Lalondiabound Script

Jul 12th, 2012
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  3. Narrator
  5. "Use ARROW KEYS (or WASD KEYS) to walk and SPACEBAR to interact."
  7. roofJunk
  8. "There is no sign of Jack up here. Must be somewhere in the castle."
  10. shelf14
  11. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  12. "It is a holy parchment."
  13. "Maimed Clown. Undead Cat. Impaled Crow. Omnipotent Dog. These four shall be held in reverence for the eternity they serve to cut short."
  15. shelf15
  16. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  17. "You're sick of reading. Gotta find Jack."
  19. goldStatue
  20. >"Examine statue."
  21. "They make such a cute couple."
  22. "The king and queen are pretty nice too. Heheheh."
  24. horseCorpse
  25. >"Examine slain beast."
  26. "You have never seen anything so sad in your entire life. A beautiful muscular man-stallion, struck down in his prime. WHAT MONSTER COULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DEED?"
  27. "(Hint: it was Jack Noir.)"
  29. shelf1
  30. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  31. "'Advanced Frog Breeding for Beginners: Difficulty Level - EXTREME For Idiots!'"
  33. shelf2
  34. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  35. "'A Foot Soldier's Guide to Combat'"
  36. "Most of the diagrams in this book involve a soldier advancing by a single tile, either straight ahead, or diagonally when lunging with a weapon. No wonder these guys are so easy to kill."
  38. shelf3
  39. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  40. "This is a book on theoretical physics, and complex spatial geometries based on the hypothetical addition of orbs to the queen's ring."
  41. "The shapes in the diagrams are very complex. This sort of nonsense is regarded as crackpottery at best. Why would the queen ever wear more than four orbs? Four towers, four orbs, four heroes; this is a sacred truth."
  43. shelf4
  44. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  45. "'Journey to the Center of the Battlefield'"
  46. "Looks to be a fairy tale for youngsters. The hero is a dashing young man in a blue hood. He heals the planet from within, but can do nothing to stop its annihilation from above, nor its soon to follow eradication from reality. It must be sad growing up in a culture whose mythology is centered almost completely around futility."
  48. shelf5
  49. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  50. "You find an ancient unlabeled tome, and read an excerpt."
  51. "'Though we adore Him we shall never enjoy His beauteous Croak. We spill our blood on acres of black and white so they may cross the yellow yard. At last in Skaia's reflection through broken glass He may find the pond in which He's meant to squat.'"
  53. shelf6
  54. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  55. "'Her hands are in my service but they still shake. They unfasten the first button at my royal gown's waist, clumsily.'"
  56. "…"
  57. "This is erotic fanfiction written about the queen in the first person. This doesn't belong in this library. This doesn't belong anywhere."
  59. shelf7
  60. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  61. "More books. You really have better things to do than to read a lot of books written by chess guys."
  63. shelf8
  64. >>"Examine bookshelf."
  65. "books books books"
  67. shelf9
  68. >"Examine bookshelf."
  69. "'Data Structures for Assholes 2: Now Written to Accommodate the Shortcomings of the Mentally Retarded'"
  71. shelf10
  72. >"Examine bookshelf."
  73. "'Grimoire for Summoning the Zoologically Dubious'"
  74. "This is apparently on loan from the Dersite Library. It seems unlikely to be returned at this point."
  76. shelf11
  77. >"Examine bookshelf."
  78. "You think you know what you might find on this shelf. Just a hunch..."
  79. "Yep. More books."
  81. shelf12
  82. >"Examine bookshelf."
  83. "'Rise of the Slayer' A horror story meant to scare children."
  84. "Writers of Prospitian fiction tend to write what they see in clouds. Hence their fables tend to be events which simply haven't happened yet, or happened in another realm. They like to use the word fiction so that kids don't get TOO scared."
  86. shelf13
  87. >"Examine bookshelf."
  88. "'Problem Sooth'"
  89. "You have been meaning to read this one. Absolutely required reading for any promising young seer who has blundered into entanglement with the occult through an absurd sequence of events."
  91. tapestries
  92. "Examine tapestries."
  93. "The series of banners is titled 'They Wait.'"
  94. "They wait for he who would extinguish candles whilst fanning a fire."
  95. "They wait for she who would thaw solid flesh and resolve it into a dew."
  96. "They wait for she who would breed lilacs out of the dead land."
  97. "They wait for he who would drop it like it's hot whilst the pimp's in the crib."
  99. frogHead
  100. >"Examine frog head."
  101. "The stairs are blocked."
  102. "You supposed you could easily remove the obstacle, but that would spoil a perfectly good opportunity to look for secret passages."
  104. frogTorso"
  105. >"Examine idol."
  106. "It bears an inscription: 'Our Glorious Speaker.'"
  107. "His head was lopped clean off, with some sort of sharp, sword-like object. Someone around here sure must hate frogs. You wonder who it could be? (It was probably Jack.)"
  109. chests 1-3
  110. >"Open chest."
  111. "You got A TROPHY!"
  113. chest4
  114. >"Open chest."
  115. "You got A FLAMING METEOR CHUNK!"
  116. "This isn't even treasure. How is this treasure?"
