Conversation with Xbox Customer Support

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  1. You are now chatting with 'Kesha'.
  2. Kesha: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Kesha. Please give me a moment to review your question.
  3. Kesha: Hello, Tomas, how are you today?
  4. Tomas: Fine
  5. Tomas: I was wondering why Assassins Creed Revelations is in Norwegian
  6. Tomas: I just purchased it on Xbox Marketplace
  7. Tomas: My language setting on the Xbox is set to English
  8. Tomas: The game is absolutely TERRIBLE in Norwegian and it's ruining my experience
  9. Kesha: That's good to hear, Tomas, just to make sure I understand your issue today; yo purchased Assassins Creed Revelations, but the language is in Norwegian not English, is that correct?
  10. Tomas: Indeed
  11. Kesha: I totally understand your concern, if you can bear with me for a few minutes, I would be more than glad to take a look at your account to see what can be done.
  12. Tomas: thanks
  13. Kesha: Not a problem, if you can click the link below to sign into the account for me, I can access it.
  14. Kesha: The Windows Live ID you have provided does not match the account details in our records. Please Sign In with your Windows Live ID that is associated with your gamertag, and then start your chat session again. To sign in go here.
  15. Tomas: Alright
  16. Kesha: Thanks, one moment.
  17. Kesha: Thanks for waiting, Tomas. I do see that the game was purchased to day, if you can give me a few more minutes. I can find out to see what can be done.
  18. Tomas: No problem
  19. Kesha: Thanks, one moment.
  20. Kesha: Thanks for waiting, Tomas. Do you have any issue with purchasing content in English?
  21. Tomas: I would prefer to have everything in English
  22. Tomas: Including my Xbox Live profile, Xbox Marketplace labels, all my games etc
  23. Tomas: I don't like Norwegian
  24. Kesha: Ok, I understand. One moment, let me research to see if there is Assassin's Creed Revelations in English.
  25. Kesha: Thanks you so much for waiting. Tomas, I was able to find that Assassin Creed Revelations for you region does not have an English version.
  26. Tomas: In other words, Microsoft is forcing me to play the terrible Norwegian translated version of Assassins Creed?
  27. Tomas: That can't possibly be good enough
  28. Tomas: Can you change my region?
  29. Kesha: I totally understand, as of right now changing location has been disabled. If you can bear with me one more moment, I research to see what can done.
  30. Tomas: ok thanks
  31. Kesha: Thanks for waiting, Tomas.
  32. Tomas: Please don't tell me I have to play the game in Norwegian
  33. Kesha: I am able to refund the game, only because of the language issue. If you purchase any content and/or game that does not work or have the incorrect language the purchase will not be eligible for refund this year..
  34. Tomas: I assume that means the game is not available in it's original English. Please do refund the game, I won't be playing it in Norwegian that's for sure
  35. Kesha: Once I refund the charge, it will take 3 days for the card company to credit the card back to the account. Since the game is refunded, if the Enforcement Teams tracks to see if the game is being played it can lead to an account ban.
  36. Tomas: Do you mean the game will still be available on my Xbox?
  37. Kesha: As of right now, there's not an English version for your current location. Yes, it will still be on the Xbox.
  38. Kesha: I'll refund the money one moment.
  39. Tomas: Alright, I'll delete the game then
  40. Kesha: Ok. Thanks for waiting, Tomas. I refunded the charge back to the account. You're good to go!!
  41. Kesha: Your reference number is <censored>.  
  42. Kesha: This can be provided to an agent as a record of our conversation if you need additional assistance.  
  43. Kesha: Is there anything else I can help you resolve today?
  44. Tomas: Nope, have a nice day
  45. Kesha: Thanks! You too! You're welcome. It was a pleasure chatting with you today, have an awesome day!
  46. Kesha: Thanks for contacting Xbox Customer Support and have a great day!
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