Doumi - 47

Jul 15th, 2019
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Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Office Worker Single
Jeong Seol-Hee (FMC) Mascot & Doumi Single
Seo Joo-Heon (Seo) Chief of MC's section Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader Single
Yoo-Won Parlor Massage Single

Chapter - 47

Korean BBQ

His Boss suddenly calls his name surprising him, he asks her what she wants. She asks him if someone at the company is aware that they're meeting tonight, he tells her that she knows him and he always keeps his mouth shut so no one in the company should know.

She gives him a serious look and asks him if tonight, no matter what will happen between them nobody will know, MC looks at her dumbfounded.

TITLE DROP - Episode 47

Fancy Bar

MC narrates how his Boss (I want her name..) invited him in a luxury bar which proposed fancy cocktail at an exorbitant price.

They are siting next to each other at the bar, they clink their glass and begins to drink. MC tells her it's really delicious but warns her to take care because she can be easily drunk with this sort of drink, he adds that he doesn't care and will not stop to drink them because it's too tasty.
He turns his head, looking at his Chief, he warns her again about the danger of being drunk with cocktail and tells her to take her time. He can't help himself to take a look at her chest because of her dress exposing a bit of her ample cleavage..
Chief finds MC funny, she tells him to drop his act and asks him if he really doesn't want to see her drunk. She gives him a flirtatious glance, he gulps down his saliva seeing how appealing she can be..

She tells him that she already know he's a fox pretending to be a human, she says that he's a naive fox, the first time you saw a fox you found it cute but the second time.. She tells hims to stop his little act because if he keeps playing dumb he'll be less attractive, she finally tells him that she wishes he can be more honest with her.. MC was silent since a moment, listening to what she wanted to say, he was silently looking at her in particularly at her lips, he thinks about what she said and doesn't know why she keeps provoking him tonight, he asks himself if she feels frustrated about something.

MC drops the "act", he grabs her head and moves closer to her before kissing her. She is surprised because of MC bold move but she closes her eyes accepting the kiss. He narrates how he was really charmed by the Chief this night and wanted to kiss her since a long time, he says that surprisingly she didn't push him away and gave in and thinks she wanted it too because she'll not have provoked him that much if not.

Deep kiss, the barman looks MC x Chief kissing and thinks that he's now alone in the bar..

Loud noises of suction, MC moves his hand trying to touch her breasts but she stops him before he can reach his goal and she says that she never imagined that he will hide such a personality / talent inside him and asks him if he's able to wait a bit more. She gives him a smiles and keeps looking at him with her alluring eyes.

She prepares herself to leave and tells him that because he's more honest now they don't have to waste more time her.. She stands up and whispers him that they need to let's go to a better place before leaving the bar.
He looks at her bewitching figure leaving the bar, he focuses his attention on her ass then smirks thinking about what will happen next.

Hotel - Inside an Elevator

They are making out inside the elevator, MC holds one her legs with his hand and puts the other one behind her lower back pressing her against one of the wall, she hugs his neck and rubs her legs against him.
He gropes her ass meanwhile his hard on pokes against her pussy, they moan and make a lot of noise in this confined space. After kissing her lips he slowly redirects his focus on her neck making her moans louder then he finds the grail when reaching her breasts.

The elevator stops at the 8th floor and the door finally open.. They leave the elevator heading toward their room, while walking MC keeps his hand inside her dress groping her breasts, she tells him to calm down because the room is near, he doesn't answer her but moves closer to her making his hard on poking against her lower back, she calls his name telling him again that the room is here and to wait a bit. He doesn't want and keeps kissing her neck.. After walking a few meters he press her against a wall near the door of a room and kisses her again. She grabs his erect dick and begins to move her hand back and forth.. They make a lot of noise in the hallway, then someone opens a door leaving his room, this sound startles them, the Chief grabs his hand telling him someone's coming out..

Hotel Room

They are kissing in the middle of their room after taking off their shoes.. She lightly pushes MC, making him fall on the bed. Surprised he looks at her, she gives him another alluring smile and takes off her dress, he looks at her appreciating the view.

She proudly shows him her mesmerizing body while taking off her bra.. She throws it on the floor and moves toward him. They looks at each other smiling.

To be continued..

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