Walnut-Hexed Anon (original wasn't saved)

Dec 24th, 2013
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  1. >Be Hexferry
  2. >It was freezing cold as you sat next to Anon on his stupid couch inside his home in Ponyville watching tv on his miniature flat screen.
  3. >You would hate to admit that you did enjoy hanging around the idiot as he was a fool, and was willing to do anything to help anypony whether he knew them or not. Oh how could you lie to yourself? He actually loved him for his idoitcy, but were completely embarrassed if he knew & would reject you.
  4. >Looking over at his direction he could tell he was tired with him letting out a yawn. Glancing at you Anon had to ask why you were staring at him, and freaking out that he noticed you gave him a hoof to the arm with him going "Ow.".
  5. "Why do I hang out with you if all your going to do is punch me?" Anon asked you. Rolling your eyes at him you faced the TV. Thinking about it you were kind of mean to do that, but he deserved it in a way for asking why you were staring at him.
  6. "Hexferry you know I do enjoy hanging out with you?" Anon said to you which caught you by surprise. Looking over at him he then reached out his hands, and grabbed you by your hooves which made you blush. "Hexferry I enjoy being with you, because I love you." just hearing those words made your heart stop before you put a smile on your face, and hugged him letting out a joyous squeak of happiness.
  7. "So do you want have sex now?" Anon asked right after he & you admitted feelings for each other. Letting go of him you simply looked at him on how fast he wanted to ask. Not wanting to say "No." you simply shook your head "Yes.", and Anon started to unzip his pants & started pulling out his erect penis.
  8. >Looking at Anons dick it was weird looking as it wasn't long, but very thick and curved. Letting out your tongue you then touching the very tip of it with a look of pleasure for him before licking it.
  9. >Anons dick was salty for some reason as you continued to lick it for him with a satisfying aroma coming from it. Then slowly you put your entire mouth around licking & sucking on it with Anon putting on a face of ecstasy.
  10. as you continued to suck for minutes you could feel a strange liquid start to squirt out of anons penis which at first you thought was urine in which you were about to feel infuriated about, but wasn't as Anon grabbed onto your head forcing his dick deeper into your mouth before a burst of the liquid came shooting down your throat sticking there a bit.
  11. >When anon let go of your head you then backed away from his dick coughing up some of his liquid that was white.
  12. "Hex ferry you're so adorable this way." Anon said to you as you sat next to him with some his liquid running down your mouth.
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