(TF) Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun 2 (A-)

Nov 18th, 2012
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  1. >day 4 as a pony
  2. "Wait... what?"
  3. >you've been having nightmares over the past couple days
  4. >they all seem to involve you as some weird bipedal creature in a foreign world full of some things you've never seen before
  5. >worst yet they always have you doing creepy stuff using a strange magic box where strange images depicting obscene acts keep appearing under your command
  6. >you talked to a doctor yesterday about it, but he wasn't any help
  7. >fucking unicorns
  8. >today you're off to continue your job washing windows in Canterlot
  9. >nice job, nice pay, but damn do you hate some of the snobs running around
  10. >you get them back every once in a while, counting on their belief that you're incompetent you've "accidentally" dumped your soapy water on a few
  11. >the trouble was well worth it, though you don't dare mess with the likes of Fancy Pants, even if he treats you well enough
  12. >he's the only unicorn you've met that actually gave you the time of day on job
  13. >you approach your first objective much the same as always, ready to begin your job
  14. "W-w-w-what!?"
  15. >upon looking at the window your reflection changed... into that creepy bipedal creature
  16. >stranger still "he" moved his facial features as if mirroring your own perfectly
  17. >you know it's a he because of what he does in some of the dreams, you woke up screaming once when you saw one of his kind and what looked like a pony on that box
  18. >as quickly as it appeared the reflection changed back to your own
  19. "I think I may need to find a specialist, this is getting out of hoof." you say trying to shake your mind of what you "think" you saw
  20. >you get started as if to distract yourself of your fear unaware of the giggling happening at your expense in the castle
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