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  1. == Books ==
  3. A Safe Girl to Love
  4. Casey Plett
  5. ISBN: 1627290052, 978-0996881005
  6. Note: This 2015 Lambda Literary Award winner is an absolutely stunning collection of short stories about transgender women, written by a transgender woman.
  8. Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir
  9. Kai Cheng Thom
  10. ISBN: 0994047134 9780994047137
  11. Available at:
  12. Note: "[Fierce] is a magical place for every trans girl to insert herself into the story. A place where we belong. The beauty of this pseudo-memoir — which acts as a satirical commentary on the roots of trans literature as based in memoir — is that we get to identify with more than one character who’s canonically and unapologetically a trans woman, and not sensationally named as trans in every sentence, either." -- Autostraddle
  15. Mira Bellwether
  16. OCLC: 885433164
  17. Format: Graphic novel, magazine
  18. Note: This NSFW zine offers a surprisingly comprehensive overview of what the name suggests. It is a frank and indispensible resource for transgender women and their lovers.
  20. Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us
  21. Kate Bornstein
  22. ISBN: 9781101973240 1101973242
  23. Note: This is a classic of trans lit that has helped many transgender people, particularly non-binary people, to make sense of their experiences.
  25. It's Okay to Sparkle!
  26. Avery Jackson; Jessica Udischas
  27. ISBN: 9780692831021 0692831029
  28. Note: This is an unbearably cute picture book for gender variant children, written by a 7-year-old transgender girl. Illustrated by Jessica Udischas of Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls webcomic fame.
  30. Kim & Kim, Vol. 1: This Glamorous, High-flying Rock Star Life
  31. Magdalene Visaggio
  32. ISBN: 9781628751604
  33. Note: This fantastic sci-fi graphic novel, suitable for teenagers, stars two bounty hunters named Kim, one of whom is trans. It has received glowing reviews from The Mary Sue, Gail Simone, The Advocate, Bitch Magazine, Steve Orlando, Bleeding Cool, Comics Alliance, Sophie Campbell, and io9.
  35. My New Gender Workbook
  36. Kate Bornstein
  37. ISBN: 9780415538657 0415538653
  38. Note: An indispensible workbook for people of all ages who are questioning or exploring their gender identity.
  40. Nevada
  41. Imogen Binnie
  42. ISBN: 9780983242239 0983242232 9780983242291 0983242291
  43. Note: This Lambda-nominated novel follows the exploits of a punk trans woman who steals her ex-girlfriend's car and goes on a road trip. It is much deeper than it sounds and has been life-changing for many transgender women.
  45. Redefining Realness
  46. Janet Mock
  47. ISBN: 9781476709130 1476709130
  48. Note: This NYT best-seller and multiple award winner is an excellent choice for a trans memoir, told clearly and insightfully -- with realness.
  50. Transgender History
  51. Susan Stryker
  52. ISBN: 158005689X 9781580056892
  53. Note: This short, accessible, and absolutely vital book by trans woman and historian Susan Stryker provides an entertaining and informative overview of transgender history and activism from the last hundred or so years.
  55. Whipping Girl
  56. Julia Serano
  57. ISBN: 9780786747917 0786747919
  58. Note: A landmark text, practically the place to start if you want to learn about trans approaches to feminism. It would be hard to overstate the significance of this book.
  60. == Visual/Audio media ==
  62. Ma vie en rose (My life in pink)
  63. Alain Berliner
  64. OCLC: 729797248
  65. Format: DVD
  66. Note: This incredible and moving film about a transgender girl won the 1998 Golden Globe and 1998 GLAAD Outstanding Film awards.
  68. Tangerine
  69. Sean S. Baker
  70. OCLC: 953103820
  71. Format: DVD/Blu-ray
  72. Note: This award-winning comedy-drama about two transgender women of color was shot entirely on an iPhone, yet received universal acclaim and scores of independent film awards. Don't miss it!
  74. Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria
  75. Susan Stryker, Victor Silverman
  76. OCLC: 925478974
  77. Format: DVD
  78. Note: Emmy award-winning documentary about a trans liberation riot years before the events at Stonewall. It is often difficult to track down, despite being incredibly important.
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