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  1. Name: Leather Cloak
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Earth Pony
  4. Class: Lordblade (Paladin/Rogue)
  5. HQ Class: Crusader (Paladin/Knight)
  6. Talent: (Patience Rewarded; passive: After a successful use of a skill and completing its subsequent recharge, gain +X to the next time the skill is attempted, where X is the recharge of skill. Reductions in cooldown completely nullify the bonus gained.)
  7. Hit/Wounds: 28/7 (29/6 with shield) [6 base + 2 martial + 5 maitreya + 7 EP + 3 Leather Armor + 5/1 Ecclesian Jacket]
  8. BP Spent: 3 (Assassinate) 1 (Spell Breaker) 1 (Fossilization) 1 (Sulphureous Brume)
  10. Skills:
  11. (Free Racial) Tough: passive; Earth ponies take 1 additional hit before becoming helpless as well as 1 extra wound once they become helpless, for a total of 6 hits and 6 wounds without other modifiers. They can also lift, carry and move heavier objects than unicorns and pegasi.
  12. (Racial) Earth Pony Way: passive; Being born without a horn or wings has taught you how to spend more time and effort in the things you do. Pick one skill you know, it gains a +1 bonus. [Shatter]
  13. +2 (Free Multiclass) Assassinate: Recharge 4; On success, blends into a nearby crowd or suitable hiding spot. Once hidden, can take an Instant action to instantly kill one target. On a failure, your cover is blown. On a critical blending roll, the assassination autocrits. A critical assassination roll does the job so neatly nobody even realizes the target died.
  14. (Class) Retaliate: recharge 3 after effect triggers; After three+1 turns, you deal out damage for every hit you lost during those three+1 turns. Going Helpless before the end of the three+1 turns causes the effect to release instantly. Critfails don’t count toward the charge of this spell.
  15. +1 (Class) Shatter: recharge 2, weapon; Breaks the target's defenses, opening them up for attack. Any attacks against a Shattered target crit on a 8+ for two+1 rounds. Can be used against inanimate objects or armor to break and damage them efficiently.
  17. HQ Skill Points & Multiclass
  18. (HQ Multiclass) Vanguard: passive; You and all allies ignore first damage taken in combat, including critical failures. This does not negate non-damage effects.
  19. (2 Skill Point) Protect: automatic instant, recharge 2 after effect ends; Takes all damage for a target for 2+1 turns. Neither can be rendered helpless in that time, but the knight becomes helpless after the effect ends if they would have become helpless during Protect’s duration.
  20. (1 Skill Point) Martial Defender: passive; You take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+
  21. +1 (1 Skill Point) Spellbreaker: recharge 2, ranged; Nullify a spell or magic effect
  23. HQ Sphere of Life
  24. (Change Mk. I) I Dream of Strength: Instant; Recharge 1; Enhances the target's combat abilities until the end of combat. Every attack they land will do 1 extra hit of damage. Every attack made against them will do 1 less hit of damage, to a minimum of 1. This effect stacks with itself to a maximum of 3 successes.
  25. (Change Mk. II)A Vision of Grandeur: Instant; Recharge 1 after effect ends; Choose 1 ally. For the next 4+1 turns, you and that ally gain +2 to all rolls made against all enemies that target you, either with a normal roll, or an Instant roll-to-dodge attack, regardless of whether or not that enemy's attack is successful.
  26. (Change Mk. III) Phantasmagoria of Conquest: 3 times per Combat; Automatic; Sacrifice X hits to deal 4X damage and inflict a status condition (chosen when you learn this skill) on up to 3 targets.
  27. (Status Condition) Delayed; The results of any roll made by those affected by Delayed take place a turn after they would normally. Rolls to dodge or interrupt may be made at any point between this time.
  28. HQ Sphere Death
  29. +1 (Judgment Mk. I) Sulphureous Brume: Recharge 2; Ranged; Pick two targets; This effect spreads a mist around those targets which will either increase their damage received by 2 for 2+1 turns, or reduce their damage dealt by 2 for 2+1 turns. Effect is chosen when cast.
  30. (Judgment Mk. II) Sallus: Instant; Recharge 5; Self-Buff; For 3+1 turns, your physical attacks deal an additional 2d3 damage on success, rolled by you at the time of the attacks. If any of these attacks are natural critical hits, they will Blind the target, removing one of their chances to act next turn.
  31. (Judgment Mk. III) Anastasis and Apricity: Once per combat; DC 5; Cast on a target. When the target of this effect is reduced to 0 Wounds, they are restored to 2 Wounds and are immune to damage for a single turn. Whoever reduced the target to 0 Wounds must make a saving throw or suffer 20 points of Holy damage. If they are an ally, the throw is DC 4 and 5 damage on failure.
