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Wyrx May 16th, 2018 108 Never
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  1. [17:56:33] Wyrx: Heya noticed you started to get into egg RNG recently :) nice job dude. Did you get the PIDRNG method working or are you doing masuda + shiny charm?
  2. [17:56:55] PsychoticSableye♫: pid method
  3. [17:56:59] PsychoticSableye♫: so much faster
  4. [17:58:45] PsychoticSableye♫: legitimate question: am i being suspected of something
  5. [17:59:06] Wyrx: Oh nah, some were just wondering how you got the egg hatch down to 0 so quickly and what method you used for that
  6. [17:59:23] Wyrx: some thought you were doing MM + SC but I saw in discord you were doing PIDRNG lol
  7. [17:59:49] Wyrx: the fast egg hatch was what threw a few people off is all
  8. [18:00:08] PsychoticSableye♫: ah ok, whew thats good, your the second mod to message me about this so i was getting kinda scared lol
  9. [18:00:40] PsychoticSableye♫: in my future GAs and breedings for others ill be sure to notify them of what method im using as to not alarm them
  10. [18:01:15] Wyrx: Oh its all good, it was namely for Nuren's spewpa egg I think where she was wondering how you got the egg hatch to 0 steps
  11. [18:01:54] Wyrx: do you like save often at 1 egg cycle then trade it when its super close?
  12. [18:02:23] PsychoticSableye♫: oh i used poke peligo and walking
  13. [18:02:35] PsychoticSableye♫: and saving constantly
  14. [18:07:13] PsychoticSableye♫: so after all this time anubis still is feeling wierd about the egg?
  15. [18:07:29] Wyrx: Yeah, it just struck her as weird how quickly you got the egg count to 0 I guess
  16. [18:08:08] PsychoticSableye♫: huh ok..i mean if they wanna talk about it with me id understand
  17. [18:08:21] PsychoticSableye♫: I just dont want this to turn into people not trusting me
  18. [18:21:16] PsychoticSableye♫: is there something i can do to prove my innocence?
  19. [18:23:15] Wyrx: Its all good dude, we're just testing to see how fast we can do exactly what you did lol
  20. [18:23:35] Wyrx: what you're describing is completely legitimate it just takes a second for pokepellago to work on those eggs
  21. [18:23:48] PsychoticSableye♫: hm ok
  22. [18:24:15] PsychoticSableye♫: i mean scatterbug only has 15 egg cycles and 7 if you have flame body so its not really that hard
  23. [18:25:02] Wyrx: I'm doing a spearow with 15 as well :) no worries man we're just testing it out
  24. [18:25:59] PsychoticSableye♫: kk, lol i just was a little of set..never had so many mods message me in one day
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