Dehitt Zokhar

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  3. Your name is DEHITT ZOKHAR, you are 7.15 sweeps old and your blood is of a rarer variety, JADE. Not like that to you. Your role as a Jadeblood in this world merely means that you have traded the chance for a normal lusus for a NAGGING and LAZY VIRGIN MOTHER GRUB. It would seem that you have to take care of her as much, or maybe even moreso then she has to take care of you. Some trolls think that your blood is a blessing, you say it's a CURSE. Your home is in the IMPERIAL PROVINCE of HOLLANDIA, trolls who come from this region are known for being excellent MERCHANTS and rather posh MEN OF HONOR.
  5. You sort of have an obsession with being a GENTLEMAN, even though your entire life works against you in every way to PREVENT this. You attempt to go to places of higher CULTURE and FANCY in society, oh wait no you're stuck at your HIVE because your accursed LUSUS is whining. You attempt to pick up a DAPPER HAT or CANE, and stroll the TOWN, perhaps picking up a few WENCHES. No wait, your UNGODLY STRENGTH crushes the HAT and snaps the CANE. Yes, you are CURSED with being STRONG. You can never be a GENTLEMAN or hold a title that would be considered HONORABLE because of your accursed STRENGTH. Again, some would call this a blessing, but you KNOW it's a CURSE.
  7. As such, your views on the world are rather APATHETIC. You try your hardest to fit your DESTINY of being a PROPER TROLL from your region, and yet your always fall short. Nonetheless despite your slightly ABRASIVE tone when it comes to self matters, you attempt to be as PROPER and POLITE as possible when addressing others. It is just too bad that with your STRENGTH came an unquenchable FURY and more often than not CONVERSATIONS involving you end with a flurry of UNSIGHTLY PHRASES. Yes, you have ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES, strike that up as another thing that defiles your role as a GENTLEMAN. Yet even with this handicap you attempt to be as CALM and POLITE as possible otherwise.
  9. Because you could never have a RESPECTABLE job as say, being the owner of some TEXTILE FACTORY due to your STRENGTH. You must instead resort a GHASTLY and UNCULTURED way of making money, STREET BRAWLS. If you put up a good enough fight in the streets, other TROLLS usually throw CAEGARS at you. You despise every second of it. You know that if your ANCESTOR could see you now, we would probably be LAUGHING at the failure that your are. But alas, you keep trying anyway.
  11. Your strife specibus is CANEKIND. Haha, just kidding. It would be if your STRENGTH didn't break the blasted thing in PIECES. Instead you must resort to 1/3 CANEKIND. Which is useless. So you must resort to the LOWEST OF THE LOW. The ANTITHESIS of everything you stand for as a MAN OF HONOR. You must use FISTKIND. Your specibus is MERCHANTILISM. The usual for a HOLLANDIAN. Essentially whatever item you ACQUIRE will be thrusted forward into your timeline, to appear at a later date. Sort of like a country sending GOODS to itself from its own colony.
  13. Should you play a certain WORLD BUILDING GAME. Your title would be the KNIGHT OF DOOM in the land of COAL and FERNS.
  15. Your knavetag is [color=#078446]accursedMannerism[/color] and you [color=#078446]spëǟk wḯth ǟ bḯt ṏf ǟn ǟccënt.[/color]
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