  118. chest5
  119. >"Open chest."
  120. "You got the BANNER OF THE VILLEIN!"
  121. "You suddenly feel inspired. In a generally rebellious, united sort of way."
  123. recordTrans
  124. >"Transportalize."
  126. horseCorpseTrans
  127. >"Transportalize."
  128. "something's blocking it from other side."
  129. curtain
  130. >"Open Curtains."
  132. "PROSPITIAN: ...":
  133. "He is too frightened to speak!";
  134. "He seems to be indicating that the only reason he survived this massacre was by hiding behind this pillar. Thank goodness for pillars."
  136. "DERSITE: ...":
  137. "He seems to be relieved that he and a handful of fellow soldiers have found a secret hideaway to escape the bloody rampage. Maybe if they regroup, and marshal all their remaining forces, they can TAKE this guy! (Yeah right!)";
  139. "DERSITE: ...":
  140. "She is apparently swooning over a hero of lore shared by the two kingdoms. A great man who united opposing sides against his tyrannical king. The revolt ended in tragedy of course, which is typical of their folktales. But it is no less inspiring.";
  142. "DERSITE: ...":
  143. "This fellow is mourning the dead. He has probably lost many friends today.";
  145. "PROSPITIAN: ...":
  146. "She is all aflutter about a legendary hero. Some guy who was weary of war, apparently. A simple farmer, handsome and brave. You think you are beginning to fall in love with him too.";
  148. "PROSPITIAN: ...":
  149. "She looks scared and confused. There is nothing left to do but hide.";
  151. "PROSPITIAN: ...":
  152. "First he was frightened when you barged in here, and then briefly excited, and now disappointed. He must have thought you were the great dark kingdom's defector, come to save them. Alas, it was only a spooky girl with magic wands.";
  154. "JOHN: please lead the way, rose!":
  156. tapestries
  157. >"Examine tapestries."
  158. "Ripped to shreds. All but one, for some reason. WHO COULD HAVE POSSIBLY it was Jack stupid."
  160. TT & EB
  162. "JOHN: hi rose! wow, i did not expect to find you here!"
  163. "ROSE: Nyurb gu'ilg."
  164. "JOHN: heh... what?"
  165. "JOHN: also, why are you all gray like that? you look weird."
  166. "ROSE: G'hroog fib'th mur brup brup."
  167. "JOHN: uh..."
  169. "JOHN: rose, i can't understand a word you are saying. it is a lot sillyspeak and gobbledygook."
  170. "ROSE: Haughauuhthr'l..."
  171. "JOHN: wait, i know what's going on here. it finally happened! you have gone grimdark!!!"
  172. "JOHN: i told you rose. i warned you about... what did you call them? the broodfester throes?"
  173. "ROSE: ..."
  174. "JOHN: it's ok rose, don't worry. we will find a cure for your stubborn throes."
  175. "JOHN: but i'm still trying to find our parents! i thought my dad might have come to this castle to check out that huge black rain cloud."
  176. "JOHN: did you see the cloud, rose? it's pretty awesome."
  177. "ROSE: Fnlth gohluyng j'rg hothaht!"
  178. "JOHN: what? you sound kind of upset. what is it, rose?"
  179. "ROSE: Jgngn, fnlth gohluyng j'rg HOTHAHT!"
  180. "JOHN: wait, are you talking about our parents?"
  181. "JOHN: oh man... you mean, they're here?!"
  182. "ROSE: Shgvb throl. Goors fn'nnyuld hothahty'j otot!"
  183. "JOHN: are you saying they are in trouble??"
  184. "JOHN: oh no! rose, we have to go help them!"
  186. "JOHN: yes, i am frustrated too. but there is no time for such lamentations!"
  187. "JOHN: do you think you can find them again?"
  188. "ROSE: Shruggot."
  189. "JOHN: great! i can't wait to see my dad. it feels like it's been forever since i saw him."
  190. "JOHN: please lead the way, rose!"
  192. "JOHN: oh no! rose, what happened in here?"
  194. "ROSE: Yyjyrn yulk frobithh."
  195. "JOHN: was it jack? are you saying it was jack, rose?"
  197. "JOHN: what's that, rose? are you getting aggravated that i am talking to you kind of like you are a dog?"
  198. "ROSE: ..."
  199. "JOHN: that is a really nice pillow, by the way."
  200. "JOHN: it goes well with your weird dark skin and gothy ensemble."
  201. "ROSE: Knryip."
  202. "JOHN: you're welcome!"
  204. "JOHN: by the way, did you know that karkat thinks we are supposed to get married?";
  205. "ROSE: Gorthytch svulk borbly'ahth?"
  206. "JOHN: wait! i hope that didn't come off as a proposal or anything!"
  207. "JOHN: sorry, i'm just making conversation."
  208. "JOHN: i guess i am a little nervous..."
  209. "JOHN: because technically, this is the first time we have ever met, and also, you are talking like an eldritch monster, so i'm kind of babbling."
  210. "JOHN: we don't actually have get married though. i mean, not if you don't want to."
  211. "ROSE: ..."
  212. "JOHN: heheh. ok, i'll shut up now."
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