May 7th, 2020
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  1. SELECT, po.supplier_id, as supplier_name, po.po_code, s.approved as supplier_approved, s.code as supplier_code, s.address as supplier_address, as supplier_city, as suplier_phone, as supplier_email, sb.account_number as supplier_account_number, sb.account_name as supplier_account_name, b.bank_name as supplier_bank_name, po.po_date, po.schedule_date, po.warehouse_id, w.company_name, as warehouse_name, as warehouse_email, as warehouse_city, w.district as warehouse_district, w.address as warehouse_address, as warehouse_phone, po.payment_type, po.payment_due_date, po.status, po.note, po.delivery_type, po.pic, users.username as pic_name FROM purchase_orders as po INNER JOIN suppliers as s ON LEFT JOIN users ON LEFT JOIN warehouses w ON LEFT JOIN supplier_banks sb ON LEFT JOIN banks b ON WHERE 1=1 AND po.deleted_at IS NULL AND
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