  33. HQ Sphere of Light
  34. (Soul Mk. I) Black Threads; Spell; Ranged; Recharge 3; Create a tether between two targets. What happens to one target (damage, status effects, intimidation, persuasion etc.) will also happen to the other. Killing one target does not kill the other.
  35. (Soul Mk. II) Tsiba: Passive/Auto-Instant; As an Auto-Instant action, you are able to jump between any of the different ranges in combat, except for Burrowed (ie, can move from Far (player) to Far (enemy), from Melee to Aerial, etc). As a Passive, this ability also enables you to jump multiple times in the air by solidifying light beneath your hooves and kicking off of it. If you can already fly, you can use this to gain +2 to dodge and other movement-focused rolls while flying. If used to evade an attack, make a roll. The DC for success is (Attack Roll -1). On failure, critical or regular, you take half-damage.
  36. (Soul Mk. III) Maitreya: Passive; Your Max Hits are permanently increased by 5.
  38. HQ Sphere of Dark
  39. (Time Mk. I) Longevity: Passive; Your dominion over Time extends the duration of your normal abilities. Any ability of yours which lasts X number of turns now lasts X+1 number of turns.
  40. (Time Mk. II) Slow Down!: Recharge 3 after effect ends; Ranged; You can slow down time in a small radius around the target. The target of this power will take 3 fewer points of damage (minimum 1) for the next 2+1 turns.
  41. +1 (Time Mk. III) Fossilization: Recharge 3; Instant; Apply the debilitating effects of old age to the target, severely weakening all their abilities, increasing the damage they take, and decreasing the damage they can do. Effect varies by roll and enemy strength.
  43. Inventory:
  44. Elephant Gun; Blessed Ballista: ICE, GUN; -2 DC, -1 Crit DC, Quality ranged weapon(+1), requires instant auto to reload.
  45. Worn and Dented Kite Shield bearing the symbol of Hypomone: shield tag
  46. leather and cloth wrappings w/ purple septagram card
  47. Leather Armor: Add 3 Hits
  48. Enhanced Armored Ecclesian Jacket: Adds 5 Hits and 1 Wound, stackable with armor. Additionally, once per combat, can completely nullify a single attack made against you as an automatic action.
  49. Serendipitous Duo: Relic; Passive; The wearer of this relic may choose one ally. If the wearer and the chosen ally are targeting the same enemy, all their rolls for that round gain +1.
  50. (15x) Stone of Attuning: Instant; Ranged; Recharge 1; A small stone that, when used upon a target, changes their Attribute Relationship to a specific damage type, either increasing or decreasing it 1 tier, until the end of combat or until dispelled. If it crits, the increase or decrease is 2 tiers.
  51. The Chalice of the Centurion: Recharge 3; Automatic Instant; The holder of the chalice can designate a target at any point during their turn. This turn, they will take all damage meant for that target. All damage taken through this effect is the original value of that damage; it cannot be modified by any factor, such as Attribute Relationships, Crits or Critfails, damage negating effects, etc.
  52. Bandoliers and Belts, full of ammunition
  53. Satchel: Ecclesian rations, scrolls, quill and ink
  55. Ammunition:
  56. Normal Rifle Round: x35
  57. Enchanted Rifle Round (Lightning) x10
  58. Enchanted Rifle Round (Water) x10
  59. Enchanted Rifle Round (Wind) x10
  60. Enchanted Rifle Round (Earth) x10
  61. Enchanted Rifle Round (Light) x10
  62. Enchanted Rifle Round (Dark) x10
  63. Enchanted Rifle Round (Mind) x20
  64. Enchanted Rifle Round (Smoke) x5
  65. Enchanted Rifle Round (Magma) x5
  66. Enchanted Rifle Round (Corrosion) x5
  67. Enchanted Rifle Round (Salt) x5
  68. Enchanted Rifle Round (Bloom) x5
  69. Enchanted Rifle Round (Ichor) x5
  70. Enchanted Rifle Round (Illusion) x5
  71. Enchanted Rifle Round (Noise) x5
  72. Enchanted Rifle Round (Gravity) x5
  73. Enchanted Rifle Round (Time) x5
  75. Traits:
  76. Leather Cloak is a Earth Pony. His fur is a madang green with goblin green hair and fountain blue eyes. Leather Coat is a Paladin of Hypomone, god of patience, and is loosely associated with a clan of assassins known as Morte Legionem. He was once a part of it, silently killing targets for his guild. One night, he was visited in a dream by an avatar of Hypomone, and was compelled to leave the guild when he woke. With Morte Legionem's patron god being Hypomone, they supported his quest to become a paladin, and let his good friend Glass Dagger travel with him. Leather Cloak is unaware of what Hypomone's ultimate goal for him is, with Hypomone answering him in visions to wait and see. Leather explores the world, following Hypomone's cryptic clues, often getting him in trouble along the way. He is capable of taking many hits, with his endurance coming from patience he has gained through divine help.
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