police training and they said to me your good at all of the skills u provided in the interview and then they gave me the job i met a woman on the island her name was Lucy we got talking about our lives and she asked what i do for a job i said police and she was shocked now im here ten years later and we have 2 kids and a nice family home
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