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  1.     An aurora casted night into a spectaical of purples and blues, the queer buizel walked on a snow scattered coast, with scatterings of ice sheets drifting across the water. The strange whites and blues of the buizel oddly blending it in with the coast, he stares off over the wonderful sea, giving a sad sigh, in his trance he hardly notices a beartic, crawling out of the sea, giving a shake of it's fur. Before it's eyes trained onto the buizel Schezo, it moved forward, the weasel being unable to perceive his surroundings before standing on it's hindlegs, pushing down the buizel, causing an paniced yelp, his small sheathed length spewing a stream of golden acrid fluid, sniffling pitifully over this small push. The beartic giving a low growl over this, clamping it's jaws around the buizel's throat, it's teeth gently pushing, the buziel only cries more.
  2.     The result is the beartic pulling his maw away, before positioning himself over all fours atop the buziel's body, the beartic's massive grapefruit sized nuts dangling, with thick white fur, along with a heft flaccid humanoid cock, the fishy cock scent, mixed with a sour body odor of unwashed beartic.The Schezo's eyes closed, crying, not even noticing as the massive bear cock grew to a length of over a foot long, thick as a 2 liter, the foreskinned head covered entirely with black flesh. The beartic attempts to rouse the buizel's cock from it's sheath with a massive paw cupping the buizel's insignificant nuts, a claw pushing to try and push the cock out, accidentally splitting in and slicing the canine-like cock in half from inside the sheath, red pouring out, the buizel squrims, tries to kick, resulting in an accidental crush from the beartic's palm, the remnents of his olive sized nuts being pushed out from his urethra, a surge of white, pink, and red chunks from the ruined micro stump of the buizel's cock.
  3.     The beartic in anger clamps his maw around the buizel's left arm, ripping it asunder with a sickening tear, a flow of blood tainting the sands to red, and causing the perfect white body of the buizel to go red. Removing the limb from his mouth, the beartic threw it to the side, before holding onto the squriming and crying buizel before ramming cock into the buizel's small tight asshole, a loud fleshy tear, ripping the weasel's anus appart, causing a flow of crimson to soak the beartic's lengths and balls. The buizel yelping from the burn of the bear's smegma rubbing the exposed internals of the buizel, a massive bulge in the buizel's stomach threatens to punch a hole.
  4.     The bear digs a claw into the buizel's chest, ripping appart to expose to fragile ribcage, shattering it before holding onto the poor pokemon's lung, feeling the ragged breaths and paniced squeals, before thrusting in, slowly, back and forth. eventually a rip forming in the buizel's stomach until the head of the beartic's nasty, now splattered in red and black cock pokes through. an orgasm ripping through his system, the pulsing cock tearing the buizel's ass and stomach wider, as a surge of cum blast's the buizel's face, the force strong enough to rupture an eye, eventually the lung stops to move as much, the buizel thrashing as the thick, chunky cum blocks the buizel's airways. The beartic carelessly rips his cock out of the buizel's ruined carcass, taking a lung with him.
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