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  1. # 6)Are you comfortable with failing someone?
  2. #### That's I question I haven't heard in a while, I'm a people pleaser really, when I was co-owner of Olympus the Realm I was basically like a secretary, I always have my status on green or else I'm probably away, I always made time to answer anyone and everyone's private messages as best as I could, not only that but I was the only model builder so I also had to make time to create seasonal changes and updates from time to time, however one reason I left is because I waited on the owner hand and foot, doing everything he asked me too so that all he had to do was come in game and make deals with other game owners, I loved it but, I had been there for months and had devoted a lot of my time and energy into the genre and I even put up with things the owner did such as lie, aa, and all other sorts of stuff, and in the end I had to clean it up. I left because after all that, it only took one rumor, from one person to make the owner go crazy, he blocked me on disc, and went crazy, I didn't AA or get upset, instead i told him that I had proof that I was innocent, and he refused to see it, all he had heard was a rumor, but I had screenshots, and pictures, and the people who were actually the ones who were creating a "rebellion" against the owner vouched for me. and so in the end I proved to him that I was right and then I left, wished everyone good luck and farewell, and I moved on to other things. So no, I would say I like to please people, make them happy, proud almost, I have and will try my best to do my best, and in the once or twice I may not be able to do that, I will make it up ten fold.
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