MagiReco Another Story 8.3

Aug 13th, 2018
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  1. 8.3 Even So, I Am The One Who Chooses
  2. in Madoka's room
  3. Madoka: "Papa, Mama, I'm sorry for making you worry so much... But even so, I... have to go."
  5. 8.3.1
  6. [gray screen]
  7. Madoka's father: *"Madoka! I'm so glad you're okay!"*
  8. Madoka's mother: *"Really... Do you know how much we were worried about you!?"*
  9. *"But I'm... so glad..."*
  10. [in Madoka's room]
  11. Madoka: "..."
  12. (I made Mama and Papa so worried...)
  13. (But... that's right...)
  14. (I didn't come home for a day, and I didn't let them know...)
  15. (Of course they'd worry...)
  16. (I... must have really hurt them...)
  17. "..."
  18. (Even so...)
  19. [her phone rings]
  20. Madoka: "Huh? Who could it be?"
  21. "Ah, it's Homura-chan."
  22. (I wonder if she wants to go to Kamihama.)
  23. [in the phone call]
  24. Madoka: "Hello, Homura-chan? It's Madoka."
  25. Homura: "Ah, Kaname-san, sorry for calling you so late at night."
  26. Madoka: "No, it's fine."
  27. "Are you calling because you want talk about going to Kamihama?"
  28. Homura: "Yeah, that's right."
  29. Madoka: "I see... You had good timing."
  30. "I was wondering about how we would be able to meet up."
  31. Homura: "..."
  32. "You know... I don't want you to go to Kamihama."
  33. Madoka: "Eh?"
  34. Homura: "If the Magius are calling the Walpurgisnacht..."
  35. "Right now, I don't think there's anything we would be able to do."
  36. Madoka: "No way! I'm sure that we'd be able to---"
  37. Homura: "In Kamihama!"
  38. Madoka: "!?"
  39. Homura: "In Kamihama, Nanami-san and the other veteran magical girls are there."
  40. "If we were to go, we'd just get in their way."
  41. Madoka: "That... might be true..."
  42. "But Mami-san..."
  43. Homura: "And we won't necessarily be able to make it home alive."
  44. Madoka: "!?"
  45. Homura: "I... don't want you to die, Kaname-san..."
  46. Madoka: "..."
  47. [fade out to gray]
  48. Madoka's father: *"Madoka! I'm so glad you're okay!"*
  49. Madoka's mother: *"Really... Do you know how much we were worried about you!?"*
  50. *"But I'm... so glad..."*
  51. [back to the phone conversation]
  52. Madoka: (Mama... Papa...)
  53. (If I go to Kamihama... they'll be worried again...)
  54. Homura: "Please! Kaname-san, please don't go to Kamihama!"
  55. Madoka: "..."
  56. "Okay. I won't go to Kamihama."
  57. Homura: "Kaname-san! I'm sorry... and thank you..."
  58. [back in Madoka's room]
  59. Madoka: "..."
  60. (If only I had just a bit more courage...)
  61. (I'm sorry... Mami-san...)
  62. (I'm sorry... for being so weak...)
  64. 8.3.2
  65. [in a darkened restaurant]
  66. Kyouko: "What the heck? This is seriously tasty!"
  67. Madoka: "Isn't it?"
  68. "I promised to come here again with Mami-san."
  69. Sayaka: "Oh? So you've been here before."
  70. "Without me."
  71. Madoka: "Sorry."
  72. "It was around the time when you were away."
  73. Sayaka: "Well, that's fine, now that we all came here together!"
  74. Homura: "Yeah, that's right. I'm glad we were all able to come here again."
  75. Mami: "Hehe, I do admit that the pancakes here are good..."
  76. "But isn't it a bit overblown?"
  77. Madoka: "'That's not true.'"
  78. (Huh? The words came out by themselves...)
  79. "'A day when everyone could be here will never come.'"
  80. "'After all, I...'"
  81. [fade to black]
  82. Madoka: *Didn't go save Mami-san.*
  83. [morning in Madoka's room]
  84. Madoka: "!?"
  85. "..."
  86. "...A... dream?"
  87. "Am I... really okay with this?"
  88. [on the roof of Mitakihara Middle]
  89. Sayaka: "Yo, Madoka. You had something to..."
  90. "Huh? Homura-chan's not here yet?"
  91. Madoka: "I didn't call her..."
  92. Sayaka: "..."
  93. "Yesterday, did you get a call from Homura?"
  94. Madoka: "Yeah..."
  95. Sayaka: "I got one too."
  96. "She said she didn't want me going to Kamihama."
  97. Madoka: "How did you answer?"
  98. Sayaka: "I couldn't answer then, so I told her to wait for my answer."
  99. "I've already decided now, though."
  100. "Madoka, you said you weren't going?"
  101. Madoka: "Yeah..."
  102. "Just from not coming home one night, Mama and Papa were so worried..."
  103. "When Homura-chan told me we might not make it home alive, I got scared."
  104. "I don't want to make my parents sad..."
  105. Sayaka: "Yeah..."
  106. Madoka: "But... I think that's cowardly..."
  107. "It would be like pretending..."
  108. "That what happened to Mami-san and Iroha-chan never happened..."
  109. Sayaka: "I see..."
  110. "For me, I thought that what Homura said is reasonable."
  111. "If an inexperienced greenhorn magical girl like me were to go..."
  112. "I might just get in the way and not be helpful at all."
  113. "And if I died, there are people who would grieve for me."
  114. "I get that. Last night, I got yelled at too."
