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Logian Fiboci

ninjajermz Sep 20th, 2011 58 Never
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  1. > Be the fickle one.
  3. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HS2ag.jpg[/IMG]
  5. [COLOR=#FF7F27]Hey, I only like to try _A_lot of stuff. I'm not fickle.[/COLOR]
  7. >Fine. Be the multiplying one.
  9. You are now [COLOR=#FF7F27]LOGIAN FIBOCI[/COLOR]
  11. You are a troll of 7 SWEEPS, and you are about to play SDRICT, but you don't know that yet. You, like many trolls, have a variety of interests, in fact, you are somewhat of a DILETTANTE, The only things you really dont like that much are HISTORY, CHORES, and COOKING. You are, however, especially interested in SCIENCE, especially THEORETICAL PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY.
  13. You dyed your hair PARTIALLY WHITE to feel DIFFERENT at one point in your young life, and everyone you knew said it looked kinda COOL, so you kept it. You being a LOW-class ORANGEBLOOD, hace developed a PSYCHIC ability: the ability of FRACTALIZATION: creating ILLUSIONARY COPIES of an object to cause confusion.
  15. Your strife specibus is DUAL-BLADE KIND, and your fetch modus is the FORMULA modus, which assigns each item a chemical compound, and to retrieve objects you must create a balanced chemical equation using 2 items as the reactants. You are forced to take 2 items at a time, but it works well enough.
  17. You will become the MAGE of TIME, and your consorts will be MICE - the #1 smartest animal in the universe, followed by the DOLPHINS. Your grist will be MAGNESIUM, and your land will be the LAND OF WATER AND MOUNTAINS (LOWAM). Your denizen/browser is UNDINE.
  19. Your LUSUS is a HONEYBEE, who happens to be quite smart, which might explain your knowledge, but she can get quite annoying with her little 'beetips' sometimes. Your blood and text color is a [COLOR=#FF7F27]GENERIC ORANGE (#FF7F27)[/COLOR] and you tend to [COLOR=#FF7F27]fr_A_ct_A_lize cert_A_in letters to sho-w- your -v-ery e_X_cellent skills. You _A_lso use norm_A_l punctu_A_tion _A_nd c_A_pit_A_liz_A_tion.[/COLOR]
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