  115. Madoka: "..."
  116. Sayaka: "But even so, this is what I thought."
  117. "Is there anything I can do? Is there something I should do?"
  118. Madoka: "Then..."
  119. Sayaka: "Yeah. I'm going to Kamihama."
  120. "Even if I'm alone, I'll go."
  121. Madoka: "Even alone!?"
  122. Sayaka: "Even I don't want you or Homura to be in danger."
  123. "Much less have either of you die."
  124. "So if you've decided you're not going, then I won't force you to."
  125. Madoka: "So, you're going alone?"
  126. Sayaka: "Yeah."
  127. "Because I can't not go."
  128. Madoka: "..."
  129. Sayaka: "I'll apologize in advance for worrying you."
  130. Madoka: "That's not fair..."
  131. Sayaka: "Well, sorry."
  132. Madoka: "..."
  133. "Could you... leave me alone for a bit?"
  134. Sayaka: "Got it. I'll head back now."
  135. "I need to tell Homura what I decided anyway."
  136. [she leaves]
  137. Madoka: "...I..."
  138. [flashback to a street in Mitakihara]
  139. Madoka: "Those pancakes and tea were both really delicious."
  140. Mami: "Yeah, they sure do have wonderful stuff. We should come back here again with everyone."
  141. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  142. [back to the rooftop]
  143. Madoka: "Mami-san..."
  144. "I... might not be able to do anything..."
  145. "I might just get in the way..."
  146. "But... after all..."
  148. 8.3.3
  149. [at the gates of Mitakihara Middle]
  150. Madoka: "I'm sorry for calling you out after school..."
  151. Homura: "No, it's okay."
  152. Sayaka: "So, what's up?"
  153. "You're probably not just seeing me off."
  154. Madoka: "I decided, I'm going to Kamihama."
  155. Homura: "Eh..."
  156. Sayaka: "Wait a minute. You don't have to go along with me."
  157. Madoka: "No, that's not it. I thought about it for myself."
  158. Homura: "Yesterday you said you wouldn't!"
  159. Madoka: "Yeah, I'm sorry."
  160. "But after I told you that, it just was on my mind the whole time."
  161. "And so, I thought about it, and decided for myself."
  162. Homura: "Ah..."
  163. "..."
  164. Madoka: "In order to do what I can..."
  165. "I will go to Kamihama."
  166. "After all, I can't pretend I haven't seen what happened."
  167. Homura: "Kaname-san..."
  168. Madoka: "I'm sorry, Homura-chan."
  169. "I know that you worry about me."
  170. "But even so, I've made up my mind."
  171. Homura: "..."
  172. "Of course you would. That's so like you."
  173. "...I had actually figured this would happen."
  174. "No matter how much I tried to stop you..."
  175. "You and Miki-san would both go to Kamihama..."
  176. "Both of you wouldn't be able to leave Mami-san alone..."
  177. "I knew that..."
  178. Madoka: "Homura-chan..."
  179. Sayaka: "Homura..."
  180. Homura: "Even I... want Tomoe-san to come back."
  181. "But, I don't want either of you to get hurt for that."
  182. Sayaka: "Sorry."
  183. Madoka: "I'm sorry."
  184. Homura: "That's not fair, apologizing..."
  185. Madoka: "Yeah, I know, but still, I'm sorry."
  186. Homura: "...I'm going too."
  187. "I'm going with you to Kamihama."
  188. Madoka: "!?"
  189. Sayaka: "!?"
  190. Homura: "I can't just wait around and do nothing..."
  191. "And also, I want to protect you two."
  192. Sayaka: "I see."
  193. Madoka: "Yeah, let's go together."
  195. 8.3.4
  196. [in Madoka's room at night]
  197. Madoka: "..."
  198. [fade to gray]
  199. Madoka: *Saying 'Welcome home' to Mama after she comes home from work...*
  200. *Eating Papa's delicious meals...*
  201. *Taking a bath after playing with Tatsuya, and relaxing in my room.*
  202. [back to her room]
  203. Madoka: "I never realized that this uneventful life was so happy..."
  204. [fade to gray]
  205. Madoka's father: *"Madoka! I'm so glad you're okay!"*
  206. Madoka's mother: *"Really... Do you know how much we were worried about you!?"*
  207. *"But I'm... so glad..."*
  208. [back to her room]
  209. Madoka: "I'm sorry, Mama, Papa..."
  210. "I'm going to make you worry again."
  211. "But I'm going to come home."
  212. [at a train station]
  213. Madoka: (I thought I'd call Iroha-chan...)
  214. (But I didn't get through...)
  215. (I wonder if something's already happening...)
  216. Sayaka: "Madoka!"
  217. Homura: "I'm sorry, Kaname-san. Did I make you wait?"
  218. Madoka: "No, of course not."
  219. "I just couldn't calm down and came here early."
  220. Sayaka: "I'm sorry too, it took some time to slip away."
  221. "Sneaking out through the window was kinda thrilling though."
  222. Madoka: "Hehe, it was my first time so it was exciting for me too."
  223. Homura: "..."
  224. Madoka: "It's okay, Homura-chan."
  225. "We'll break Mami-san's brainwashing and all come home."
  226. "And then, we can all have pancakes together."
  227. Sayaka: "Oh, that sounds great! Right, Homura?"
  228. Homura: "Yeah..."
  229. [on a Sakae Ward street corner at night]
  230. Sayaka: "This atmosphere... feels... kinda off, doesn't it?"
  231. Homura: "Yeah... It gives me... a really bad feeling..."
  232. Madoka: "I couldn't get through to Iroha-chan."
  233. "So maybe something happened..."
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